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Awesome, thanks guys!


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Thank you guys for the replies!

I had a surge, that caused my PC to be on restart loop every few secs, whenever i tried turning it on.

I was thinking about changing the PSU to 850W or 1000W in fear that it was a PSU fault taking more power than it should as I got a warning about 3.3v something from Asus AI Suite software, before it started looping.

I cleaned it up, took off the RAMs and put them back on and it the PC turned on.

The PC is almost 2 years old, to answer @PredatorRules

So I guess, I am good for now, from what I understood from your replies.


One more question:

If I go SLi with the same GPU, and maybe ovreclock the CPU, I should go 1000W or would a 850W be ok?

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Before I built my rig I looked into it and I found out that 600W PSU would be ok.

I didnt want to spend too much on the PSU, so I looked for what would suffice.

My rig:

Asus P8Z77-V DELUXE Motherboard


i7 3770K CPU, 3rd Generation

Corsair Vengeance 16GB (2x8GB) DDR3

Coolermaster 212 EVO Fan (for CPU)

Windows 7 64bit

and the Corsair GS 600W


I read some other posts here and they get some good clear answers.

I would like some decent clear answers too, to help me understand how it works and if

my current PSU is actually decent.


I use the PC for gaming and for using softwares like, Maya, NukeX, Mudbox, AfterEffects and such.

Thanks in advance.

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sure Resistance was a great game for me and i am sure thar i will get resistance 2

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Delaying a game is not that but. I know it's pretty annoying but most times its worth it and you enjoy it more!

Let the developers take their time. They are doing for us. For not to make an unfinished rushy released game, and we get dissapointed because we wanted it so much and the reasult when we buy it would be very dissapointing and don't buy the next game.

I get a bit agree too when they continuously change the release date but I kno, feel that i wont be dissapointed. Because delaying it, means they are fixing problems adding things. Also the release date may coincide with another game(s) you want to buy and can't decide which one to get. Then one of them gets delayed and there is your choice. Lucky you!

SO how angry you get. You can't do anything. Just wait wait and patience and you get more when it comes out!

Be patient!

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I would suggest you cjoose from Logitech and Creative.

|I have creatives T7900 inspire 7.1 surround system but to connect them I should buy the decoder ddts-100.

I am pretty satisfied. Though the watts arent so high. I dont matter becaus emy room isnt much big.

So if your room is quite wide I would suggest you to buy the Creative's 7.1 surround system S750 Gigaworks. It has a decoder included in but to make sure you should ask. You connect to the PS3 with an optical wire.

From Logitech I would suggest: Z-5500, Z-5450 Digital 5.1 and the G51.

I believe these are the best speakers you can get for your PS3. In my opinion!

Hope my suggestions will be very helpfull and hope you choose one of them I sure will buy one of them when I move out from home in 3-4 years and get much better speakers. Because the really enjoy gaming you should have great TV and Great sound to also really FEEL and be part of the Game! Gaming is worth such equipment!

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the latest is 1.92

Draog[] - brought to you by: ps3tag.com

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I hoped it would get a better score like 8.5+! But deep inside me I fel it come to this result!

When I have that feeling I sometimes never wrong!

Just like NFS: Carbon! Watching trailers and images thought it would be great but afteall 7.4!

Same feeling ! ANd didnt buy it.

But with Lair, I am sure I am going to buy it dispite the rate they got from gamespot!

I like Dragons and I got amazed by the game, its graphics and sound form what I was reading!

Lair will be mine soon!

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