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I'm Going to Take a Break from GameSpot.

I've grown to be bored with this site, so I will take a break from for the rest of the year, please don't demote me, I am not leaving for good, so I will get back to posting in your Unions soon enough, goodbye!

You can still contact me at my Chat Room on my webssite.

I wish you all a merry Christmas/Hanuka/Quanza(etc.) and a Happy New Year!:D

See ya soon!

Sincerley, Frankie123457

Apoklitty is Dead....

My Grandma went outside to feed my cat, when she couldn't find her she decided to water the backyard, when she went to the back she found her, mauled by a group of dogs, next to our fence....

She ran inside crying, I went to ask her what happened snd she said that our cat was dead.... I could send a picture if you don't believe me, but she is dead....


Hello! this is not what you thought it was gonna be as I posted a misleading title to attract attention as apparently not many people have been reading my Blogs!

Well, while you're here I might as well do a little advertising!

I've uploaded a new video to my Youtube account, it's the first castle of TSRPR, I still need suggestions, so please, someone post a video suggestion!

Click here to see Lake Side Castle (note, all links will open in a new tab, so there is no need to press backspace)

Click here to see my account's home page!

And of course there's my Union, the Moon-Base, which has been very inactive lately, I could use some new recruits and more active posters....

Click here to go to the Moon-Base!

Also, I promised to Tal-Pal that I would do this, so, please visit the Nintendo Wii Players Unite Union, it was my first Union, and if it weren't for that Union I wouldn't be in all the other Unions I'm in, so please, give that Union some support!

Click here to go to the NWPU home-page!

Ans that's all, I hope I didn't annoy you by not giving you the picture of my face the Blog title promised, but maybe one day when I'm really board....

(note, all links will open in a new tab, so there is n need to press backspace)

New Youtube Video (Mole Ruins 2) and Less Activity

Hello, I've made a new Youtube video, it's Mole Ruins 2, I'm also not going to be online as often due to my Mother limiting my computer time to three hours a day, she'll probably forget about it (she always has so far), but you never know.... I'll spend most of my online time in the Unions that I'm an Officer in, so I might not be active at all in some of my other Unions....

Click here to see Mole Ruins 2.

Click here to see my Youtube account.

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