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I really enjoyed the game. It was faced paced but you didn't feel overstretched trying to be in multiple places at once. Also I found the campaign very compelling and I liked the 89 touches like the walkman.


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Garfield I don't have an Xbox or PS3 so don't really have much to say on that platform except that software developers don't have worry about how to optimize their hardware. So from a sound and graphics perspective they should be able to get the most out of your Xbox.

In PC gaming that is not the case and the performance for a given hardware level is less than what it could be. In my own experience what has made by far the biggest difference is upgrading my graphics card. I have an Nvidia 8800 gt. It is a big step up, performance wise from the 8600. The 8800 gt has gone through two new iterations the first being the 9800 gt and now the 250. It is basically the same card with three names. I looked on the US new egg site (so as not to confuse you with Canadian prices) and saw that a 9800 gt can be had for a little over $100. This card will kick ass on most games. Others have mentioned that an ATI 4850 or 4870 are great cards and all the reviewers seem to agree. A 4850 can be found for about the same price point as the 9800 gt and I believe offers similar performance. I have personally had driver issues with ATI cards so prefer Nvidia.

Garfield make sure that your case has room for the card you want, as some of them are quite large and have trouble fitting in a standard case.

I would next consider upgrading the processor. Most games don't take advantage of more than one core at the moment. So clock speed is the bigger issue right now. This will change but when? You can get a much faster core 2 duo Intel 775 chip for under $200.

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Best RPGs.I have loved RPGs since Dungeon Master for the Atari ST. The best of the genre in terms of story and gameplay are Ultima III, the original Fallout (seminal) and the original Baldur's Gate series. I don't have a lot of experience with the eastern themed ones like final fantasy so I will withhold judgment. The only one of that style I played was fable and it was far too linear for my tastes.

Combat Systems:I am not particularly a fan of having combat happen in real time. There was a lot of tactical depth in turn based combat think (Ultima III and Bard's Tale) that one has to forego in a real time set up. I do think the pausing system used in Baldur's Gate and Never Winter Nights are a pretty good compromise.

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I have only played the Witcher and I really enjoyed it. The combat did get a little repetive but the story telling was great and the fantasy world it was set in very unique. It is well worth a try if you havent. It is definitely in the action RPG category.


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I think that there hasn't been much variety or innovation from the titles that I have seen of late. Certainly for the PC shooters and RTS games seem to be all the rage. The only one that I think I will go out and get is Left for Dead. The cooperative gameplay looks very refreshing. The guys on the now defunct "Second Take" at Tom's Hardware talked about its appeal. Man does its cancellation suck.

Rob Wright who loves shooters thought it was a great take. Personally, I am not a big fan as they don't hold my interest for long. The only series that has hooked me has been the battlefield series which is truly fun when you get a good team together.


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I have an AMD X2 4200 that I am going to overclock this weekend. I also have an 8800 GT between the two (and I dont play crisis) I havent had any performance issues. So I wouldnt bother in your case. Save your money and in a year or two change systems.