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A Good Day Indeed.

Today(or yesterday rather) has once again proven that manliness and Gunbuster make a perfect team against injustice! Today was the day that I finally stepped up and made an attempt to fix my emblems. Let me tell you the tale.

I was once a player of Super Smash Bros. Brawl. In my hayday, GameSpot gave me a fine opportunity to prove my worth. The SSBB Fight or Flight online tournament was just what I needed-fresh meat! So I entered the tourney. And as it turns out, I made it to the finals. So, I was flown off to San Francisco to compete in this three-way final live, at the GameSpot studio. It was a fantastic trip. We were given food, a tour of GameSpot's HQ, and free bagels! In the end, I place third. I am content with that though, as the trip itself was a prize.

Anyway, this brings me back to the present. Everyone who participated in the tourney was given a nice emblem. A nice emblem, but something was amiss. I was never awarded anything else. Surely I thought, "There must be something more! I placed third! Am I not manly enough for a true award(in the form of a small emblem)?!?" But, I showed self-constraint, and over time, forgot about this travesty. But today I wake up to see that Raptr and GameSpot have joined forces in the ever growing battle for achievements! I see that the emblems of the past are now converted into achievements, and I go to view them. That's when it hit me. There was a large emotional hole left by the lack of a true medal of honor! So I decided to become vocal. I took my complaint to the GameSpot Site Suggestions forum! That would show them! I spoke a great deal of justice, manliness, and Gunbuster, but alas! The only one who truely spoke to me was a stack of banana pancakes! He spoke to me like a true man. Using the powers of reason and manliness to help me with my problem. But alas, he could not. He soon began to fall into the background, never to be seen again. But suddenly, as if on wings, my topic took flight! Into another realm of posting it soared, until finally resting in the brand new Fuse feedback forum. Apparently, I used enough key terms such as "achievement" that some brave moderator took it upon him/herself to guide me in my quest. As I settled into my thread's new home, I was noticed but none other than GameSpot's own Lark Anderson! Thereupon, he immeadiately saw the issue and awarded me my long overdue 3rd place achievement.

The end.