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Top 10 Hero/Heroine in Horror Game

10. James Sunderland (Silent Hill 2)

It is only because he has the gut to sticking his hand in the toilet, that beats Heather from SH3 directly.

9. Jill Valentine (Resident Evil 1 , 3, Umbrella Chronicles, Revelations, Mercenaries 3D)

She has appeared in everyplace, even in Hollywood she already a major star there. She doesn't seem to mind fighting Nemesis while trying to figure out how to make a train working again.

8. Bill (Left 4 Dead)

But Zoey is better than Bill, or Francis is cooler, or Ellis is funny, or…or.. that's all or are nothing compared to what grandpa Bill has done in L4D Sacrifice, out of 8 survivor who are willing to be crush by Tank is Bill, so this is a credit for him.

7. Aya Brea (Parasite Eve series)

Miss sexy, really hot and doesn't freak out around mutant. She can't help but glad that she shoots all those monster lurking around her. Helpful, kind and sincere well that's must be because she doesn't really have anything to do besides get ridkilling all of the mutants.

6. Henry Townsend (Silent Hill 4)

All that blood, monster scary places only make him say "What the hell" all along the game, What the hell?

5. Aline Cedrac (Alone in the Dark: the New Nightmare)

Not all young professor will search some spooky house alone with shadow and monster lurking around. Especially those whose father is still unknown, is it too early to put yourself in danger while you still want a chance to find out who your father is?

4. Leon Kennedy (Resident Evil 2 & 4)

Nothing can stop Leon and his cool act when he confronts zombies, crazy villager rampage or even when he has to face Krauser alone. Did he screams like a girl when being attack by lord Saddler? No. Did he cry like a baby when he has to fight a giant monster and giant fish in the lake? No. Well that's pretty much the person you need to safe yourself if you are kidnapped in the middle of nowhere.

3. Victoria McPherson (Still Life 1 & 2)

Vic is absolutely has abundance amount of brave, since she always wandering off alone just to find out a dead body with eeriness atmosphere one by one. She doesn't even stop when she almost fall from top of the building by a serial killer. And she is one serious type even though she dates (spoiler), she is so unlike the attention seeker, Paloma Hernandez.

2. Buffy (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Who will you call when you see a vampire in front of your house? Buffy! Other than the fact that she's sexy, she has all the help you can get from Wilson who can use magic, to bouncer like Xander.

1. Fiona Belli (Haunting Ground / Demento)

Well she's probably the best heroine in the horror game since she doesn't need to act all heroine with gun, sword or any weapon. She just need to act like princess and call "Hewie" then say "Good boy". That's pretty much all to be Fiona Belli and you will finish the game, no reload needed. Oh and don't forget to feed Hewie or else you just end up as a dead meat in Haunting Ground.