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Want to check if you have admirer/love luck/ marriage luck?

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Peach Blossom

What you need to do first is simple, register or login in this website then enter your birth date with your local time and then read this article I made, by the way the registration doesn't need verification it is only one click registration.


Peach blossom or the Star of Romance are 4 of the 12 chinese zodiac signs, Rat, Rabbit, Horse and Rooster represent Peach Blossom star in chinese zodiac. It can be divided into two categories; Internal and External Peach Blossoms. People with at least one peach blossom in their chart are nice to others, like social activity, others will surely enjoy their company, but it doesn't mean a good looking girl/guy directly. Those with all peach blossom star in their chart(doesn't need to be different or the same star) will be really popular, there is no party without this kind of person, the person who will always get invited in all party.

Rabbit, Goat, and Pig Peach Blossom = Rat
(meaning: those who were born in either Rabbit, Goat or Pig year will go for those who were born in rat year most of the time, they can't understand why because they can only love…)

Tiger, Horse, and Dog Peach Blossom = Rabbit

Ox, Snake, and Rooster Peach Blossom = Horse

Rat, Dragon, and Monkey Peach Blossom = Rooster

Internal Peach Blossom refers to the peach blossom star appearing on the year and/or month branch of your Bazi natal chart, whereas Internal Star of Romance indicates a loving relationship between husband and wife, meaning your relationship will last long, it is usually in the chart of a person who is suitable for a long distance relationship.

External Peach Blossom refers to the star/animal sign appearing on the hour and/or day branch of your Bazi natal chart.External Star of Romance indicates the possibility of looking for new relationships. Not to hurt anyone feeling but usually those who have external peach blossom are often playboy/playgirl and more prone to an affair since people easily fall for this person, like love at first sight but transient(not lasting).

Personal Peach Blossom

Anyway, since many of you would fell something toward a person, and especially if that feeling is a little sexual/sensual/whatever, than I can guarantee (95%) that the person you like have Personal Peach Blossom in their chart(it is a little different with Peach Blossom). Those who are wondering why a person are so damn good looking or yummy :p, Personal Peach Blossom is merely one of the reason why. I checked all the celebrities that in the hot 100 or I think gorgeous and it is not really a surprise that they have at least one Personal Peach Blossom, not only Peach Blossom. So here's the condition to have one or two Personal Peach Blossom:

Year or day pillar having zodiac animal of either Rabbit, Goat or Pig, and their peach blossom(Rat) is found in the remaining 3 pillars.

Year or day pillar having zodiac animal of either Rat, Dragon, or Monkey, and their peach blossom(Rooster) is found in the remaining 3 pillars

Year or day pillar having zodiac animal of either Ox, Snake, or Rooster and their peach blossom(Horse) is found in the remaining 3 pillars.

Year or day pillar having zodiac animal of either Tiger, Horse or Dog, and their peach blossom(Rabbit) is found in the remaining 3 pillars.

If you have at least one Personal Peach Blossom, congrats you won't have problem to be in a romance with someone, your prospect of someone liking you is bigger than those who doesn't have.

Marriage Luck

In a man the presence of Marriage Star in the birth chart indicates someone sexually desirable who can be very seductive. He is usually a ladies man. While in woman, this star indicates someone sexually irresistible and will have no difficulty finding themselves a suitable husband. In both genders the presence of this star always suggest someone who is socially popular and attractive.

The key here is your Day Element. Find out what is your day/self element (the one in the top pillar) the description in the website will tell you anyway what is your day element. Then check is the star below that correspond with your day element exist in your chart. Simple..

Self-Element - Peach Blossom Star

Yang Wood - Tiger
Yin Wood - Rabbit
Yang Fire - Snake
Yin Fire - Horse
Yang Earth - Dragon
Yin Earth - Horse
Yang Metal - Monkey
Yin Metal - Rooster
Yang Water - Pig
Yin Water - Rat

Love Luck

It is almost the same as Personal Peach Blossom, but to see if you have the love luck in your life you only need to check your day pillar. It is located on your DAY animal.

Check your
DAY ANIMAL in your birth chart.

Now you have it, check the following animal represents your Peach Blossom.

Day Animal

If your day is Tiger or Horse or Dog - Your Peach Blossom is Rabbit
If your day is Snake or Rooster or Ox - Your Peach Blossom is Horse
If your day is Monkey or Rat or Dragon - Your Peach Blossom is Rooster
If your day is Pig or Rabbit or Goat - Your Peach Blossom is Rat

Now you already know what is your Peach Blossom or Love Luck. And if it is located in your HOUR, MONTH or YEAR in your birthchart, Congratulation! you have the love luck and many admirers or maybe involve in many love affairs.

Red Peach Blossom

Let's talk about the Red Peach Blossom here, this is inborn and cannot be activated.People who possess this star in their natal chart (in any branch) will enjoy excellent social standing, they are sexy, good-looking, seductive, extremely romantic and have strong sexual drives.

In the old days, it is especially bad for the women to have this star in their charts as it denotes that they will magnetize men like flower attracting butterfly. Men, on the other hand, may have undesirable love affaires.

Check out the table below, this may explain why you are so popular!

Year/Day Stems = Red Peach Blossom

Jia (Yang wood) = Wu (Horse)

Yi (Yin wood) = Wu (Horse)

Bing (Yang fire) = Yin (Tiger)

Ding (Yin fire) = Wei (Goat)

Wu (Yang earth) = Chen (Dragon)

Ji (Yin earth) = Chen (Dragon)

Geng (Yang metal) = Xu (Dog)

Xin (Yin metal) = You (Rooster)

Ren (Yang water) = Zi (Rat)

Gui (Yin water) = Shen (Monkey)