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i jog everyday 10k at my college track field. well ima jock

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About some time ago, I slept with someone 30 years older than me, and recently I been sleeping with someone 15 years older than me. I am 19.

I am afraid to tell anyone, as they might loose respect for me.

Man if the one you slept with isn't married or single in any way then thats fine, i date a 2 years older person than i am , but to tell you the truth the older the better. i have a crush with 3 person in my high school year and they are 20 to 30 years older than me
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Mr Bean Holiday , yup thats me
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I have one favorite but its kinda Asian taste no its an Indonesian commercial so maybe you wont get it too much. I saw a commercial of a black luxurious car parked in front of school and after that a man who looks like Obama (an Obama pretend model) gets out of the car and say i was study in Indonesia elementary school, college ... BSI is the one.:lol:

The last phrase is funny thing, reminding that BSI doesnt really have a name, since its a new college and its not public college so people wouldnt want to go in there for their first choice of college.

The real one in Indonesian language is funny if you understand it too :lol:

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i hope im not voting for the wrong guy


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well because im a girl i make up and try to look pretty, but not just that im the pridest girl on earth i think, not only appearance i study a lot and always have outstanding score at school, I learn a lot of language like french and german, and i play some musical instrument like piano and violin. Besides those my life is empty if i didnt play game so i play game , thats why im here now

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the only fun is you can make snowball war if you under 12 yr old, the rest is really bump

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Of course i always see game video by my friend and watching some horrible AI contestant

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For PC to play the highest specification of game you will have to cost $2000 or likely

 With that money you can buy PS3, XBOX 360 and Wii with a lot of your favorite console game

But we can't say that PC can't be use to play PS3 or XBOX 360 game, like HALO or Gears of War

The important thing is both are different , PC are more suitable for detective and FPS game. console are for RPG and action

 Both are changing PC need new VGA or processor each year and PS3 become PS4 or XBOX 360 become XBOX 720

But, because PC have more"things" that console doesn't maybe it will last longer before the era of simulator and super-tech world when we can live in any planet we want

Even though i love console game so much

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Hi I'm Dian 16 year and love game, horror movie and music

Don't worry i'm not jigsaw killer or hannibal:twisted:

I love RPG mostly but i always finish horror game first like RE 4 and Forbidden Siren 2

I love DOAX cause you i won't hate it

My favorite game is Suikoden II-V, Persona 4, DOAX, FIFA Street, NBA street and Still Life 

For those who like that game above we can chat sometime i love to chat in YM diangamer@yahoo.com

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