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What are PS4 CoD numbers versus WiiU? Isn't that a more relevant argument?

Saying CoD is more popular than KZ is kinda matter of fact isn't it?

Oh right, we have to pretend TC isn't a sheep who spends every day trying to make PS4 look bad and WiiU look good......

.... good luck with that TC.

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Dang, Clippers cant catch a break.

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Rare died when Micro$oft bought them.

This post can not be quoted enough in this thread.

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Anyone else thinking this news will initially hurt XBO sales until the new SKUs come out?

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It's never a good time to buy a WiiU...

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Spin fail

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Good. Somebody should stand up to sexual deviancy.

dude.. Really?

No, not really.

You do know animals are gay aswell, therefore:

gay =/= sexual deviant

Actually animals are more bisexual than homosexual.

Ducks can choose a partner and some of them live with a male for their entire life

I like the idea of taking lifestyle and moral ques from water fowl.

I hear frogs are pretty gay too..... that's hot.

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In a lot of places it's still not an acceptable thing, Nintendo is just being careful. Besides, people shouldn't be so butthurt about it, it's just a damn game.

This is like a softball pitch.....

must... resist... obvious.... joke....

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Why would a lem care about a baseball game? What's the alternative to The Show series that's dominated baseball games for a couple gens now?