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I am back people!!!!

Well, i have been inactive on GS for about a couple of months now.....i hope my old union hasnt been disbanded, but i do not want to take my old position as leader... I kinda wrecked my unions, i was a mod in the most succesful xbox union on GS....ill suck up to them ;)

Anyway im checking my 136 messages.

Talk to you later ;)

Damn Mail Message Icon!!!111shift+one

That little mail icon next to manage account had stopped working, i thought i just had no mail, now when i clicked it to send a message i had 3 pages worth of mail....well im busy for the next few days...:evil:

Journal Game #1 - Up, Left, Down, Next

The aim of the game is to first

^say something about the person above you

v say something about the next person

For example
^ has only 1 emblem
< is currently level 6
v has more than 100 posts

Ill go first so check the comments

DarkThrone - Help my army

My darkthrone link

DT is a text based game i am currenty playing whilst i am on the PC not playing Brothers in Arms click the link and help me make my army bigger, once a day would be nice :D

Also if you register i get alot more :D :D :D

If you click mine and have a username post yours and ill click it.
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