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Stepping My Way On Down

Sorry I disappeared for awhile there. It's probably going to stay that way as I'm pretty much done with Gamespot as I just don't have the time. I obviously completely forgot which I know is no excuse to my unions. I don't believe I'm still an officer in any by now lol but with the ATHU I clearly cannot remain leader there so I will step down and give someone else my spot. They may do as they wish with it (either stay as a leader or pass it on to someone else) and either keep the union going or...not I guess.

Once again, very sorry to anyone I may have inconvenienced and I will step down as leader of my union now and hand over the reigns to someone more deserving if they want it.

Guitar Hero Blues

So I got the new Guitar Hero the day it came out. First of all great game even though the last stage is almost impossible to beat. CURSE YOU SLAYER!!! And One is this year's Freebird with the song lulling you into a false sense of security with most of the song being pretty easy and then WHAMMY!!! here comes the hard part.

Oh and anything bad you can say about the game, I can just say "You can play as Tom FN Morello" and suddenly the game doesn't seem nearly as bad as it did. Boo-Yeah!

BUT, I beat co-op a few days ago. I was excited cause I had heard that when you beat co-op you unlock more songs which you do. Unfortunately I was misinformed. You CANNOT unlock Velvet Revolver songs through co-op and there is actually no way to download them on my PS2. Needless to say this really, really, really, really, really, really, really, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY FN SUCKS!! Yeah I'm just a little disappointed here.

Some other Guitar Hero related tidbits:

Monsters is an awesome song so I went to find more Matchbook Romance songs and found out that.....unfortunately they are just another crappy emo band with one good song.

The fact I can't get any of the Velvet Revolver song or Foo Fighters songs is still pissing me off.

But you can play as Tom Morello...

So all in all Guitar Hero is an amazing game and one of the best of the year ;)

Just When You Think It's Over...

I'm back at Level 20....

No fireworks. I lost points for "flaming" someone about a month ago when I'm pretty sure RangerG knew I wasn't seriously calling him an **** If he did then I'm sorry RangerG. You're a good guy and a huge part of the union.

To whoever reported me. I'm not going to be mad but I would appreciate it if you just told me it was you. If not then whatever.

Just had that to say. Hopefully this isn't another violation of the terms of service. If it is I swear I didn't know. All I'm doing is mourning my loss of points and apologizing. That's all.


First of all to everyone who is talking about Halo 3. STFU! Honestly it just came out and I'm already sick of hearing about it.
No I don't have an Xbox.
No I'm not jealous.
Shut up

Second, I don't care that the Oilers are doing better than the Flames. Why? CAUSE IT'S THE FREAKIN PRE-SEASON!! Come talk to me once the regular season starts.

Thirdly I'm gonna post a few music videos here in these blogs whenever I feel like it. Just to get other people to maybe discover some of these great bands that they may not have heard of before. Also easier access for me but the first one sounds better. First off one of my favorite bands who not many people eitherlike or have heard of.

Treble Charger. He are their most famous singles.

American Psycho

Brand New Low

Hundred Million

Until next time.Don't talk about Halo to me...

Pirates of the Carribean: At Blog's End (you will know what I think)

So I FINALLY saw one of the big blockbuster movies of the year. Pirates 3. Now I really liked the first movie like alot of other people and I thought that the 2nd was alright (too long though). So I went into the third one not really knowing what to expect. Would it be more like the first or the second one. I had seen mixed reviews of the movie. But after seeing it. It was a pretty good movie. WARNING!!!!! If you haven't seen it and don't want it spoiled then the 3 of you probably shouldn't read it in case I give out any spoilers.

The acting was mostly good-very good. Johnny Depp was his usual self in these movies as he's done a great job in all 3. Geoffrey Rush was even better though in my opinion. While Orlando Bloom wasmediocre at best. Also the action scenes were great especially the battle between the Black Pearl and the Flying Dutchman near the end of the movie. Very well done. Also there were a few funny moments in the movie. The funniest moments were when one of the Pirate Lords finally talked only to have a high-pitched voice, and when Barbosa was marrying Will and Elizabeth while fighting off two enemies (for some reason I found that very funny). And about the length, it was a very long movie but I don't have a problem with that as long as it's a good movie, which it was.

Now for the negatives. While a few twists and turns are great for a movie and there were a few good ones here, there were just too many. Too many side deals and bargaining that it became very confusing to me. Also it makes it a little harder to care for the characters when they're all trying to lowball each other (then again that is what pirates do). Also too many times things were brought up out of nowhere as an old friend from the past or an old pirate legend that was conveniently never mentioned until now. Which brings me to another point. I would have been fine with these movies if they were just pirates vs. other pirates and people who hate pirates. And while the whole curse thing was cool in the first movie there is too much mystical stuff and legends going on for my liking.

These are all small complaints though as overall I liked the movie very much.Again, I loved the battle scene between the Pearl and the Dutchman especially in this movie. That'salmost as good as the Battle of Helm's Deep from the Lord of the Rings. Here's hoping they don't ruin it all by making a 4th movie.