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CSS Tournament.

One of my servers, partner servers, is having a tournament with a cash prize, the first 3 rounds have already finished but you can tune in and watch the remaining matches, My clan is the AE/CSP group. They have source tv set up, so if you want to check out the matches..

Info on how to watch:

Results Page:


Don't you just really hate waking up midway through an awesome dream your having?

Last night i had one where i met this girl who was pretty damn cool and we chilled and had some random assorted shennanigans. Then while watching a movie she said i was hilarious and put her hand on mine, but then BAM. I wake up.

See These Movies, NOW!

The Thing
Star Wars
Band of Brothers
Saving Private Ryan
No Country For Old Men
Planet of The Apes (the old ones not the stupid remake)
Clockwork Orange
American History X
Princess Bride
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
The Bourne Series
The Departed
Children of Men
Dog Day Afternoon
Enemy at the GatesThe Untouchables
Pulp Fiction
Night of the Living Dead
Dawn of the Dead

Counterstrike Source Players

  • 24/7 Dust 2
  • GunGame
  • Map Roation
  • DeathMatch

The Dust 2 server is usually the most full, it has great fair admins on it and is always a blast to play on. Check it out holmes.
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