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Bad Taste??? Me?

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Why did i get bad taste emblem from GS, i just put all games that i have, it's not like i have bad taste in game.

I buy game with rating 4 or 3 here in GS like Digimon World, well that's such a long flashback. But i have fun playing that, and GS can't tell me i have bad taste, what if i say people who like dota or FF have bad taste since i dont like the game whatsoever. It is all about perception and point of view, the beauty is in the beholder.

People are different, here's some example:

1. I think Jodie Foster is the most beautiful actress on earth not to mention she gets magna cum laude in Yale. to hell with angelina jolie, kristen stewart, etc.

2. Suikoden is the best game for me, dont care with people who are fanatic with mmorpg like d*** or rpg dreamer like F*

3. I like to watch Desperate Housewives because it is entertaining, unlike gossip girl(eww) or 90210(to hel* with that)

Do you still think i have bad taste? if you categorize people who like Crysis have good taste and those who hate Crysis have bad taste then what a small world i live in, especially for a close minded people like that.

I wont say you have bad taste if you dont like Jodie Foster or anything i like, it's just people are different you can't make others do what you wish and like what you like, unless you give $10 billion dollar for compensation of doing what you want and accept what you think right is right.