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I just got the mail and voila! Katamari Damacy. Forget CoH tonight, I'll be playing this. I'll have my impressions tomorrow.


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Well, I played both of those demos I got last night. I tried out Jak3 first because I haven't played any of those games before. It seemed kinda weird, but probably because I wasn't used to playing it. I half-expected it to be similar to Ratchet & Clank, though I probably shouldn't make assumptions like that. If I did plan on getting it, I most likely will want to start from the beginning. The fairly lengthy opening movie had a lot of stull I think I would only understand from playing the first two game.

Up Your Arsenal on the other hand, of course, will be great. I could care less about how it plays so much the same as the last games because that's what I love! I can't wait til November 2nd to go through another one of their awesome adventures and waste enemies with all-new weapons. The best on the demo had to be the Plasma Whip. The new Captain Qwark mini-game was pretty funny too.

Tons of Reservations

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Today I went over Gamestop and got my reservations squared away for now. I reserved Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal, Gran Turismo 4, Super Mario 64 DS, and Asphalt Urban GT (DS). It was stupid because last time when I actually reserved the DS itself, they didn't even have the games in their computer. Fortunately, that was not the case this time. Better still was the clerk gave me demos for R&C and Jak3. I haven't played any of the Jak series yet so it will be cool to try it out. I'm still waiting for Katamari Damacy to come. Stupid post office.

Still More CoH

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Well, I've been keeping myself entertained with CoH a lot lately. I've been playing my defender a lot more. He's almost to level 8. Hopefully this next week Katamari Damacy will arrive. Tomorrow I'm going to have to get my paycheck cashed and probably go reserve Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal so I'll have a copy to review for COE. I should also put down some money for GT4 and reserve my DS games if Gamestop has them in their computers yet. It shouldn't take them this long. EBgames has all the DS launch titles up on their site already.

Time Flies While Fighting Villians

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I spent a lot of time playing CoH today without even realizing it. Before I knew it, it had gotten late. Good news though is that I worked off a very significant portion of my debt off my fire blaster. It's down around 15k now--much better than what I started with. I also got to level 29 too.

I teamed up with a group to run one of the trials in The Hollows. Our levels ranged from 12-41, so that was interesting. Of course everything in there was level 15, so it really didn't matter. For some reason though this one kid (we were all pretty sure he was young) got mad and said he tricked us. The dumb thing was that he didn't even say how, but reported us. I'm not worried because we told him exactly what we were doing and he didn't have to come. I wrote down the names of the other people in the group just in case I get contacted by a GM, but that probably won't happen. Then after dinner I got on a team with a level 30 and 31 which really helped boost my exp. Though one of them really rubbed me the wrong way. He talked to me like I was a noob and I really didn't like that. I wouldn't be surprised if I've played the game more than he has.

November 21st not fast enough!

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I can't stand waiting for my DS. It will be exactly one month tomorrow, but I wish I could have mine now. Which reminds me I need to go back to Gamestop to reserve a couple of games because those losers told me they didn't have them in their computer. I wish EB wasn't so far away; otherwise I would have gone there.

Still waiting for Katamari Damacy to come in the mail. Hopefully by the end of the week. I borrowed Pikmin 2 from my friend, but I kind of lost interest already. Meh. Now since I don't have to work, it's time to devote myself to CoH and rid my character of some of that debt.

City of Debt

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Well, last night after I got home from work I decided to sit down and enjoy some City of Heroes. It was going good, I was playing my 28 Fire blaster and I was going to try and do some missions to work off some debt. Oh how wrong that did go.

Psychic powers are the devil. I got an indoor mission against the Lost. Most were yellow and orange. I already had about 42k in debt racked up (thanks a lot, crappy respec group). I think I died about 3 times trying to kill the boss. Everytime I died I got even more pissed off than before. Finally I killed up, but not before reaching 69k worth of debt. It's going to be a while to work that off.