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@SolidTy: Hmmm I think you are right mate. It's better if I just add all my friends on US account and start using it more then my UK one.

Anyways, thanks for the help mate. :)

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@SolidTy: Well the problem is actually that I use my UK PSN account as my main account for usage but I want to change that because for me US PSN account is cheaper to buy things and stuff like the PS plus offers etc. That's why I was wondering if I can move my trophies and stuff to an other account.

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I have a UK PSN account but I want to change it to USA PSN account. I've multiple region accounts on my my PS3 but I want to do that on PS4 and I want to know if I can also move all my trophies to an other account?

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@lazyhoboguy: I use to get good amount of comments on my blogs but last time I got zero comments lol. It really made me sad to know that everything is ruined. :/

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I miss it as well; the old layout was so much better. I also miss having levels, even though my continuous infringement of the TOS kept me at level 30.

Ahhh the level system was great. I finally reached level 30 some how if I remember correct and I was so proud of it. :D

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Yeah, things went to hell here when they allowed trolling and flaming.

People say this but without it you would have a forum as interesting as watching paint dry.

I disagree. I like having threads and conversations without idiots derailing the topic...maybe its just me.

IMO if people are getting derailed then they are the unintelligent ones. A mature mind would simply ignore it. But, part of the reason works most of the time is that it pulls strings on something most people have in abundance, ego.

But your forgetting the fact that people use abusive language that people wont just keep quite and listen. When the moderators wont do anything about them then people will get angry start to fight with each other.

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@glitter: You know I came to a matching conclusion like yours and now I'm starting to think it must be the case but there is one more thing that comes in my mind. Care to talk to me in P.M if you don't mind?

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I think the only thing I did not like about the old GameSpot is how the moderators used to operate, it was just so bad and people would always be complaining on "Ask the Mods" and the over all way the moderators acted was a huge mess. But then again, I dislike how they operate now and wish things would be more strict as people are doing stuff they never be able to get away with in the past and I even see some moderators doing stuff that moderators would have never done in the past and would have moderated a non-moderator for doing. I just do not want the moderators to be severely strict as they were in the old days as it was very bad and depressing; even before 2009 it was very bad from what I remember.

I feel the website change was a serious mistake, other than I was able to sign up for a nice username that was originally wasted. People have left, the website is slow, and it is not as lively as before. I used to see GameSpot as the most active message board I ever knew and I did have my differences with people at times and did not handle it in the past, the way I would now; which I regret.

I totally agree on that with you. Back then when I joined my best mate also joined GS and he liked this place much more then I did. But then after a few months he got banned all of a sudden. It's still not clear why GS banned him because he never did anything wrong. He never came to the forums and was very nice with everyone in unions. Never used bad language or anything in blogs but still GS banned him for no reason lol. And you know what he made an other account later on and he got banned again no one knows why?! O_o. That really made him feel sad and also got him angry so he never come back here.

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I can't believe I was the one telling everyone to look forward to the new GS and now I'm the one suffering the most :/. I miss those days back when I joined GS in 2009. Most of my friends have gone now. :(

No offense, but you haven't really experienced GameSpot's golden years which were between the years 05-08.

I agree with you. But I've been using GS since 2006-07 actually but never really made an account here. Though I still agree that back then this site was the best place for me for digging up games and reviews and all that stuff. Later on when I joined blogging became the best thing for me here.