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My first Wii game


There is one problem, gentlemen. I do not yet have a Wii in my possession. I'll wile away the long hours looking at the lovely white box art and manual until then. When the time comes I'll be what the kiddies call a "manticore". I can't wait to act superior and neutral on System Wars! Moreso.

PS- Nintendo of Europe are greedy crotch-pheasants. SMG is still full price, I could buy new copies of Uncharted 2 and Halo: ODST for less than the amount it cost. Yes it's business, supply and demand, blah blah blah.

New TV!


^What do ya think? It's a 40" Samsung and cost £500 (around $1000 for you Yanks :P ). The store opposite from where I bought it had the exact same model for £600, I pity the fool who goes to that place.

Needless to say, games look friggin' amazing on it. I'll be testing some Blu-Rays on it over Xmas too. I got a new TV unit recently as well- a nice step up from my old 26" LCD TV and TV unit, it was like living in the Stone Age :|

Anyways, happy holidays folks-


I have an Elite!

My old 360 wasn't in a great state- the disc drive was shot to crap and the 3 year warranty was nearly up. It got to the point where I would have to install a game to get it to load up properly and as I only had a mere 20GB hard drive, it was awkward. So on impulse I went out today and picked up an Elite- more reliable, new 3 year warranty, much bigger HDD, and a HDMI port. It came with Tomb Raider: Underworld and Halo 3 (Which I'll have to trade in) for £200, not too shabby.

Aside from a terrifying 10 minutes where I could not get the damn thing to connect online, the setup and GT transfer went smoothly. The only downside of this is that the evil empire of Microsoft now has a slightly inflated install base because of me :x

Anyways, here's a pic-


There's good ol' (reliable) TREY there as well, the sexy pair of black beasts :P

And yes, I keep my consoles and TV on some crappy old wooden shelf unit. I need some new stuff :|

Dr Flop predicts E3!

There's been a lot of speculation- filled threads about E3 2009 in System Wars recently, perhaps because we know it's going to be bigger and better than last year. And let's be honest, E3 2008 was lame. Microsoft announced no new games and their big announcement was a game going multiplat that 360 owners can't actually play for 2 years. Sony's was also anti-climatic, nothing truly huge was shown to counter the FF13 megaton. Although they did show God of War 3 for the first time and MAG was a nice surprise. As for Nintendo......*shudders*

So here's what I see in store for this year-

Microsoft http://transientreporter.files.wordpress.com/2008/06/bill_gates_718639.jpg


  • Forza 3- We already know about this because it was leaked before last year's E3. Personally I'm not a fan of this type of game but Forza is one of the Xbox brand's biggest franchises. Out in Nov 2009.
  • Alan Wait- E3 is when we will finally get some more info on Mr Wait and best of all- a release date for November 2009! :D
  • Another Perfect Dark- Rare release at least one 360 game a year so I think this is guaranteed. Perfect Dark Zero apparently sucked so it's time for Rare to redeem the franchise.
  • Killer Instinct 3- This has been rumoured for some time now and E3 will be the best place to show it for the first time. Expect a mid 2010 release.
  • More Halo ODST info and a release date for November 2009. This along with Alan Wake, new Perfect Dark and Forza 3 is a pretty solid holiday lineup.
  • Lost Planet 2- Timed exclusive for the 360. Late 2009 release with the other versions releasing in early 2010.
  • Lips 2- Yay.......Lips 2 :|
  • Lionhead's new project revealed- I'm expecting Peter Moly-whateverhisnameis to show off his new game at E3. Could be Fable 3, could be a new IP.
  • Exclusive DLC- Microsoft love exclusive DLC more than fat guys love fried chicken so this is a guarantee. I'd expect it for Modern Warfare 2 and Assassin's Creed 2.
  • XBL updates- Perhaps that 1 vs 100 thing we've been hearing about for some time. And Xbox Live Anywhere.......which we've also heard about for some time.
  • Slimline 360 announced- MS know a PS3 price cut is coming and that would result in the 360 getting a pounding. So I'm sure they have a Slim model to fight back with.
  • Gears of War 3- Everyone knows there is going to be a Gears 3. Release date will be set for Q4 2010.
  • And finally...........Duke Nukem Forever announced as a console exclusve- It's time to Jump In, Kick ass and chew bubblegum :twisted:

