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Titles are so overrated..

So many random things to write about, so little time.

First, the reason I only have a little time is because it's 3:20 in the morning and I have to get up around 7 tomorrow. I'm going on a trip to Six Flags Darien Lake! So at least I'm waking up for something worth the effort. I'm leaving for 3 days.. so I figured I'd write a quick journal entry in here because right before logging off I realized how neglectful I am to this thing. I will miss the 4S while I'm gone but it's not like I'll really miss anything in particular.. no offense to my good ol' forum buddies but we need to get that forum kickin' again! I miss the good days of venturing into the forum late at night to find that there were several different interesting things to talk about and share.

My solution: get to work. I'm starting an art section sometime before this weekend hits. Maybe that will somehow get things moving again. I was hoping we'd be able to start a story/poetry/writing section as well. A great 4SMod once described rabid Silent Hill fans perfectly by saying: "people who frequent an internet forum primarily concerned with sex, demons, and mental instability." I think he hit it on the head with that one, (thank-you Sarchasm for the quote) and I haven't seen much of any of that lately! Lol, I assume most people wouldn't find that a bad thing. But I'll be damned if I have to sit there and watch the 4S forum fall into the desperate pick-me-up topics that so many other forums fall prey to. Topics such as "If Maria and Eileen got into a cat-fight, who would win?" or "Who's the hottest SH chara?!!" ..and so forth.

Anyways.. I've been replaying the first Silent Hill for the past few days, and I'm as drawn in as the first time I played it. I haven't played it for so long! It's truly terrifying. My goal this summer is to replay all 4 SH's and record every mention or hint of Pyramid Head/Valtiel. They're two of the most amazing characters out there in my opinon, and I've heard many rumours stating that they're mentioned several times throughout all of the games. I want to see all of these things for myself. Yes.. I realize after this paragraph that I am a complete nerd.. but hey, I think it's going to be fun. Lol

Well.. that's it for now. It's thanks to Silent Hill that I'm almost dreading this trip to an amusment park tomorrow. Not only that, but I'm staying there for three days.. and night time will consist of sleeping at a campsite. How wonderful. At least I'll be a source of entertainment to all of the children there.. I don't think it's often they get to see someone more terrified of the merry-go-round then of the roller coasters, or anything else for that matter. And if anyone wearing a bunny costume even comes close to me.. I'm beating them to death with a stick.

Whew.. long time eh?

It's been a while since I've been able to just sit down and write a few journal entries.. that's why I can't wait for summer vacation. Ohhh Yeeeaah.. free time to sit on my ass and play games.

I haven't been able to stop at school, handing in project after project.. and I graduated on Monday!! I'm really happy.. but I wish they hadn't of made the graduation 2 weeks before school ended. I mean.. after you graduate.. who wants to continue going to school right?

Also.. my friend and I have decided to start writing a manga/comic together.. if it works out the thing will be pretty good.. but now I've got two stories going and that's a lot of drawing on my part. I'm still working on the character sketches for my first one (Which is a Silent Hill/Resident Evil-esque psychological thriller.. so if I can finally get it started over the summer I'll post it in the 4S or something), but I'm pretty excited about it, and I've kept with it for almost half a year now.. coming up with all of the places and characters, and events and whatnot, so I'm pretty confident I can continue with this one. I'm also pretty excited about this one with my friend, so we'll see how it all turns out.

And of course, there always has to be something about videogames (I'd die if I didn't play something for over a week) so the newest obsession has been Resident Evil Outbreak File #2. I know it's gotten some pretty bad reviews, but I really like it. Sure it could be better.. but I'm all for characters (My Silent Hill-ish story has about 12-13) so I like the fact that there are many different characters to pick from. I also like the communication between them, and the gameplay itself is quite good. A little hard, but that's the good part, it's not too easy to beat. The only two places I've been able to get through so far were the Zoo and the Subway, and both had only about 45% completion each. The worst part of the game in my opinion is the infection speed. As soon as you start the game your character is already infected, and even if you use hemostat's or anti-virus' it only stops it for a minute or two, then the infection starts up again. I think they should have made it so that, the infection starts only when your character has gotten bitten or something, and then if an anti-virus is used it should stop completely until your character has been bitten again or sprayed or spored at or something, lol.

Anyways.. I'll be able to write a lot more once summer starts in a week.. and I can't wait to get my stories started. If I do start writing the psychological thriller.. I wonder if anyone will actually read it if I post it? I at least want to start up an art section in the union.. maybe that will motivate me to put the story up as well. it's DONE!

Wow.. I beat Resident Evil 4 tonight!! (Spoilers.. do I have to mark this in my own journal?)

