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Might Have to Give Up Gaming...

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Yepp, thats right. I fear that i might soon have to lay down the controller for good. In perhaps a year or so i will probably hav to make a descision that will cause me to put my life as a gamer behind me. I used to play video games as often as i could. Not anymore. If i even choose to fire up one of my game systems in the day i play for 1 hour tops. Instead of gaming i deal with the greatest thing to bless life. Music. I sit around for 3-4 sometimes 5 hours a day playing guitar. While this isnt a bad thing i still might be forced to do something i dant want to. soon those 5 hours will grow to 7 hours, then 9-10. and when that is the case i wont have any time to play video games. I have allready forfitted the title as a hardcore gamer and become a cashual. I now only play special games. For example Final Fantasy which i concider to be the greatest series in both the video game world and the story telling world. Games that took me maybe a week to complete then takes me a month now. If i forfit gaming i will ofcourse no longer be on Gamespot. Some of you might not understand it but if i have to choose between music and video games im not hessatating for one second. If i want to make something out of my self through my music and make it from a lifestyle to a career i will have to make some sacrifices. Gaming would be one of them. While i still do play video games now I just wanted to say that soon that might not be the case so when that day comes please be understanding.

Yourse truly. -Freedom

I'm Back...

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So, just got back from my week off :). I think im still a bit hammered so im a lil slow I'll just have to sleep it off. Well everything will be back to normal now and thats all there is to it. It feels good to be back :).

A week Away...

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Im not gonna be on gamespot for about a week starting tomorrow. My friend who ishandikapped and sits in a wheelchair is going to Stockholm and he needs a personal assistant and i thought why not and took the job. what i didnt know was that The Square enix private party started today and if i knew it i wouldnt have gone along. But there is no turning back now so F it. Akaida720 is taking over as a leader for The Next-Gen FF Union for the coming week so i hope all u other officers can helöp him and post news in my stead. As for the Thoria union i wont be posting either so plz dont demote me Sony_Fanboy :D. Well id like to talk some more but i gotta pack. I'll see u when i get back :)

Peace. -Freedom

I Loves My New PSP, Loves it...

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Thaaaaaaaats right! i finally got a psp slim & lite piano black so that my gaming urges can be satisfied on the go :). It will make my trip next week less boring. And yeah, im going away. For a week :(. I'll say more in my blog tomorrow. Anyways i got it along with Crisis Core FF VII, i havent started playing cause im saving it for the 4 hour drive -_-' but im very exited to get going. Well my nick on it is the same as my PSN id but i got no online for the psp so it dont matter anyways. I'll see you tomorrow tune in for info on my break from gamespot.

C Ya Then! - Freedom


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OMG, finally! I got my Router working today, turns out all i had to do was enable UPnP and disable the firewall. I never thought i had to do it on the computer though i thought something was wrong with the ps3 LOL. Well feel free to invite me to any gamesession u want. My online games are GTA IV and GH 3. and my PSN is: AceNspades999.

C ya. - Freedom

E3 Top 5.

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E3 is over now and we will have to wait another year to get the gaming hysteria we all enjoyed these past few days. Many games were displayed at both the conferences and at the live stage shows that GS brought us, and a few of those were more interesting than the others. Here is my list of the top 5 games that i liked the look of.

1. Resident Evil 5 - Is this game awesome or what? Seriously, Zombies breaking through walls? How cool is that??? Capcom, U had me at 8 foot Axe swinging Hulk.

2. God of War III - The Trailer was short. But it was enough to convince me to go back and playe old ones. David Jaffe, U R my Hero :).

3. Darksiders: Wrath of War - I had never heard of this game until Gs showed the demo at theyre live stage show. Oh MY F*****g GOD this games mint!

4. Prince of Persia - How can anyone not like the artistic ****of this game. Eleka's HOT!

5.Star Wars: The Force Unleashed - Unlike all those other S W games for 8-yr-olds, This one look Reeeeaaaally badass.

What would u take out of this list and what would u put in it? Would u change it in its entirety?

Final Fantasy XIII to XBox 360...

