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Xbox live new account

If you want a new xbox live account you can check out my auction at Please note, that I do not know if the code was and is truly new althou the guy I brought it from says it is. So you bid at your own risk . God Bless†

Free Gospel of John tracts

Here is a really cool site that gives out free gospels of the book of John to pass out to people on the street or at school. It is free to order. S/H is free with the slow service. The website is this Use this refrel # 245152 Enjoy, God Bless†

How to beat the shotgun on Gears. Lesson #1

The shotgun is a strong weapon, but you don't have fight with a shotie. Now if you get a team who works as a team, you can really own the guys using the shoties. This is how. 1. Grab the sniper. (Set your sniper up in a key location of the map, leave him there) 2. take two guys with you and gain a major point of the map, where you can see most of the action. 3.When you see the enemy stay behind cover and shoot, do not go strait for them, they will advance to you. as they are advancing, have two pull on suppressive fire, as you try to gain a backwards flank. 4.When you are at range for the backwards flank tell one of your men to advance, he may die, but if you do this fast enough you can chain saw one guy, while your team mate who is still on cover shoots the third guy, and the guy who is rushing your rusher, will be in a firefight, but you will have the better position to win.

Ebay sell

Hey if you use ebay and are wanting the CE of Oblivion for the 360 I just put the game up for sell for 25$ so look for the user name sonnyboyboy4031 God Bless

Was it really the game that turned us off.

I was thinking about Halo 2 online. Don't ask me why, I got sick of it way back. The hardcore gamers (you and I) we all agree on one thing, halo 2 online = no skill. We got sick and tired of it. But my question is. Was it the game play? Or was it playing with 12 year old kids? If 18+ players were the only ones allowed to play halo 2. And all worked as a team, would feel the online play was better? Would we still be playing the game? Well maybe not. (Rainbow six has always been my main games to play. ) What are your views? Note kids, I don't hate you, and I'm glad you like video games. But you need to start growing up, when playing em. Yes there for fun, but when you cry and curse and act all tough you turn people off, and give mature kids a bad name. Think about it next time you act up.

My Prayer Of Strength

This is a prayer that I have written for my life, that I will pray daily. Many times we fall into sin, and we beat our selfs up. But we can not beat our selfs up, we must pray to the Lord for forgiveness and try not to act on that sin again. I have been fighting sin from day one and a sin that I keep fighting. I pray for forgiveness but I still sin, so I wrote this prayer knowing that if I pray it daily, the Lord will answer my prayer. God does answers prayers and I want to share this prayer with you, as it may be a prayer you need as well. My Prayer of strength Lord, today is a new day, yesterday I sinned. Lord I pray for forgiveness of yesterday’s sins. Lord I wish not to sin today, Lord I pray that you protect me from things of temptation. Lord as the evil one will tempt me with lust and many other things, Lord speak to me and guide me away from the temptations that the evil one will throw my way. Lord allow me to become more like you day by day and less like the evil. Lord, as I may fear and worry what it to come, give me strength to over come my worries and fears, give me strength and will power to say no to the tempting of sin. Father I thank you for your son Jesus Christ, in His name I pray and ask. Amen.

My small view on gears

Gears of War best 360 game to date , if it was longer and in FPS mode could be a halo killer still might be a halo killer Graphics = By far the best I have seen on a shooting game for the xbox 360 Gameplay = If you love tatics as much as i do you will love this, cover to cover firefight Difuculty = Depends on what setting you put it at. Hardcore is hardcore and I love it MP = By far the best on the 360, cover to cover and must use tatics to win.

my sisters post on gears of war

my type of vidio games would be 3dD graphic like the kind when you look outside and lots of guts and gor... NOT the spuing everywhere type but more graphic and 10 minuts per level........ and you can take your own pictures in real life and scan them into your game and beat the heck out of them...... lots of good graphic guts and gor andBLOOD....hahahahaahahahahaha

Short but sweet

Well. I just DL the shoot out demo off of the xbox live market place for NHL 2007. I must say the graphics in this blew me away. If the real game has graphics like that. It's safe to say this is next gen hockey. The gameplay wow. I love having control with the right anlog stick. Much more control and way more effective then the buttons. Truly great gameplay. Makes you in control not the game. Sound you hear the puck like you were there. Nice. I wish the demo was a game not a shoot out. But still got me pumped. But being as how the game will be 60$. And the fact four great games are coming out. I may have to skip this one. I have GOW, COD3, RB6 Vegas and SC DA to get. I need a job.