It was unbelievable! I haven't played a game that good for a loong time.. And my finishing time was 31 Hours!! I've never been able to do that on a Resident Evil game.. and I ALWAYS play my games to their fullest. I never rush, and I'm always sure to get and do everything possible.. which I definately accomplished in this game. It's 4:00 am so I'm feeling quite tired and a little too full of myself lol, but it was great. And I finished it without pressing "Continue" once, which was my favourite part. If I died, I would start back from a previous save, just so I didn't have to see a "Number of Times Killed: 187" ranking at the end, lol.

And at the finale, even though they throw you into a jet ski and make you speed your way out of there with explosions ahead and a huge wave behind, my pure adrenaline made sure I made it out without hitting anything, lol. I didn't want to fight Saddler again! I had killed him too cool-like to fight him again, LOL. I was able to use two different rocket launchers just so I could yell out "THIS IS FOR LUIS!!" and "THIS IS FOR MIKE!!" while blowing the helloutta the freak that killed both of them on me.. it was great!

Anyways, when it was done I couldn't help but feel like I wanted more.. so I was over-joyed when I saw the two new additions to the start-up screen, "Assignment Ada" and "The Mercenaries". Now, I really don't like Ada, so why would I wanna play a whole side-game with her, right? One word. WESKER. My absolute favourite RE person ever. As soon as I started her mission up, I almost died when she put her walkie-talkie to her ear and I heard a sexy english accent on the other line, lol. Now I have the motivation to play through her entire game and see what else of him comes up. The Mercenaries is fun on it's own, but with unlockable characters, I'm glad it's there to keep me occupied for a while.

I realize now how long I've been waiting for a game this good to come out, RE4 was an amazing breakthrough that definately deserves a lot of notice.. I'm going to miss it, lol. (Well, at least until I replay it in a month, lol)

The never-ending battle between Gods..


Ever since the first Silent Hill.. I can't seem to view anything the same. It's blown me away on so many levels that I can't even begin to describe how amazing it is.. from the stories, to the characters, to every single moment one spends in that twisted town.

Ever since the first Resident Evil.. I've been one of the biggest fans. It's a great series with many fantastic characters and enjoyable stories.

There are many, many fans of both games out there.. but it seems that a lot of these people can't find it in their survival-horror-loving hearts to appreciate both of these games equally.

I have followed both of these series through from their very first game to their most recently-released ones, and I realize how glorious each one is in their own way. RESIDENT EVIL is, yes, a game with many quick jumps and short-lived fears.. but I don't get how there are Survival-Horror fans out there who can say they don't enjoy a good rush of adreneline once in a while. That they don't enjoy jumping and screaming like a little girl, before blowing the head off of some mutated creature that has the want for only one thing.. Human Flesh. YOUR flesh to be exact. None of the Resident Evils have ever been weak in my eyes.. and the characters help a lot to. Although the characters may seem a little outrageous with their actions and skills at times.. who doesn't like to be strong once in a while? Or feel like they could take on anything? That's the feeling one gets while playing Resident Evil. The story behind it is also amazing and very in depth.. it just has to be looked at and researched. There are many things involved in Resident Evil that many people don't see, because they're too caught up in the fast-paced zombie-killing to actually take time out and see the story behind the gore. It's quite a shame actually.

On the other hand there's SILENT HILL. A game which, in my opinion, is the most amazing peice of artwork out there. It's almost a shame to compare the two.. because it's obvious there would be conflict. They have such different atmospheres and story-lines. Silent Hill is something that can barely be explained.. if the player is open-minded enough, and creative enough to accept such strange otherworlds, it's a story and feeling that will stick with them for who-knows-how-long. There's a certain amount of thought and concentration that has to be applied for one to fully enjoy a Silent-Hill storyline.. and, to certain people (myself being one), it's a type of game that can't be forgotten. It's a game that can keep one questioning many different things for weeks, months, or even YEARS after playing it. It's breath-taking.

Both of these games are beautiful and unique.. just in different ways. Lovers of Silent Hill don't have to despise Resident Evil just because it's a little more hard-core and straight-forward.. it should be given a chance. And Resident Evil fanatics shouldn't hate Silent Hill just because it consists of more psychological thrills rather than quick, adreneline-fueling ones. I've been a consistant fan of both series since they came out, and haven't yet been dissapointed with one of the installments. I wish the battle would stop so everyone could enjoy the wonder of both these fantastic series without crazy-comparisons.

If I had to pick one, Silent Hill is more in my favour.. but that doesn't mean I like Resident Evil any less. I just like it different.. if that makes any sense.

Thank-you EB!

A few weeks ago I noticed a nice large Devil May Cry stand-up in front of EB's doors.. so with a little convincing (I hopped around like a maniac and then begged the guy for it), I managed to get my name posted on the back, as it's claimer. Beautiful.

