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This site is dead.

Why are you reading this right now. You should be on Giantbomb...which reminds me. Why am I wasting my time on this stupid site.

O and Kevin Van Ord....Ull never be Jeff. Stop trying to be

This got me so excited

It wasnt working earlier today, so it meant one of two things. The site acually crashed. (Unlikely, this isnt gamespot) Or that the beta was about to come up. And now this! I am sooo excited its unbelieveable. I need a change. And this will be the right one. Ill stay on gamespot for a while...but once I get all of you guys as friends on this site ill just stop coming here. Ill have a soft spot in my heart for gamespot. Thanks for everything (not my last blog)

You know what I just realized?

How many Halo fanboys, you know the kind that got a 360 just for halo, and will still be playing halo 3 in 4 years. Will go to pick up Halo wars. And be like OMG A NEW HALO IM GETTING IT!

Then open it up, put it in thier systems, go straight to multiplayer (of course) and be like OMG WTH IS THIS? WHY AM I NOT A SPARTAN? WHY DONT I HAVE A GUN? I DONT WANT TO CONTROL ARMIES OF TANKS I WANT TO RIDE IN THEM!!!

This blog was inspired by one of my good friends who called me, screamed new halo! and hung up. I later called him to say that bungie wasnt allowed to realease info on a new halo at e3 because microsoft wouldnt let them. He was like NO MAN I SAW A VIDEO ON YOUTUBE. And I say let me guess the game is called Halo wars? Hes like ya why?

I then try to explain to him what a rts game is. I say its like the old command and conquer games. My friend then hangs up madly saying that im wrong..only to call back 5 minutes later to apoligize...and then call me a nerd for knowing. I then throw out the fact that info has been out on this game since before halo 3 came out.., (i think thats right? Isnt it? Well he wont know the difference)

Im just wondering how many of the 12 year old halo fanboys are going to go out and get this game, only to find thats its totally different from other halo games. Ive already had most of my halo friends call it stupid..cause its different. What ever though its a must buy for me

Why so serious?

Well I saw batman this morning at midnight...and to put it simply Heath Ledgers performence was amazing. He was the perfect joker, and absolutly got into the part.

You know I heard all this talk about how his performence was the best ever and how it would win oscars, but was wondering if ciritcs were just saying this because he passed away.

Well let me tell you folks. This guy is the real deal. Its a real shame that he couldnt be in more batman movies in the furture.

Go see this movie. It will blow your mind. Im not a batman fan by any means and I loved this movie

I have a rendezvous with Death

My new profile layout is gears of war. Banner being the lancer and the blog image being marcus holding codtags. I think it looks sick.

The poem under the picture is called I have a rendezvous with Death. Its the poem said in this trailer for gears.

Also ive really been enjoying gamespots live coverage of e3. Theyve been doing a great job, minus the whole not working on the first day.

Alright sry for the short blog just wanted to show off my new layout. Off to watch E3

Lets all be friends.

Ok so Im thinking about the new launch of giantbomb right now. I wanted to tell all of my gamespot friends, and everyone who tracks me that I would love to be your giantbomb friend.

I think it would be cool for all of us to have a set of people we kno, just so the site is a little for exciting from the beginnning. Because i mean who wants to make blogs that you know nobody are reading.

Anyway I will probably post my blogs on this site, and giantbomb, but overtime just start posting blogs at giantbomb.

That doesnt mean ill nessecary leave this site. Ill still probably log on every once in a while to read everyones blogs and keep up with everyone.

So if you are interested in being friends on the new giantbomb leave me a comment here and ill make a list to send a pm too and ask for your giantbomb name!

The day that Gamespot died.

Im done with this bullcrap


They say it will be better. They boast about thier E3 coverage...they gave me hope that afterall...that maybe this site will be ok.

I was planning to stay on this site. Along with Giantbomb...but you know what...they dont even deserve anyone to stay.

How long have they been at this. Covering E3? Shouldnt they know what to expect at this point. Considering thier numbers of users are down it shouldnt even be a problem.

O and Gamespot, I had a great time watching the microsoft press conference on g4. And also had a great time watching thier ads. I will watch more stuff on g4 now.

Worried about missing your favorite E3 show?

Have no fear. Thanks to fastest truck for this info.

For the full list view the E3 Schedule topic

Oh dear I hate time zones. Is there an easy way to over come the great evil that is time? Yes right here

First find what you want to watch on the E3 shedule topic. Then convert to your time zone. For the record E3 is in LA.

Also he included some helpful info on getting the emblems you want.

Donkeljohn wrote:

The emblems for E3 this year are awesome.

While they won't be as hardcore as the 2006 emblem, the best E3 2008 emblems won't be given to anybody less than the most dedicated E3 devotee. That said, everybody should be able to earn at least one emblem.

Donkeljohn wrote:

Not only will you have to wait and find out, but emblems won't be awarded until the day after users qualify. That is the tense anticipation in which we deal.

Below is the newest info we have from Don be SURE TO READ IT

Donkeljohn wrote:

Just in case anybody missed my bulletin. . .

We will be making some great emblems this E3 for people to get.

In the past there has been some confusion about how to get them and a lot of people posting that they didn't get the one(s) they were looking for. I am going to provide this information here:

If you want the best emblems from this conference you need to get it all. 15 minutes won't be enough for shows. Some of you may not even get it by watching an hour.

I strongly suggest you read and watch EVERYTHING starting on the 14th of July.

Last simple hints:

1. Emblems won't start being awarded until Tuesday.

2. Some things will happen on Monday that you will need to be a part of if you want the best emblems.

3. No emblem disputes will be entertained.
That means: if you do not get the emblem you want it will be because you did not do what needed to be done to get it. Screenshots will not be considered, appeals will not yield any emblem status changes.

4. Some activities that are emblem worthy can be done at any time, but I strongly recommend being online when stuff is going down live.

No additional information regarding emblems will be discussed by staff or revealed until the 21st of July. Please plan accordingly.

I predict three separate emblems for the 3 separtate confrences. Like these.

And maybe some various levels of emblemes for how much you watch. Only it seems by what John said that it will be very hard to get the top emblem.

Have fun watching. I hope your as excited as I am!