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Crysis 1 was pretty meh gameplay wise.

Lets see if they fix it this time around. Who needs flashy graphics if the game itself is pretty ****

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The "runs best on" stuff typically doesn't mean anything, it just means the developers were paid to have nVidia's/ATI's logo associated with the game and their hardware loosely acclaimed as being the best choice to run the game, whether the game actually favors that company's video cards in performance or not. In other words, it means that company is effectively sponsoring the game.



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Meh. I thought it was something new and innovative.

Remote and nunchuch have already been done. Having super-accurate 1 mm capture doesn't make it interesting at all.

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Your list is retardedly stupid op. Misses all the good games.

Oblibion for me.

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All interesting suggestions, but having played WoW till 40 on a pvp server, I found the pvp a rediculous waste of time.

There is no ability to gain anything from it (aside from the honor points or w/e), and dying equally cost nothing.

Basically, I am looking for pvp where I can actually gain something, through taking the other player's things he has worked so hard for, and where I can equally die and lose everything.

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Try Aion :)


How's the pvp? Open-world? Instanced? Only in secific areas? Loot?

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Robert Bowling can shove it:evil:



Also, game if fail and should never be mentioned anywhere ever.

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As I am currently taking a break from Eve-O after -many- years of playing it, I need a pvp-focused mmo to take up my time.

I have played Dark Fall a few months ago and it was just what I was looking for, though I had to quit for other reasons and I just want to try something new.

I have also played the new Fallen Earth, but was supremely dissappointed at the limited pvp options in a mmo played entirely as an fps with guns.

I was also considering Age of Conan for its pvp, but was dismayed when I heard that there is no pvp loot whatsoever. For a "pvp game," the inability to take someone's stuff after killing them makes the pvp entirely irrelevant.

I am at a loss as to what to play. Help!

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**** thats impressive