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Liberals... the army of victims.

If you have a victim mentality than nothing I or anyone can say will make you successful.

Now hurry up and get me my fries.

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Every time I click on "insert image" the page turns dark but nothing happens.

Was working last week just fine.... odd indeed.

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No more or less likely then an all mighty creator.

Agnostic FTW! :cool:

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Hands down best comic movie ever made and best movie I've seen in a long time. If you like funny movies, action movies or super hero movies this is the all-in-one movie for you. Hollywood doesn't always get it right but when it dose let them know... WATCH THIS MOVIE!!!!

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Pros: get to eat a sandwich

Cons: have to get a woman to make the sandwich

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I loved it, surprisingly good acting from all involved... and yes, the Avengers preview is at the end of the credits.... and that looks awesome :D

yes, they play down his agility a little and his fights are... "meat and potato's" but they did much worst with wolverine.

Must see for any fan of comics or anyone who likes action movies.

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Jean shorts, white shoes and collared shirt..... after a while I was like "why are all these rap guys copying me" :lol:

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Never has a president blamed others more for his inability to lead.

Never has a president pushed us more into debt.

Never has a president gone to war with a country with out congressional approval.

Never has a president divided a nation so much as to label anyone who says a discouraging word aboutthe president and/or his administration a racist.

Never has a president failed to accomplish every platform he campaigned on (Ending wars, Gitmo, Economy, Jobs, wall street reform).

To a majority of Americans (yes majority), Obama will go down in history as the president that should have been impeached but America was to "race-scared" to do so.

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[QUOTE="Theokhoth"][QUOTE="thegerg"]Around here you can't walk into a polling place naked. They require that you wear clothes. Therefor, clothes should be free because you need them to vote.thegerg
It's illegal to go anywhere public naked. It is not illegal to go anywhere without ID.

Actually it is illegal to go some places without an ID. Either way, clothes should be free since they are required to vote!

You have to present a photo ID to take a plane trip but not for voting..... I think an ID for voting is more important so the country doesn't get hijacked like Cali... but once again.. I must be racist right? ;)

This isnt a game of Magic: the gathering and you cant unlimited tap the race card (nerdy refrence, I know) ... it will run out soon.