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OK. As most of you ppl have seen or heard about, the 360 will get its version of FF-13. I say: Big f****** deal. all u guys out there yapping like: oh no! its not exclusive anymore! Well who the hell cares? If u get to play it on ur PS3 then its all good isnt it? im fine with the decision as long as they still use the full potential of blu ray for the ps3 version. and for you 360 owners out there going: haha yeah, take that fanboys. Oh, so ur not a fanboy for acting like that? grow up and grow a pair. And for the fools of the day : Sony. How F****** stupid can u get? This was the dumbest thing youve done EVER! How can you let go of an exclusive you have that was gonna sell ur console and help you beat microsoft? I dont give a crap as long as the game is the same as planned but holy sh***t u guys are dumb. unless they drop an atombomb tomorrow that blows this war right of the map they are completely F****d.

Well, tomorrows another day and the only chance for sony to resurect themselfs.

C Ya. - Freedom

E3 2008 Thoughts.

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So as im typing this E3 is like 29 hours away or some thing like that and ofcourse im very exited about it just like everyone else. Due to the extreme amount of time i have on my hands and the boredom that haunts me this final day before E3 i decided to give you the reasons why i am or why im not going to watch certain conferences. So here u go, this is why E3 this year is gonna rock:

MICROSOFT: So as some of you probably know I do NOT own a 360 and THAT is the exact reason im looking forward to Bill Gates' army of nerdyness' conference. Most of you have heard that the Xbox360 is getting a price drop this year and that is too good to be true for me because i dont have one of those trees that grow money. The reason im not gonna be a fanboy and refuse Microsofts console is all the great exclusives. Fable 2, Gears of War 2(gotta play the original first), Tales of Vesperia, Mass Effect 2, Infinite Undiscovery, the list goes on and on but you get the idea. And for those 360 games that arent exclusive: No, i will not get them for 360, those that interest me i will play on the PlayStation 3. Which brings us to the arch enemy of Microsoft...

SONY: They were the first to bring out next generation gaming back in the day with its innovative PlayStation console. The little gray box that seemed impossible to surpass. And boy, how far we've come. Sonys Blu-Ray empowered console, the PlayStation 3 will, without a doubt, put Microsoft against the wall at this years E3. Resistance 2, Little Big Planet, Playstation Home, Naruto Ultimate Ninja: STORM, Killzone 2, SIREN: Blood Curse, The PS3 Version of BioShock, Valkyria Chronicles, inFAMOUS, Pixeljunk Eden, Motorstorm 2 and many others. To me, the PS3 wont win by it's exclusives only but the multiplatform games will be a factor in the equation as well. Far Cry 2, The Last Remnant, Resident Evil 5, Prince of Persia(WOOOT!), This is Vegas, Afro Samurai :lol: are all going to be better on ps3. Do'nt call me a fanboy, its just facts. The Blu-ray makes for a mutch more beautiful game and the ps3s software updates keeps all games from lagging and freezing. I'm pretty tired of listing great games that will be at E3 so i wont do it any more but the PSPs got some interesting titles coming up aswell. To sum it all up: Sony has the upperhand in the console war this year.

NINTENDO: ...Who...?

Well, thats all i got to say about E3 for now, C ya there ;).

The TV is Here!

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And boy, is it beutiful? Even the XMB looks cool now:D. I havent gotten around to playing a game that takes advantage of the ps3s full HD capabillities but when i get through with FF7 on the ps1 im gonna slap in GTA IV, so far i've only played GH-3. Well, i promised to post some pics of it when i got it so here ya go:

BTW: Th firmwareupdate came yesterday, what do u guys think? I think its awesome, i can wait for all games to have trophies im just wondering: do u get trophies for stuff uve allready done or do u have to do em again to get it?

I Was Gone...But Now I'm Back...

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So anyways, the reason i havent posted anywhere in a while is cause i got suspended for like 2 days. Why? Because i expressed my oppinion, thats why. Apparently you cant tell other users what you think about certain things. A little harsh, dont ya think GS...? Well I wont go into any further details since i might get suspended again.

I'm gonna order the TV in a few days now so I'll post some pics when in get it ;).

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