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Games that Started it all

Ohh How I loved my Atari 800 and my friends Commodore 64. I still miss them and the thrill of the new games on them. Time has moved on but the great games that I first started playing there and then on my PC carry on in my heart. Here are my favourite games of all time and writing this list is making me very, very nostalgic, they are in the order that they came to mind. Games I played first are towards the front of the list and later ones at the back. You will also notice that the post 2000 list is light on games as PC gaming really contracted around then.

Classic Games Played on my Atari 800, ST or first PC

  1. (and without question) M.U.L.E.
  2. Eastern Front -- a game you couldn't win
  3. Blue Max -- I am the Blue Max
  4. 7 Cities of Gold -- who doesn't love lost treasure
  5. Castle Wolfenstien -- the original 2d
  6. Dungeon Master -- the first game I remember going first person
  7. Ultima II -- so many hours lost with my friend John
  8. Dune II -- The first RTS
  9. Elite -- Space and Trading
  10. Syndicate -- The best intro of any game ever
  11. Lords of Chaos -- Wizards summoning beasts to do battle
  12. Alternate Reality -- AARGH so frustrating
  13. Sun Dog -- didnt realize until years later I had a bad copy
  14. Wing Commander Privateer-- how I loved privateer
  15. Masters of Orion -- the first 4X Game
  16. Xcom UFO Defence -- Who doesn't remember the cow in the ship
  17. Laser Squad -- aim at one square in front of you would cause your shot to go straight
  18. Panzer General -- I could of won WWII
  19. Civilization -- So many hours lost
  20. Mech Warrior II Mercenaries -- Brought Battletech to life
  21. Heroes of Might and Magic -- City conquest
  22. Fallout -- The most immersive world and original story
  23. Fallout II -- great follow up but didn't finish it until 2008
  24. Baladurs Gate I -- You know it
  25. Baladurs Gate II -- Even better than the original
  26. Planescape Torment -- So well written didn't win in the end because I dropped a key item AAAAgh!
  27. Diablo -- so much fun
  28. XWing -- Use the force Luke
  29. All the other great games I can't remember

Modern Games Played 2000 Onwards

  1. Battlefield -- My favourite FPS
  2. Total War Series -- Just Awesome
  3. Knights of the old Republic
  4. World of Warcraft -- You know what I am talking about
  5. Vampire the Masquerade -- Didnt discover this until 2010 but what a game!
  6. Stalker -- Such and interesting an immersive world with treasure hunting
  7. Fallout 3 -- Great reboot minus the machine gun being just as deadly as a plasma rifle
  8. The Witcher -- Rich and immersive fantasy world
  9. Warhammer 40,000 -- For the Emperor!
  10. DDO -- Free to try and fun (you have to pay for the better content)
  11. Rock Band -- I truly suck, it isnt pc but kudos to a totally innovative game