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nice world cup

this is a nice world cup because every favorite team was eliminated including my england (these !"·$"·$"%"$RT%"%) hm i wanna see Zidane raise the cup he deserve it GO FRANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P

so sad :(

im so sad because England lose is a shame (Portugal has a wall as a keeper) that´s not fair!!!!

true gamers....

yesterday i talk with some friends about WHAT IS A TRUE VIDEO-GAMER and i have 2 different answers.....  some said a true video-gamer is those who finish a game only to say "yep i finish that in easy but i finish that game", and some said "i don´t finish a game until a unlock the 100% of the game in the hardest difficult lvl"

¿What you think?     

Getting better!

Well i have 2 weeks since my injury and 1 since i started the therapy, i fell much better  and maybe i can play in the world cup final :P

Free Time

im so bore because i have a knee injury playing football :( so i cant go to my job, i cant walk ........i almost can write, then i decide to buy some movies to see in my little free time  ;)

The last is the best!!!!

I recently buy a old xbox whit 10 games and i have to admit I WAS WRONG is the best!!! and i have the other 2 right here the point is i dont want the same error again i will buy the 360 firsth