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I want to buy FF XIII

I want to buy it , my friend told me it's a bad game, really? i want to just play it especially because this time the main character is a cool killer who accidentally a woman and that woman is the hottest girl from all FF , i think. no offense if you have different opinion.

Anyway i really am hoping to buy the bundle pack, you know the one with the FF XIII controller and the price is around $100, now im thinking why dont konami make such thing for Suikoden, if only Konami stop making the endless series of their soccer game, which i think is a dull game, and start focusing on making Suikoden number 1 game that everyone's talking about. I know it's a piece of cake knowing we're talking about Suikoden.

People help me out

i just realize when i see one of my friends profile, haha she never review game but she post 4k + and now she is at level 40, omg why would i waste my entire time reviewing all those game ( 42 games and now im stuck at level 7 ? )

well posting at forum is not my thing , i just have to satisfied with my position right now,

btw i forgot what the name of someone here that post something about unrelated picture of game, i remember about an alien game but the game cover is an old man playing guitar. Oh i want to read that blog again , it makes me laugh so hard. People you all are rocking !!!

Left For Dead Online

I try the steam and launch the game but i cant play online, neither in campaign or versus, it always disconnect after 1 minute when im in the lobby or waiting for player. Later on i try using Garena and still the same problem , using the ~ console and click connect[space][IP address] wont work either , is there someone here who can help me with this i want to play online, offline mode is boring.

American Idol S9

i heard Ellen DeGeneres will be the judge changing Paula Abdul

And of course i heard Simon screaming about out of the judge chair at the end of S9

what's wrong with that, idk , homophobic? or missing paula ? oh hey paula ...

she's already in trouble since kara join AI S8 and now she decides to leave after 8 seasons, talk about boring i'm full of bored waiting to level up so i can upload my video here

btw this my channel and i already upload 3 video about game, Suikoden of course the others have to wait cause Suikoden is my first love(not was)

When love takes over

i've seen this song on SYTYCD season 5 when Philip n Caitlin eliminated frm the show and this song is rock, i like the DJ he's a real thing 8)

btw i'm so confused with my blog on diangamer.blogspot.com i can't design it pretty well and i want to share a lot there but in the end i am not able to do it

most of Facebook quiz is very lame

Well, if u have an account in fb n try to fill quiz like' how well u survived zombie part 1'u will find out it is very old and lame


B'Coz they who made the quiz didn't finish set their page activation

that was very uncool :(

Veoh TV


hiks VEOH didn't available anymore in Indonesia

Veoh r my best site to download HQ video n watch TV shows Online

but, ;)

i've found the way to still use VEOH

If u r Indonesian n have same problem

U can ask me 8)

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