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Crossed over to Xbox

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So I recently purchased an Xbox. It's the first time I've ever made the jump to a Microsoft console since most of my console purchases go to Nintendo/Sony. I was a little skeptical at first but now I feel at home with the 360. I was planning on getting this console mainly for Dance Central but then I ended up playing all the exclusives that I missed out on in the past like Halo and Gears of War.

The dashboard is really easy to navigate but I think it's ridiculous considering all the ads being plastered everywhere. I mean, you're paying for an online service and yet you're being bombarded with all that **** like Statefarm or Olay Revitalizing cream. Pretty annoying. I prefer the PlayStation 3's interface (XMB) since it's very simple without all the fuss.

The controller, I'm not a fan of. Too big, I guess it's because most Western gamers have giant hands or something. I prefer the shape of the PS3 pad since I've been using that style for over 15 years.

I really like the Kinect, I think it's an awesome peripheral especially for a game like Dance Central. That thing can really help you learn how to dance. It's one of the reasons why I actually considered getting an Xbox since I just love to dance (even if I end up looking completely doofy).

The online functionality is far more superior than that found on the PS3. It's really the main draw of the Xbox in my opinion. The bummer is that you have to pay for the online service (if you ever want to play online or access some of the other online functionality) which is like $60 for a year of Live Gold but it's pretty much worth it since most of the servers for games are very stable when compared to the free online service of the PlayStation 3. Another nice thing exclusive to Xbox Live Gold is the ability to party chat. You can talk with friends regardless of what game you're playing and it makes the whole thing fun. Definitely my favorite thing about the service.

To sum it all up, making the transition to Xbox was nice and easy. I wasn't so sure I'd end up as a fan but I am. I'm glad I'm part of another brand, I feel like I'm more versatile as a gamer and that it helps broaden my horizons.

My Gaming Sale (Iloilo ONLY)

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Here's the list of things that I'm selling. I'm not hell bent on getting rid of it which is why it's non-negotiable (NO HAGGLING).

It's all pretty cheap considering PS3 games in Iloilo range from 2000p-3000p+.

All games are slighty used but little to no scratches and are pretty mint.

Also note that some of these games are VERY rare and hard to find, (No longer being produced) hence the expensive price tag on select titles.

Contact me if interested: 09204528647

Also add me online on the PSN- Francision69


PS3 Titles on Sale:

Motorstorm - 499.99p

Alone in the Dark Inferno - 749.99p

Skate 2 - 749.99p

Blazblue Calamity Trigger - 899.99p

Marvel vs Capcom 3 - 1499.99p

The Sims 3 - 1349.99p

Tekken 6 - 1099.99p

Uncharted 2 - 1499.99p

LittleBigPlanet GOTY - 1499.99p

Super Street Fighter 4 - 1099.99p

Mortal Kombat - 1999.99p


Nintendo DSlite - 4999.99p (complete with card, 4gb stick and charger)


Nintendo GameCube titles on Sale (Original):

Soul Calibur 2 - 999.99p

F-Zero GX - 1199.99p

James Bond 007 Agent Under Fire - 499.99p

Eternal Darkness - 1599.99p

Super Smash Bros. Melee - 1999.99p


Nintendo DS Titles (Original Carts)

Sprung - 599.99p

Spider Man 2 - 649.99p

Ping Pals - 349.99p

Nintendogs Chihuahua - 999.99p


PSP Slim 2000 - 3999.99p (Needs repairing and modifying, basically it's junk but if you can manage to fix it yourself, it's a steal at the price.)

Contact me if interested: 09204528647

I'm Collecting Funds For Japan!

by on

Thanks to the Playstation Network, I can finally donate money to the victims of the recent Tsunami in Japan!

It's great that Sony lets us gamers reach out to those in need in Japan. Now I'm trying to get many people in my area to donate since where I live, it's hard to find a real source for donating to Japan but thanks to the Playstation Network, I can finally donate funds from my account. I'll keep you updated with how many people I can find to donate! (^_^)

Happy With my Games

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I'm pretty happy with my set of video games right now. I'll be focusing more on buying fighting games more than any other genre. I think PS3's are perfect for fighters so I better utilize that. It's also nice to note that Mortal Kombat is getting some nice PS3 exclusive content like Kratos from God of War. (^_^)

Tekken 6 Saves!

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This Playstation+ Cloud saving function is so damn useful! (^_^) I was able to use my PSN account at the local cafe and now all my Tekken 6 customized characters appear. That means I can use Angel Lili and Prom Anna at the cafe. XD Checkout my various T6 customs the next time you stop by the cafe. ;)

My Marvel vs Capcom 3 Fever Has Faded Away

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Gah! Marvel vs Capcom 3 is so boring now. I'm tired of looking at the same boring old stages. I'm used to playing games by myself and this game is EXTREMELY lacking in the modes department. I kinda regret buying this game. At least I learned my lesson, DON'T FOLLOW THE HYPE TRAIN! I won't make the same mistake with Mortal Kombat since that's chock full of offline game modes. But yeah, game modes don't make a great game but at least they make it more playable and add more replay. I miss the days when video games actually felt COMPLETE. I feel old. :(

Damn Capcom for rushing games like this. We waited 11 years for no online specating modes and only 4 offline game modes? Pshh. Even Jill and Shuma Gorath are locked on the disc which means they could have made it onto the full roster if they didn't rush it. I could go on and on but I'll save that for another time.

Mortal Kombat Demo Impressions

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Today I had the chance to get an early demo preview of Mortal Kombat since I'm a Playstation + subscriber.

I was pretty excited since it looked like MK was going back to it's roots. After checking the lame looking menu, I went straight into the 1-player mode, chose Mileena and played a match. I was sorta disappointed with how stiff and slow the animations look. Maybe I'm just not a fan of the MK style. Violence is top notch as always, pulling off fatalities is easy and the stages look pretty nice. I think if I had a practice mode I would get the hang of the game but right now I'm torn between getting or not buying this game. I'll just have to wait for the reviews when the game comes out next month to see if I should really spend my cash on this.

I Love The Sims

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The Sims is a perfect example of how a Franchise can stay strong after 10 years. Sure, the gameplay mechanics maybe same as it once was back in 2000 but I've witnessed how the game has evolved in the past 10 years. It's not just build your house and sim, it's deeper than that now. You actually build a connection with your sim. You really feel obliged to fulfill their wishes and goals in life.

I've been playing the old Sims 1 with my sister in my elementary days and now I'm playing the Sims 3 on my console 10 years later when I'm in college. It's a franchise that appeals to everyone. Young and old, male or female. Everyone will find something they like in The Sims. That's why it's my most treasured game in the gaming industry. XP

Free Game Surprise

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Today, I was excited to receive my early access demo of Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light. I anticipated it when I came home from my 7am class. Turned on the PC, got the code from Gamespot. I couldn't use the code yet since the PSN was down for maintenance so I waited 30 minutes and tried accessing my account. I used the code that was given and I was ready to download the demo but when I redeemed the code I was surprised to see something extra... It said "Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light demo" and there was another thing that came with the code that shocked me. "Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light full game unlock". At first I thought it was a glitch. Went on the Gamespot forums to see if anyone else got the full game unlock and saw that the forums had a bunch of people posting that they got it too. I feel kinda sad that Crystal Dynamics will be losing a bit of money since the people that signed up for the demo ended up getting the full game for free, one week before the official PSN release.I was even planning on buying this game for it's full price of 15$ but I'm happy that I got it for free. I guess I'll just support the DLC that comes out for it. Well, time to enjoy the free game. XD

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