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Awesome suggestions guys thanks gonna get most of these over the next few months, though might have to rule out Shadow hearts and the tales series as they seem to be pretty pricey :(

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The mark of kri

Evil twin

legend of kay

sphinx and the cursed mummy

brave search for spirit dancer

Psyconauts :D

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Hey guys ive decided to get some RPGS for the ps2 since I have very few of them, Im currently thinking of buying Persona 3, Dark cloud 2, Star Ocean and Valkyrie profile 2. Are these a good few to get? or are there ones out there you would replace with them? I already have the popular ones aka FFX, XII, dragon quest 8 and KH 1 and 2 :)

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They should release the spyro games in europe, i mean they have all the crash games there...

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Often when I'm palying the plane/train sequences at the start of airstrip/underground little bugs seem to occur. For instance sometimes grenades will not explode and seem to freeze or the game will randomly show the scoreboard and respawn both teams. Anyone else expirience weird stuff liek this in these sections?

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Like the above poster, said the new map pack seems to be the cure. Bought it an dhave been put in maps from both map packs i own and now with the baility to turn off DLC I can play all the maps I own. So yeah dude, to solve the problem you will have to buy the new map pack, it's well worth it though best maps in the game imo.

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Sorry dude, I still have the same problem as you and don't know how to fix it. Everyone Ive asked dosen't know whats up, but if I do find a cure i'll tell you asap

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right guys, thank you all for your suggestions, it was really hard to choose but i went with revelations and so far its an excellent game! I should be able to get Kid Icarus by the end of the month though, I just love all these great games on the 3DS can't wait for Kingdom Hearts 3D in a few months!!

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ok thanks i'll go there :)

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I have Flashback map pack 1, and have DLC turned on yet since the last update i have played around 40 matches and not once have i been put in a DLC map, anyone know how to fix this?