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My first comment was intended as an addendum to your point about GameSpot's listings. And it doesn't really make sense that you'd even make such a thread if you didn't care one way or the other whether Nintendo carried this title. It would have been more appropriate had you contacted the staff about it since it's more of a clerical error than public opinion on their game library.

When it comes to title support though, Nintendo needs to realize it's not just about intending and trying to recruit devs and titles, They also have to have the hardware to back it up.

IGN's consumer polls are showing that most feel Nintendo had the best games, conferences, and overall rating at E3. While I don't agree with that, it shows they don't really NEED to offer real life games to compete.

Nintendo just need to decide whether they want to be serious about offering real life multi platform games and stop confusing consumers that's all. They waffle too much.

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The Wii U is not a good platform to buy for real life games. They are more interested in featuring cartoon games.

what you said was pretty dumb

Your being in denial doesn't change the fact that it's true. Pre-launch of the first Wii Nintendo talked like they wanted to be competitive with real life graphics games. Then one dev team after another said the system wasn't powerful enough to run their games.

This Wii they came out and did the same thing, launched a too weak system. That and the fact that their boy Reggie only ever talks about rehashed old cartoon IPs every interview makes it obvious they aren't really trying to be competitive with real life graphics games.

Bottom line, you want a system that plays those types of games, then buy one, but the Wii isn't it.

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The Wii U is not a good platform to buy for real life games. They are more interested in featuring cartoon games.

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Yeah I wasn't even thinking about the cops. That would tend to complicate things.

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They have SNAPTA on their uniforms, but one of the last cutscenes shows Artyom revealing dog tags that say CNAPTA on them. Is this a typo in the game? Anyone know what SNAPTA means and if CNAPTA is a word that's supposed to be in the game?

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I had this happen last session for the first time, and what's weird is I'd completed all golds on racer and all assignments, all golds on cop, and all but half of the enforcer assignments.

The game is just buggy as hell.

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Yeah I noticed a lot of players are complaining about just hooking up with others for online play being a chore. I haven't seen any of them mention whether they warp to a safehouse ahead of the person they're trying to hook up with and get going at a moderate pace ahead of them and let them catch up though.

They ought to have other options though, like having the map open, clicking on a player's avatar, and asking them to meet at a specific event icon on the map. The icon on the map would automatically flash for them so they know right away where you're talking about.

As you said they have to be willing to play with others vs sp though.

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You're right about some things, wrong about others.


1. You were looking in the right spot for a file to edit, you just picked the wrong file.

2. They locked the frame rate to 30 FPS for not just consoles, but people with low spec like you as well.

3. It actually does have an ambient occlusion setting (what you called SSAO), and you have it off.

4. Model quality is something you don't typically find in a race game, as you have cars instead of NPCs. Reflection quality is what most effects car quality.


1. It is indeed poorly optimized, even for fairly high end cards.

2. They didn't offer enough settings to facilitate a broad range of PC spec.

If you go back into the Documents/Ghost Games/Need for Speed(TM) Rivals/settings folder, open up the "PROFILEOPTIONS_profile". It's actually easier to read with Wordpad than Notepad, and it edits with it just fine too. There you will find a list of graphics settings that aren't in the graphics menu in game.

GstRender.MeshQuality 2

GstRender.ShadowQuality 3

GstRender.TerrainQuality 2

GstRender.TextureQuality 3

GstRender.UndergrowthQuality 2

I also added the line "GstRender.Enlighten 0", which disables bloom. It can make it a bit easier to see when driving at night while playing as cop, due to less glow from the flashing police lights.

I would first leave Texture quality at 3, and try reducing Shadows, then Undergrowth, then Mesh, then Terrain, one at a time in that order. I don't know what you used to record with, but sometimes just having a FPS meter running can mess with poorly optimized games. Thus I would only run the Fraps counter or whatever you're using, just enough to see the results of your adjustments, then test without it.

If you can manage a result with your file edit that looks and plays acceptable while getting a solid 30 FPS, then and only then use the command to unlock frame rate. Don't set it to 60 though, that's too high with your spec. Instead set it to 40. I use that command set to 40 even with an HD 7970 OC.

There's a reason to cap FPS at a certain point. It keeps the frame rate window more narrow and stable, and reduces heat output from your graphics card. It also lessens the chance of high max frames and low min frames, which can reduce the overall average frames. It's not that FPS caps are bad, it's that ideally you want to find the appropriate one for your spec.

You can also run the game in borderless windowed mode by turning Fullscreen to off in the graphics menu and downloading and installing a free tool that allows any game to run in windowed mode borderless, which helps boost performance a bit. Be sure to follow the instructions carefully. I found it works best if your desktop is set to the same res you run the game at.

Lastly, make sure you have the game fully updated through Steam. Update 1.3 added some stability and a performance boost. If it requires Origin to run, try disabling the Origin overlay. Some people even use a hack that allows Origin games to run without Origin, but that would be a last resort. You wouldn't want to risk Valve possibly detecting an unauthorized hack, even if it only affects Origin.

I really don't know why they had Ghost Games (formerly Criterion employees) make this game when their Black Box division already had experience with the Frostbite engine with NFS The Run. The Run had issues with control bindings resetting, but it was FAR better optimized than this game, and that's the hard thing to nail with a Frostbite engine game.

Good luck, let us know how it goes.

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They're gaming forums and reviews are steadily getting worse, but it didn't really dawn on me until today how out of touch they are with gamers.

I see a survey popup onscreen asking to help improve GameSpot, so I say, what the heck, at least they're trying.

A few questions in I see a message saying, sorry, you don't qualify for our survey. Why you ask, because I don't own a friggin cell phone.

So what exactly are they intending to become, a game site for Android titles?

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After beating Race mode with all gold medals, then beating Patrol mode as cop with all gold, I really don't get why they have SO many better cars in the cop career. I mean sure many are just undercover and enforcer variants, but there's still a better selection of cars.

The Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 in the cop career has gotten me through most events that require good handling. It also has incredible acceleration, durability and strength. It's not available in the racer career though.

Two events that come to mind are Keep the Pressure and Guilty as Charged. They're both Rapid Response events that require very good handling and keeping your speed up. Keep the Pressure starts on West Ridge Drive and Guilty as Charged just So of the SE I-4 interchange.

As with many cop events, the Lambo LP 700-4 was the only car I could gold Keep the Pressure with. I finally got in under the required 2:30 time, beating it by nearly a whole sec at 2:29:05.

Guilty as Charged is another story, as it heads south in the open desert roads and requires a car with pretty good top speed. Even still, I very nearly got the required gold time of 2:04 with a 2:04:1 using the LP 700-4, and had I not got docked :05 for swinging a bit too wide in one spot and scraping a guard rail, I'd have done it in that car. I ended up beating it with a 2:00:27 in the Bugatti Veyron, but it took several tries with the noticeably worse handling.

Check out these stats: