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Custom Playstation Joypad

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Decided to try and customise my ps3 controller, I love the look of the playstation Joypads, But I wanted to create something I could call my own. So after much googling and ebaying, I began to prep and spray a case.

I like simple pastel colours, so used a matt cream colour, applying a primer and sealant before and after.

After many attempts, and experimenting with different sprays and techniques, I decided that no matter how hard I tried, the quality of finish was not as substantial as the factory produced moulds.

So I purchased a standard white joypad, and added a few of my own mods to give it a fresh look, I may still experiment with the LEDS.. next weekend :)


Hope you all had a great new year? :) I flew to Scotland, had a good climb, an generally faffed about.

Before I left, I treated myself to a little retail therapy, an purchased the 'PSP GO'!! It's a brilliant little unit, a lot smaller and lighter than its big brother.

I've read 'so' many reviews and comparisons regarding the GO, its had a fair bit of stick. 'The price' being its greatest flaw. I payed 200 ''big ol british pounds'', which is the current retail, it did feel like I was being lightly mugged as I handed over my card.

The second popular critiscism is the lack of UMD support! Its not something I was looking for, so I don't share the bitterness that previous PSP owners may feel.

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I specifically wanted the GO for its digital content, although intitially I was nervous about having to pay full retail price everytime I wanted to purchase a game, as second hand markets won't exist in the download world.

But this is a product which you have to buy with all these details in mind. It appears as though Sony are targeting the young professionals or mature students who would of previously adopted the DS.

At present, a lot of the games available to GO users on the PSP Store, are largely Puzzle and the new Range of Mini games. Which is brilliant for any post DS users, who will find the range similiar in appearance.

There is also a growing selection of all the Playstations big names, GT, LittleBigPlanet and GodOfWar.

But aside from this, my biggest use for my GO, is the Video content. It has a fantastic picture and beautiful resolution for such a small handheld.

Without any earphones, the sound quality is very quiet at best. But given that its designed to be taken on your travels, it would often be prudent to plug in earphones anyway.

And as you would expect from Sony, the audio quality is chuffing ace :)

The GO has a standard 16g, which is enough to hold roughly 15 games and movies, but if your like me and want a larger supply, its worth investing in another 16g card that can be inserted in the side, giving you a 32gig 'p diddy dooby'!!

Sadly they've switched to M2 cards, which are only available at biggest in a 16g option.

I'm free to do ''nothing'' today !! so I'm gonna have a bash on 'Little Big Planet'

Have a good weekend. F.Jeff

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Post Halloween 'shpeel'

Had a brill H-ween thanks :) been putting in way too many hours at work, and as a result, I havent touched my joypad for a few weeks, so I'm looking forward to some free time to bash some buttons.

Me and my girlfreind dressed as deranged Nurses and threw some shapes at a neighbours house party, I discovered Quiche and Guiness don't mix well, and our janitor 'Bob' was born a women.

Later that night me and my girlfreind made passionate love for a solid ten minutes,

and the world righted itself once more!!


The Prodigy - Omen

The Glove

As technology advances, we can sometimes overlook a few inovations that slipped under the radar, concepts that were either forgotten intentionally or overshadowed by bigger and better creations.

''The gaming glove'' is one of these idea's that has appeared on numerous occasions on various platforms. Originally a Nintendo product, it has changed appearance and colour in accordance with its designated console's.

'The Reality Quest Glove Controller' (to give it its official title) was released in 1997 for the PS1, and I've spent the last few weeks fumbling thru internet stores trying to track down this lil puppy!!

eventually Amazon UK found the fossil 'BOSH'!!! here she is..

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I was already aware of a few issues with this product, through reviews and word of mouth. The most obvious being the un-natural need to abandon the thumb, the most instinctive tool for any long time gamer.

This is pretty hard to get your head round, and trying to re-train your fingers to substitute for your mis-placed thumb is a huge task, you need a lot of time and patience to learn all over again. You quickly appreciate how much work your little 'playstation thumb' has done for you over the years.

With the velcro strapping me in, I was looking 'the t*ts... I quickly decided on the first game to bust 'The Gloves' virginity, The mildly perverted b-movie title 'Demolition Girl' :) I figured this could be as close as I get to cupping a 'giant virtual womens ass' with a 'cyber glove'!!!

..sadly, the sensation of cupping was a little crappy!!

However the biggest challenge was mastering the directional movements corresponding to your left and right wrist actions, on paper this sounds like a natural process but SMEG!! its pretty frickin tough sailor!!... also mildly painful after a worryingly short space of time!?

But the glove on 'the whole' ;) does work, its flawed in many respects, but its not without purpose. Just like the giant 50 foot women, its pleasing on the eye and worth strapping on.

Maybe the world isnt ready for the glove?... however when the age of single handed gameplay does arrive, ...''I will be ready!!'' With X , Triangle, Square and Circle in my right hand!!! and a Cold Beer in the other!!:) F.Jeff

Jay Z & Alicia Keys - Empire State of Mind

Bouff & Bits?

:shock: Whatever happened to the Video Game review show 'BITS'?!?! Seems there is currently no alternative to it?:cry:sux!! Emily Bouff was ace, she's chuffing hawt!! :D


Found a few clips, and some disjointed video of early episodes on youtube :|. ''sigh'' the golden days....

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Kings of Leon - Use Somebody

Colossi not much bigger than a womp rat!!

WOOO!!! so 'Shadow Of The Colossus' arrived today!! and great timing too, as I'm at my parents for a few days, so get to try it out on the big screen tv. Only thing better than a huge Colossi, is a huge Colossi on a 'BIG SCREEN TV'. So grabbed myself a pint of milk and sat back to begin the BFG thrashing.

Agro is a pretty good looking stallion, but if I had it my way I'd of given this guy some sorta Mad Max Interceptor and a rifle.:oops: but probably best I dont design games!!! I expect 'no one' would buy that concept?

Don't see why I have to save this dead chick?? :P Never-the-less I'm all for slaying a few Giants. :) YAY

The White Stripes - My Doorbell

sexy Colossi...

So I tried really hard to refrain from purchasing another title until I had settled into my new pad. But I just couldn't hold back from 'Shadow of the Colossus' and its sexy screenshots.

Amazon lured me in, and so this game should be winging it to me once I've returned from a look round this new place.

Had it not been for my Macrophilia, I may of been able to stop myself, but the towering giants in this game are so impressive, I could happily watch someone play this game for hours and still feel satisfied.

'Kuon' looks 'wicked sexy'!!!

WELL!! After checking my Face'ache' and finishing a quick thrash on 'EarthWorm Jim'! I stumbled across the review of 'Kuon'!!! and '''It looooks amazing!!!'''

The write up doesnt shower it in praise, but the screen shots look beautiful, and the eerie sound effects were pretty exciting.

I really hope the gameplay flaws aren't as distracting as described, I've been pineing for a new line of horror titles away from the succesion of 'Res' & 'Silent Hill' sequels.