Sony http://img527.imageshack.us/img527/7135/kazlaughml2.png


  • GOD OF WAR 3- It's coming this year, dammit! Expect Sony to show off a new GOW 3 trailer, which will be the most amazing trailer in the history of trailers, with the words "November 2009" at the end! :D
  • Starhawk- The sequel to Warhawk, I'm expecting it to be have a SP campagin this time. Release date- Nov 2009.
  • More info on R & C: Crack In Time, Uncharted 2, White Knight Chronicles, Heavy Rain and MAG- all with Q4 2009 release dates. Along with God of War 3 and Starhawk, that is just a ridiculously good holiday lineup.
  • MGS5- It'll be exclusive and out at the end of 2010. No idea who the main character will be though, it's very unlikely to be Snake.
  • Team ICO's game- I really wish this would be announced already :x Since we still haven't seen anything, I think it's a safe bet for E3. Mid 2010 release.
  • Gran Turismo 5 and GT PSP dated for early 2010. I'm not a fan of GT but there's no denying the series is huge, even bigger than Halo and Final Fantasy. GT 5 is Sony's big system seller so it has to release at some point. 2009 is already stacked so that's why I'm guessing early 2010. I imagine it'll have some kind of compatibility with the PSP version.
  • Mass Effect 1 & 2 to PS3- EA own Bioware. EA like money. You see where I'm going with this.
  • Splinter Cell: Conviction- This game is taking forever and it's pretty obvious a PS3 port is partly why. Early 2010 release for PS3/360/PC.
  • 8 Days ressurected- Seriously, WTF were Sony thinking cancelling this awesome looking game for that Eyepet crap? I have a feeling we'll see it again.
  • PSN/Home improvements- Sony will FINALLY announce cross-game voice chat, more Home updates, etc.
  • PS3 price cut- $299, the return of PS2 BC. EVERYONE wants Sony to cut the price, I think they finally get the message. A $300 PS3 with PS2 BC could mark the first time the Wii gets its ass kicked in sales. Of course, Nintendo will then have a price cut of their own and finish Sony off for good, but that's another subject :P
  • Heavenly Sword 2- I know Ninja Theory are busy with another game but Sony could simply get one of their own developers to do the sequel. HS is vey underrated, so a sequel would be welcome.
  • Syphon Filter PS3- This announcement would make my head explode, Syphon Filter is awesome. I've heard many rumours about SF on PS3, one of which said it would be announced at E3 and another which said it would use the KZ2 engine :o So it's going to look stunning.
  • And of course.........the FF7 Remake. SquareEnix aren't stupid, it's in development right now and they know it's going to earn them a ton of $$$. I'd expect it to be PS3 exclusive since Sony published FF7 and Crisis Core is exclusive to the PSP. And Sony will want this badly after losing FF13 exclusivity. Perhaps it'll be announced at TGS instead, but it's coming.


  • PSP 2- I think the rumours are true about it being UMD-less, however I don't think we'll see it until late 2010.
  • PSP-4000- Sony do a new PSP model every year for whatever reason, so I don't expect that trend to stop. I'll also expect a price cut.
  • New God of War, Killzone: Liberation 2 and new GTA announced for release this year. Along with LBP, Motorstorm, Socom, Jak & Daxter, Rock Band & Assassin's Creed that's a damn respectable lineup for the Triple's little bro.

Nintendo http://img98.imageshack.us/img98/1930/mysmilie1902gifqv1.png


  • Wii Music 2!!!!! :D :D :D............:|
  • Seriously though, I think Nintendo will show either a new Mario, Zelda or Metroid game this year. I don't own a Wii but that would make up for whatever the hell last year's Ninty conference was supposed to be.
  • New Advance Wars- Either another one for the DS or even one for the Wii. Hell, Advance Wars on the Wii would probably convince me to buy the console just for that game alone.
  • GTA for the Wii- Could be a GTA 3, VC or SA port, could be an entirely new GTA especially for the Wii.


  • The next GTA announced- Late 2010 release. I suspect it'll be a return to Vice City although an entirely new location would be refreshing.
  • Sequels to Freedom Fighters and Black- yeah, this ain't gonna happen :( I remain hopeful though.
  • Devil May Cry 5- It's been over a year since DMC4, E3 would be the right time for part 5 to be shown. Let's only have Dante as a playable character this time, Capcom :x
  • Dead Space 2
  • The Darkness 2
  • Elder Scrolls 5

Ok, I'm finally done! Let Dr Flop hear your predictions for E3 :D

I'm FINALLY level 28!

It's finally happened, I've levelled up to 28. I don't really care about this levelling system that much but I'd been stuck on 27 almost since the start of the year. I was close to 28 at one point but then I got a damn moderation which brought it back all the way down to the start of 27.

I know this isn't the most interesting blog in the world, but......I don't care, I'm level 28 :P

What I have learnt from System Wars

-Websites lose credibility for having a different opinion.

-MGS4 has 65-70% cutscenes and is more movie than game.

-You absolutely MUST buy a hard drive, XBL, the wifi adapter and rechargable batteries after buying an Arcade Xbox 360.

-Xbox Live is laggy P2P with no dedicated servers.

-If you align their launches, the PS3 has outsold the 360 by 7.83% since it launched. Therefore, the 8 million gap in install base means nothing.

-360/PC multiplats absolutely do not count when comparing PS3 and 360 libraries, even though they are not on PS3.

-The PS3 comes with EVERYTHING you need. NO-ONE needs Backwards Compatability, HD cables or a headset.

-Every year is the year of the PS3.

-RROD is excusable because of the PS2's shoddy hardware last gen.

-Despite having more dedicated servers and now in-game XMB and mandatory Trophies, PSN is still unplayable horrible trash compared to Xbox Live. Oh, and no-one talks, it's like a graveyard.

-Microsoft's horrible PR should be ignored and they should get a free pass for it. However, Sony's bad PR must result in a massive 15 page thread to talk about it in System Wars.

-Microsoft care about their fanbase

-Although LBP and Resistance 2 have sold well over a million, they are sales flops. They did not sell 14 billion in 3 hours like Gears of War 2.

-Sony reveal EVERY one of their games 4 years in advance. Resistance 2, Motorstorm 2, Siren Blood Curse, Ratchet & Clank and Uncharted do not count. Meanwhile, Microsoft reveal ALL their games at the last minute. Halo Wars, Fable 2, Too Human, Alan Wake, Huxley and Splinter Cell Conviction do not count.