Now.. the downside was, my best friend is probably the biggest DMC fan in the universe.. and I love the Devil May Cry series but I couldn't match her obsession, lol. She even played both discs of the second one to their fullest, even though it wasn't good and she hates Lucia, lol. So.. the question was - should I keep this thing for myself? Of course not. I know that if she got claim over a Silent Hill one or a Resident Evil one she would give it to me.

Sooo.. EB called my house today and said I could come get it. We're going to go pick it up tomorrow.. which will be pretty great because she is going to be SOO excited, she already cleared a spot for it in her room. AND we're going to have to take it on the bus to get it to her house.. so that should be entertaining LOL

Oh Leon.. you make me so happy!

I KNOW that EVERYONE is completely sick of hearing this.. .. but I don't care I'm gunna say it anyway! Resident Evil 4 blew my socks off the moment I set the disc into my gamecube. I'm not gunna go on and on because everyone has heard it all... but it's amazing. I've been with Resident Evil since the first one came out and there is not one I'm missing from my collection (Except Outbreak T_T) but this game just.. took everything to the limits. The inventory, the movement, the aiming, the fighting.. and all of the little things that I don't hear people mention enough! Like the way every part on every characters face moves when they speak.. and that the voice acting is excellent! And how much the characters ROCK! Leon, Luis, Ashley.. I just really dislike Ada but that's a personal issue between us two women lol.. so please no flaming if she's your "Favourite character blah blah blah.. ".. I don't like her and I really don't care or get why you do (if you do) Sorry to sound rude!

Anyways.. it rocks. Buy it. The end.

I HATE Uwe Boll

What is with this guy??? I mean.. House of the Dead was Okay.. but it could have been much better. And now I hear that Alone in the Dark is even worse! Come on.. people like this are giving videogame movies a bad name. AND.. it turns out this guy is the director of BloodRayne! Another potentially good movie down the hole.. the only thing I've seen so far is the teaser.. but I have to say.. they did NOT make Kristanna Loken look like Rayne.. well, at least I didn't see much resemblance in the teaser trailer. And.. I like Christian Slater alot.. but he did NOT look like Edward Carnby in the movie Alone in the Dark. I guess Uwe has a thing for not making the movie character look like the game version.. *sigh* just stupidity. AND now I find out he has the movie Hunter: The Reckoning in progress for 2006.. what a WASTE! I love that game.. and I'll be sooo dissapointed if he messes it up! The only thing is.. Hunter and House of the Dead, if done right, can be okay as just cool shooter action movies.. but not Alone in the Dark and BloodRayne.. they have such strong stories, they need someone to take good care of them and make them great! I PRAY that the people who are involved in the upcoming Devil May Cry and Silent Hill movies have actually PLAYED the games and really care for the story and characters.. they deserve attention.


I've been having so much fun with my Christmas presents.. how bout everyone else? I can't stop playing Prince of Persia WW.. it's a fantastic game. I also got DOA: U.. which I can't put down. Both of those games have non-stop action though.. it's keeping my senses very sharp, lol. I also got Onimusha 2 which I wasn't expecting.. my mom picked it up for me when she went to Ohio a few weeks before Chistmas. I had never spoken about it but she said she saw a Japanese guy on the front and thought I'd like it, lol. It's actually a very good game! I enjoy it alot.. but I haven't played it for a while, being distracted by other games and whatnot lol. I'm ANTICIPATING the day I'll hold RE4 in my hands as well as RE:A.. but both of them came out after Christmas and I am OVERLY broke.. so I just have to cry myself to sleep every night waiting for my chance to get them. Sometime this month or next I'm sure.. and hoping lol. I always grab Resident Evil games as soon as they come out.. but with this one I have to wait.. and it's torture. Oh well.. I've got the Prince to keep me happy :wink:

MeRrY ChRiStMaS!!!!!!!!!!

I hope everyone has a greeeeat DAY!!!

(Hey.. RE:A is coming out on the 28th.. what is THAT all about?? Wasn't it just in theatres.. and not that I mind, I ADORE the movie.. it's just.. if your gunna bring it out so early, at least bring it out BEFORE Christmas.. not 3 days after! Lol)

*Patiently waiting for RE4*

Oh wow it looks sooooooooooo amazing! I was just reading up on it and playing around trying to find stuff.. and it just looks incredible. The only thing is, I don't like the fact that Umbrella and a couple of other aspects arn't really being brought into this game.. but I don't know much yet and it STILL looks great anyways. I'm sure they won't dissapoint. The Resident Evil series is one of my favourites.. coming in as a close second to Silent Hill. I really hope I can enjoy this one as much as I've enjoyed every one of the others.

P.S. .. Family Guy rocked tonight! LOL It was soo hilarious.. *Hugs it* I'm so glad your back (:

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