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It been like a year since I last came here?

Aye that be true.... Well I'd be lying if i'm saying i'm too busy to come online, just lazy to come on Gamespot.. It's not my cup to team anymore sadly...

Anyway i just came online so say hi, hope everyone is doing well....

I'm on holiday right now, first semester for my Bachelor in Law program is done, so now i got 4 months holiday to spare, wont be studying anything but my gaming stuff and animes :D

Oh ya I'm playing Pokemon Black recently.. so if anyone wanna trade or anything, here's my FC1592 5354 8004

If anyone needs me, I'll be on FB, YM or MSN - (same for all 3)


Birth by Sleep : First Impression

Well it was a happy day for me to discover a parcel on my bed right when i got home from university for a 4 day holiday... inside was something i waited for 3 year : Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep... Along with a letter that says ime n my cuzzin r even, no more favors.. hehe

So at the start u get to choose which outa 3 character story to follow... I took Aqua (i'm fond of her)...

Gameplay wise, not bad... camera is easy enough to control with L/R.. and the combat is very2 fun.. Since I"m using Aqua, my magic attacks n skills r stonger, so easy to wipe out those darn Unversed...

The graphics is awesome.. rich in detail n color of the characters n enviroment, better than the PS2 KH games...

The music and sounds are great... I love the japanese voice of the KH characters, tho the disney voices made my ear bleed abit (kidding ^^)

I'm still in the early part of the story, tutorials n all.. cant wait to discover the rest of the story~

Awaiting BBS

havent been here much huh.. well its becoming a habit... slow university net means NO to GS...

So the game is less that 2 weeks away.. and just like 358/2 days, i wont wait for US release... so i asked my cousin to buy me one (his money ^^) and post it here... might take a week after the game release.. hope not too long.. just wanna get a first hand experience of the game... before anyone else does.. haha..

Hope everyone of ya watched the Jump festa 2010 trailer... It made me jump~ Lots of questions swimming in my head bout the game


So it was a few months ago when i realize that being just your normal anime watching guy wasnt enough.. So i watch the anime, download and listen to the songs (OP, ED, Char songs), collect wallpapers (yes i have a lot of em too)... omething was missing.. I wanted something that i can admire physically..

Then my trip to GACC (Games Anime Comic Circle) event in august that brought the solution : FIGMA

So starts my new form of collection.. Its actually enjoyable to see your fave characters in 3D form..

So here is the first figma that i bought : Nagato Yuki

Comments r apprecitated ^^

Well its done

Since I'm out of money :P I cant host me own website yet.. So my anime/manga/game blog has been created on Wordpress (ToT)...

Shuryou Requiem

So feel free to visit, follow or affiliate... Support is much appreciated

Todays first post is about naruto manga Chapter 470...

I'll add more post each day for each new manga, anime game updates. :P

I'm still fixing the blog.. not me for any mistakes, errors

*Tag*.. I'm it? huh...

Yeah Bioshocktrooper tagged me.. Sorry for the very late post, Bio.. I had to repair my lappie again (ToT) So how does this game werks again? Uhh... Stuff u dont know bout me right? emm... I like animes with comedy, but solid story not just with fan service Chihara Minori (Minorin) is my fave Japanese idol/seiyuu/artist I'm about to start 2nd semester of Pre-Law I love chatting on MSN :P I have 13GB of japanese songs in my HD I am collecting 100 New animes to be watched Enough i think? ehh? ahahah! So i tag back huh? I'll tag Kleeyook, jedidonut, Colmillios, midgetman007 and xXl_IMoRTaL_lXx

New Email

Yeah for those who don't know, I decided to change my email for Yahoo Messenger and WIndows Live (MSN) New one : Fell free to add :P, I use both so don't be surprised if you see 2 of me online

Low Activity eh?

An old fried of mine reminded me of GS.. So ya decided to visit for a while.. So how have you pple been?

For me, yeah things have been good...

  1. First semester of Pre-Law is over.. Now on holiday :3
  2. Finally bought meself a PSP 3000, with 20 UMD's haha!

Also... Haruhi Suzumiya film was announced hours ago... Oh the joy, after the not so haruhiism filled second season (*bows to MM).. 2010 is the date.. Ohh cant wait

And ya about GS.. I think i might really take my leave... I'm in the progress of requesting my own anime blog at So once i get it, I think its goodbye...

But no emails yet so no worries then... I'll still spy around the unions abit ahaha

Forte310 Out

Farewell Endless Eight (SPOILER)

After 2 months of torture (for some), and 8 continuous episodes, the Endless Eight Arc of Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu 2009 has finally ended. It all ended just like the novel states, homework (haha)


So Kyon finally took action


Direct hit!


And look! She wont stand for this! Haruhi goes tsundere!


Ahh.. a new scene in Endless Eight


And it ends here...

Ever since the loop started, it has caused a lot of fans to hate the series (Well thats's their problem). If you're a true fan, you would wait patiently till the end before making assumptions. So for those (pardon my direct statement) out there who for example, dropped the ratings of the series, all i have to say is that you should wait till it ends, but ya thats just what I'm saying, not forcing or anything (Like Hitler said, KyoAni wants to test our faith, ask Midgetman for the details bout this haha). But ya i am glad that the arc has ended. KyoAni did a bold move, knowing that pple will be pissed off by it (even the Directer (producer?) of the first season apologized), still, it was a stupid move actually.. 5 episodes should be enough

So next week (hopefully) begins a new episode, I'm hoping for Disappearence Arc (I love that part in the novel). Too bad there's only 3-4 eps left in the new season huh?

Anyways, I'm pretty busy as usual, just finished first test, now waiting for second.. I cant belive i only got two more months till first semester at College ends.. man how time flies ( A lot has happened, i gotta loop them haha)

Forte310 Out

Mid Semester Break

Hey everyone how's it been? Long time no see huh....

Ya.. I'll be online for a week maybe... See ya at the Unions :3

A lot has happened at university, all good ones haha... Anime Club has been fun..

Haruhiism is still in the air, note the sig hehe


I managed to complete 358/2 days some time ago.. Such a sad ending.. Think I'll get the US version too, so that i wont strain my eyes trying to read all the kanji slowly again... Looks like the manga is up too.. Should be nice (Zexion n Demyx playing twister lol!)

Other that that, Its been fun last 2 weeks, having a Mio-like partner...

Well see ya!