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HALO 4 Rockin"!

I Must say that HALO 4 Really is as good as it was hyped up to be, I really am impressed with it & I feel the gaemplay most of all is basically an upgrade from the original, making it smoother to play than ever before!~ anyone else diggin' it?!! : )

Max Payne 3!!!

Hey you guys who are into Max Payne 3 & Max Payne from the start. Personally I found part 2 to be even better than part 1, and now 8 yrs later, Max Payne 3 is finally out & back with a vengance, in a slightly newer class style due to amazing computer technology! But the Noire is still perfectly capturted which is awesome! Awesome vibe too! I absolutely LOVE This game & it would now be my Favorite 3rd person shooter game among many that I've collected! & personally I think this is Rockstar's best game ever made!

Anyone else got any thoughts about the game?

Saints Row 3 :-)) 3RD STREET SAINTS FOREVER!!!

Just wanna state that Saints Row 3 is ABSOLUTE KICKASS in so many awesome ways, so much awesome content and this is definitely GAME OF THE YEAR FOR 2011 WITHOUT A DOUBT!!! The Saints and Team Volition have really reved up the future in this BLOCKBUSTER of a free roam 3rd person Action, Comedy, Thriller!!!

Enjoy!!! :) SR360!!!

Psi Ops :The Mingate Conspiracy :)

For da past few days I've been replaying a 2004 game, and most of all my Favorite Old Xbox game, Psi Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy(which unfortunately does not run on 360 backward compat.....would be awesome) but still this game is way ahead of its time where you have 6 awesome psycic abilites along with standard 3rd person shooting with good AI for an old game, a defitinte 1 of a kind game with mad powers and beautiful visual and sound effetcs, and I'm so glad I was lucky enough to find aa copy 6 yrs ago, especially coz midway got sued for making it and then it was deleted!

Oh yeah, a must for all games.....Psi Ops has awesome controller rumble!

Happy gaming everone!

Half a yr of 2011 Gaming!

Got rid of Shadows.....too full n too dark n demonic for me, but anyways, Its been 6 months of pretty solid gaming for me, ihave recently clocked several games since my last blog clock on Bayonetta! Since then I've clocked the following games, Dead to rights (Oldschool Xbox) Psi Ops :The Mindgate Conspiracy (My favorite XboxGame!) and a replay of Ninja Gaiden 2 was also cool! Got a pair of component cables from Ebay for my Oldschool Xbox which give the graphics a major improvement!

But for now I've just started both F.E.A.R 3 on 360 and InFAMOUS 2, which are both ABSOLUTE AWESOME GAMES!

All 5 games I just mentioned I ratea solid 9!

Have fun! :)

Replays and New games!

Well, ever since I regained my Sai Fung Nunchaku, in Bayonetta, I decided to clock it on hard mode to get 4 new achievements and thats after I've alreday clocked it twice on normal and once on easy, and I'm havin' a ball XD n also stilllll playing Crysis 2, awesome game but much too stealth required for me, still rocks but I'm really lookin' forward to .F.E.A.R 3! I hope that the single player campaign will be EPIC!

oh no.......what a waste of time!

Dam 2 nights ago I had a suddenurge to play Bayonetta on 360 for the 4th time......and I loaded a game incorrectl;y and lost the "Sai Fung" = THE BEST DAM WEAPON IN THE GAME which took me 100 chapters to be completed in the game, which took all up, 63 hrs gaming,in order to unlock them magic bullet powered bullets blazing Gunchaku!!!.....and I lost em somehow.....and now I'm replyin' da prolouge seeings its da shortest n easiestchapter n I've replayed 28 times to count, so another 78 times doin' the prolouge in order to regain this awesome weapon seems very overwhelming....I gotta stress much less! And I hope ya'z are all havin' a ball n gaming on!

New Releases of 2011! Especially Crysis 2!

Some awesome new games I've played this yr are Bulletstorm on 360, Killzone 3/PS3 only, tho I really am looking forward to Crysis 2 most of all, it looks like a true next gen game!!! I think Homefront will have to wait for a while tho it also is looking good and will be out in 2 weeks, tho I cant wait till the 24th of march for Crysis 2 coz all of the video's and reviews I've seen of it look absolutely awesome and show that its new age style gaming! There are so much more awesome games to be released this yr and they're all gonna be next gen for sure! Cant wait to own em all!

Killzone 2 is awesome and I have it in my collection tho Killzone 3 is so much better, adding much more cutscenes into it giving it a real good story even tho GS said otherwise. It also has much more interractions with operating machinery on the gun turrets, really good variety there and the melee attacks are very evolved from part 2.

Check out my reviews if you want an accurate and detailed description of the games I've reviewed and are all in my collection, except for crackdown 2, that was terrible!

Let da good times roll on and continue to evolve us into all new school gaming worlds!

Vanquish Xbox 360 (brief summary)

Just a short review on Vanquish on Xbox 360, as I've already posted a full review on the official Vanquish page. Some ppl have said that this game is over-rated and fair enough everyne is entitled to their own opinion but I disagree, this game sets a new standard for 3rd person shooters!!!

This game is absolutely REVOLUTIONARY! Its very innovative and full of non stop action and adrenaline! There is not a single boring or slow moment in the entire game! The controls are very sharp and precise and easy to use despite having quite a few options with each of the different buttons and triggers. The game has 8 different weapons all up, all which are upgradeable in the actual gameplay and all are very fun to shoot, with awesome controller vibration! The cutscenes look extremely beautiful, there a plenty of cutscenes and they also have awesome vibe in them! To cut it short, the entire game is non stop action and adrenaline at its very best!

It has some very cool and new features not done before in any other game such as grinding along the ground at very high speeds instead of simply running around all of the time, and you can also grind in slo mo and jump and/or roll over cover and trigger slo mo and start blasting away your enemies while in mid air!

This game truly sets a new standard for 3rd person shooters and simply cant be rivaled by any other game, for my liking anyway! Besides I'm sure that most gamers would agree that this game wont be beaten by any other game for quite some time!

Non stop action, non stop adrenaline, non stop awesomeness at its BEST!!! My new FAVORITE game!!!

Gamespot gave it a 9 ....I give it a solid 10! Only it would be even better if it were a bit longer but it still OWNS!!!

Get into it!!!

Makin' a senseless fuss!

Just a short blog post....I've noticed in virtually all of the comments of many different game video reviews I've watched, that "most" (not all) ppl are more into commenting about either which console is better, ps3 or Xbox 360, and if a game has no multiplayer, then its worthless. Ppl who make them comments need to grow up!

OK, some games on both consoles have better graphics than the other, depending on the game, but posting a comment should be based on the "game" alone, not the quality of its graphics or comparing the game to a former or similar game!

I own an Xbox 360 and a ps3 and both consoles OWN in my opinion. However, they both have their cons and pro's, for eg. With Xbox 360, you can play and control your hard drive stored music at any time with every 360 game, whereas you cant do that at all with a ps3. But, ps3 has bluetooth and psp compatibality, 360 does not. 360 still have wired controllers giving much stronger vibration than the wireless ps3 controller, but ps3 has several sony exclusive games that 360 dont have. Xbox 360 controller has "real triggers" making all shooting games feel much more realistic than the ps3 controller, but, the ps3 console runs quieter..........and so many more cons and pros. I dont understand the stupid arguements between which console is better coz they're childish! and both Xbox 360 and ps3,OWN!!!


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