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PAX Prime 2011

So PAX Prime is right around the corner again. The scary part is that I have posts from lasts year's just two down from this one, haha. I really should update this thing more often, but I seem to just tend to forget about it. In any case it should be much better this year. I learned my lesson and got a 3-day pass instead of a Saturday because just one day is definitely not enough to see everything. I got a couple extra vacation days from work, so I have some time to ramp up. Today is officially the start of my five-day weekend 8)

I haven't heard a ton about what's going to be there this year. Some info has leaked out, but I need to talk to one of my friends who's annual pre-PAX routine involves scouring the internets for info on what games and swag will be there. I made out pretty good last year though with free posters and T-shirts. I'm hoping for more this year. There are a few things I am hoping they will have:

- Uncharted 3 (but I think this will be a long shot)
- Dance Central 2 (Microsoft already announced what will be at their Kinect booth and this game wasn't among them so I am hoping Harmonix brings it along on their own.)
- Forza 4
- Upcoming 3DS line up
- PlayStation Vita
- Sly Cooper (PS3)

Kind of a short list, but those are just a few off the top of my head. I know there will be a lot of other great games to check out. I'll try to make a resolution to update my blog on here more often and perhaps I can start it off with this year's PAX. I'll try to post impressions, pictures, and videos as I go, so if you're one of my few followers: stay tuned!