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5 days to Black Ops

5 Days left until launch! Who's excited!? I AM! I liked WaW, Loved COD 4, and liked MW2. I LIKED MW2... I know how broken and unbalanced it is, yet I stilled put 500 hours into it because i had fun. Simple as that. Black Ops brings back dedicated servers, so no matchmaking problems, hopefully a sginificant sut down in cheaters, and seems to be very balanced. If I put 500 hours into MW2's multiplayer, I'll estimate 1000+ for Black Ops :D

I preordered my copy on Amazon with release date delivery, so my gaming schedule will be: Wake up, install, play SP until finished (possible in one day?), then MP and zombies!

Just got my motherboard...

I woke up to a knock on my door and my motherboard finally arrived. ABOUT TIME! I lost my MSI P55-GD65 to a freak accident (I stepped on it.) and got my new one this morning. I put the whole thing together in record time and its working great.

Long story short, I tried to RMA my broken one and obviously got rejected so I had to buy a new one. It's running great and I can finally play some games again!!!

Built My First Computer!


After months of hard work to earn the money, I FINALLY invested in a new PC. Custom built of course.

I headed over to and browsed through the lists of components until I decided what the best build was for me. I went with:

i5 750 Quad Core @ 2.6ghz

XFX Radeon 5870 1GB

4GB Corsair RAM DDR3 1600mhz (2x2GB)

MSI P55 1156 socket MOBO

Corsair TX750W PSU

XCILIO Windtunnel Case

I am amazed at the speed of this thing. I was using a 9800gt and a Q8200 @ 2.3ghz and this thing destroys it. I have yet to try any benchmarking tools and still have to buy an exhaust fan, it strangely didn't come with the case... But oh well, it just gives me a reason to spend some more cash!

I'll be overclocking the i5 to about 3.2-3.6ghz in a few days so I'll report back when I do!

My ears! MY EARS!

I just picked up a pair of Logitech 35s at Best Buy yesterday and my ears couldn't thank me enough...

At first I wasn't noticing a difference in game so I went into audio settings to see it was set to stereo, DURRR

I flipped it to 7.1 in Bioshock 2 and I am hearing the reason these cost $130. Bass is super rich and powerful, sounds are crisp and clean. I can hear splicers in the other room and at exactly what degree around the corner they're at. The microphone is also VERY good, no static, but it seems to pick up a little too much like my mouse clicks and such. They're a little on the heavy side but not too heavy where its uncomfortable. I was using a $50 pair of Plantronics gaming headphones before this and thought I'd give these a go. Technically this is my second pair of gaming headsets ever so I can't compare these to Razor's line up :/

It's plug and play and has a range of controls like voice morphing to sound like a robot o an alien which is kinda neat. I watched Con Air last night with these and I don't think I can go back from 7.1..

Do yourself a favor and get a big powerful set like this if you have the money. It's worth it.

Stop whining about Modern Warfare 2!

So overe the last month or two, PC gamers have been complaining about how terrible the PC version is. No dedicated servers, max of 9v9, $60 price tag. I can go on. The way I see it is IW made this game so no version is far superior than another. It may be somewhat of a console port, but getting a good even fan base around the consoles is important to them.

First of all, no dedicated servers... This is somewhat isolated to people in clans, modders, hackers, and pirates. I understand you guys want to be able to pick what maps and who you play, but I dont see why this makes or breaks the game for you. has made this feature as good as possible, its easy to jump in and out of games, maybe faster than dedicated. Let's face it, the mods for the original MW sucked. Nothing worth mentioning that made gameplay more fun. Plus I like to meet different people and play all difficulty levels, rather than sticking to a handful of servers and playing the same gamers.

I also hear people complaining about no lean. to that i say STFU.

Another big deal to people is not getting free maps. So you want these developers to work on these huge projects and just give them to use? Greedy much?

Max of 9v9? Oh NOES!!!! Really? It's not that big of a deal, 18 people is a lot, now I feel that people are being snobby and think they should have 32 people playing at the same time. The maps are big, but it would ruin the game, turning it into a frag fest, meaning no "Strategy", just running around shooting everything you see. I've played a few maps and it feels outstanding playing even 6v6.

$60 price tag for a PC version is alot, but I dont hear you complainging when you buy a dumbed down console version for the same price! This to me is really selfish and cheap. You are asking for a game with more features, meaning more work for them, and you want it for $10 less? I dont understand the logic there. If you are able to afford it at $50 but O NO, TEN MORE DOLLARS! NO WAY MAN... BOYCOTT!!!

Like I said, the only problem there may be worth complaining about for some is lack of dedicated servers. Even that doesnt affect remotley enough people to put a dent in their wallets. If you feel like this game isn't worth your time because of this. Your loss, that means less snobby a-holes online!

And if you have any other complaints you wish to share with me or you want to tell me why you aren't getting this game, write it on a piece of paper and shove it up your a$$

End of rant

It's mah Birthday... soon

Almost 18, the 22nd to be exact. I don't think it'll feel any different, though I do feel I am looking older than usual. I usually get carded when I go to R rated movies with my friends, but a few days ago the manager stares at me and tells me I look more than old enough? :)

So as I get older, gifts are more my choice and less of a secret. Well, I will be attending the Illinois Institute of Art to major in Graphic Design next fall so I got lots of goodies for my computer.

First is a new set of headphones, VERY comfy headphones.

Next is a new keyboard, I was hurting from the stock DELL board I had.

It has backlighting so working in the dark i not a problem anymore

Tomorrow I am having my grandmother take me out for more toys so Ill post em when I get em!

Movie Review: Zombieland


May contain Spoilers!

Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Emma Stone, and Abigail Breslin team up to take on a world full of zombies. This is how all zombie movies should be made.

It's a simple plot, with each of the four on a mission to get somewhere for some reason each their own. Starting off with Jesse's character "Columbus" (after the city) as he needs to get to Columbus, Ohio, to find his parents. He has a long list of rules on how to survive the "Zombiepocalypse" as he calls it. The list includes, "Always wear your seatbelt" to "Double Tap" which is my personal favorite. (GO WATCH IT IF YOU WANT TO KNOW!) He meets Talahasee (Harrelson) and the two make their way east to get to their respected locations. After a run of kills, they eventually find two con artists, Stone and Breslin, who make off with the guy's belongings and their truck. after a game of cat and mouse, they eventually "team up".

More hilarious zombie killing ensues, and a scene worrthy of tears involving Bill Murray. Yes. Bill Murray himself.

The idea in my mind of what makes a zombie film great is watching people kill zombies! Especially in creative and gruesome ways. Also Eisenberg's survival list makes the movies more informative when the zombes actually arrive. If you love comedy, action and horror, this is the PERFECT movie for you.

Zombieland gets a 9/10 in my book.

WHAT Have I Been Missing?!

I picked up a few games since my last blog post:

Need for Speed Shift from Bestbuy, I'd say worth the purchase!

Mount and Blade from D2D for $5, I've only played the tutorial so far and I'm loving the combat mechanics




Mass Effect...

I've been avoiding this game since release, as it did NOT appeal to me at all... WHAT WAS I THINKING?!?!?!

This game is fantastic! not appealing... Pfft. It has a KOTOR feel to it, very cinematic and VERY good looking. The part I didnt like about KOTOR, no direct combat controls, is a part of this game which makes me feel so good inside! I've only played the first big mission involving that beacon, and so... No spoilers... I'm just trying to find a chance to sit and play for a few hours straight because this game will suck my life down the drain!

Biggest gaming mistake of all-time averted... CHECK