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Killzone : Betrayal and loyalty

I own nothing, Killzone belongs to Sony and Guerrilla Games. An Honour Rank Colonel Armin Metrac was making sure his uniforme was right to was a superior type of helghast, he evn had hair unlike most others . He was going to be made a Lieutenant general , second to only one in the helghast third skills as a soldier and His skills as leader and soldier were noticed during the depression by General Lente, commander in chief and Scolar Visari, the emperor and leader of the Helgan empire . The door opened, a bald man with pale skin walked in. It was Lente"So are you ready yet ?" He asked. "Almost" He replied "Good, with the current situation im glad for another general. Although I expect you to discipline the army. "You dont have to worry when im made one, im no vektan" "Funny. Discipline is the founding order of Helgan, Vetka is just full of cowards" "Just a tip Lente, you know what's happening with Hakha" "Hakha ?" He dosent agree with anything you" "Oh, i know what youre talking about. Visari's orderd Radec to keep an eye on him, he thinks he will betray us" "You shouldnt hesitate to take any action, you know" "If he does betray any of us, I will see to it myself. "His brother could be a good bargining chip" "You're not even a general and your already acting like one .Anyway we should leave then" Lente said and both of the officers left. 30 minutes later... The two officers arrived at Visari office"So Metrac are you ready to serve the Helghast triad ?" Lente asked. "Yes, lets get this over with then" He replied. They entered Visari's office, he was with Colonel Radec his adviser and commander of defense of all Helghan. Radec walked other to Metrac and saluted him. "Sir" Radec said. "Glad to meet you colonel, your reputaion precedes you" Metrac said. "Thank you sir" "Its good to know that officers like you watch over a citys" "I make sure that all are soldiers are disciplined, following your example" "I should talk to you later then" "Very well sir" Radec said and steped aside next to Lente. Visari got up and walked towards them. "Metrac, before you become a general tell me what the Helghast triad is ?" "The Duty every Helghast has to dream of a Free Helghan. The Obedience every Helghast must show if all are to survive. The Loyalty every Helghast should feel to their Government." Metrac recited. "And what does it meen ?" "It is the fouding order of Helghan, it is how we will survive and how will we crush our enemies" "Armin Metrac, you are now a Lieutenant general of the helghast army" Visari finished saying. All the officers in the room started claping, it was a good day for all the helghast. They had a new miliatry leader and the pride of them nation had been restored. Later... A few hours later Metrac was walking out of the palce. He ran his hand across his hair, the one thing that made him superior from other helghast. Also it caused many young officers to envy him out jealousy and some even despised him for it. None of them would ever be able to match him in anything. There was a loud bang. He looked up to see soldiers runing" Whats going on ?" Metrac asked. "A private shot his instructor !" "A private ?" He followed them to see two guards restraining a private. On the floor was a dead officer. "Cobar ! Stop damn it" One of them said. "He deserved it ! He was fuking traitor !" Cobar shouted. "Calm down !" Another said. "He was a spineless Vektan !" He shouted as they managed to take him away. Metrca noticed his strength. "Spineless vetkan ? If its true, that soldier would make an invaluble asset" Metrac said to himself. Im trying to beat writers block with this, so i apologise if anyone's too OOC .It will be about 5 chapters long. Cobars the best to right for since i sound a bit like him(cockny accent)

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hello all I am a gamer and also lovers of anime / manga japan video games is the best FPS, RPG, RTS, MMORPG, etc. if one is willing to meet me please add me to be your friend and my FB http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=20788&id=100000164165284 #! / profile.php? id = 100,000,879,843,100

Killzone 3 story details

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has confirmed Killzone 3. In addition to featuring 3D visuals (if you've got the set-up for it), a report on the European PlayStation Blog has some more info on jetpacks and story. The game is said to pick up roughly where the second game ended. Guerrilla Games managing director Hermen Hulst told the PlayStation Blog: "We recognise how important the story is in Killzone games and we're making great leaps forward with character development and the quality of the dialogue and the writing. We're going all-out to make Killzone 3 a rounded experience on all fronts. "So with Visari gone, there's a power vacuum on Helghan where figures like Stahl, the head of the Helghan weapon producer, are vying for power. Essentially, the surviving ISA soldiers are caught in the middle of a catfight when what they really need is to get the hell off the planet and return to Vekta. "On the ground, this political situation changes the nature of the conflict. The Helghan are now in the ascendency and they are bringing a great deal of new technology to the fray. The result for the player is that you'll be encountering new weapons and enemy types with their own distinct behaviour." The game is also described as a much grander experience, featuring more variety, more enemy types and massive environments - one of which being an Arctic level. Also detailed are the newly introduced jetpacks, which is said to provide a kind of super jump. "If you remember, the Jetpack Troopers were in Killzone Liberation on PSP and we've always wanted to bring them back," explained Hulst. "When you include aerial combat you obviously need plenty of space so the much bigger levels in Killzone 3 have presented us with the opportunity to include this enemy." Regarding multiplayer, Hulst wasn't giving anything away - E3 maybe? - but did confirm it will be an important part of the experience. "We always refer to multiplayer as 'the other half of the game,' meaning that it's just as important to us as single player. It's an area on which we have key individuals working and I can promise true innovation," he said. There's currently no confirmed release date.