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Forza Motorsport Fanatec CSR Wheel on the Fritz :(

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So last year right around when Forza 4 came out I decided to invest in a Fanatec CSR wheel, pedals, and shifter set. Totally worth the $450 I spent because it is easily the best wheel I have ever used. Not to mention having a 6-speed manual with clutch is so much more fun. I daily drive a manual, but learning to race with one took some extra practice. Overall though I started doing better at the game than I did before.

However, sadly, after I moved into my new apartment at the beginning of this month my wheel started acting up. Not sure what happened between then and now, but for whatever reason the wheel disconnects from the system if you turn it too far to the left or right making it impossible to play anything.

I emailed back and forth with Fanatec support a bit. Tried adjusting various wheel settings and updating the firmware, but to no avail. The problem persists. Although a silver lining remains in that they are send me a replacement wheel (free of charge as far as I know), which is great because the wheel alone was $250. Sucks that it broke, but I am glad the company is working with me to make it right. Leave it to those Germans for good customer service!

My RMA was sent in so hopefully now I just wait for the new wheel and then ship my defective one back to them. Would I buy one again? Most definitely. It's a great racing wheel. It's disappointing that it failed while not yet that old. Hopefully this next one will last longer.