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I did something so awsome today.

I was able to, buy a wifi router

NowI have wifi games with awifi code:2665-1915-7950

Leave your wifi code as a comment

I will be playing SSBB

Saving up for a Xbox360!

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Hey whats up, Today I wanted to tell you people I sam saving up for my xbox360. I would of gotten it today but ifI go it today i would have not gotten my WiFi connecter the thing I need for internet. The Xbox 360I am going to get it is going the be the elite I was thinking of a gamer tag if you guys want to give opinions that would be great. So far I have $160 saved up next 15 days I will finish the rest and get the xbox halo3 probalay left 4 dead Wifi connector and another game well this is my blog for today,I will be making my next on in 15 days or so Thanks for reading this blog

Xbox360 or Wii

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Hey everyone hows it going well today i was deciding whether to keep a wii and still struggle getting internet connection because of my dang computer that is far from it:evil:.Or switch to a Xbox360 and get internet easily for 6 bucks with no worries of connection:D. I will let you give opinions on what should I do Well thats all i have for my blog Thanks for reading

What do i need for internet wii connection

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Hey whats up this is frost I am trying to get internet for my wii well bad luck my wii is to far from my internet boo hoo well i just wanted to post this blog for other ways to get internet on my wii like something wireless for my wii internet well thats all i need to say for now see you later and leave a comment if you can on what i can get and how much would it probulay cost.:D

School Holdin me Down

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Hey whats up I havent been on Gamespot fora while alot of things at my school are holding me down the test the homework there is just no more time to use the computer if you want to talk to me feel free to talk to me!!


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Hi whats up Guess what:D ITsssssssssss Over Nine thousand!!!!!! Comment if you want to im really bored


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Hi its my birthday tommorow!!!!! I am going to get wii connection so if you want my code just sent me a message. In other new as I posted 4 days ago im going to switch my realm to shadowsong if you want my name for wow it is nathanmnm see ya later:)

World of warcraft

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Hey everyone September 10 I am going back to WOW AKA World of Warcraft. If anyone of you wanna know what I have i got a 80 rouge and a 56 Death Knight. When I go back i am hoping to get my Death Knight to 80. Then make a new class like a hunter. I dont really work good with rouges if anyone of you have rouges and have good tips for raids what what is a good weapon for dps if you would like to share please do Thank You