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Where did all the RPG's go?

Hey everyone,

I am an avid gamer, but lately, this hasn't been the case, and by lately, I mean the past year or so. My main genre of gaming is, of course, the role-playing games. Since I started gaming at the age of four, thanks to my grandfather who was into technology, I have been playing Breath of fire, Lufia, Final Fantasy etc... RPG's that really stood out to me in those days, and had continued to until recently. Throughout the years of new gen technology from the snes - PS1 - PS2 and PS3 (I prefer PS) I have come to realize the reduction of rpg's coming out.

The PS1 being the major realm of awesome, in-depth stories involving characters and their progress with games like xenogears, FF series, vagrant story, Breath of fire, grandia, legends of dragoon, etc... this gen stood out the most for me, with its new amazing CG's and storyline. PS2 came along and, they had some okay rpg's such as FFX and XII, and Dragon Quest VII, but nothing else really stands out from the rest of them. I may have forgotten others, but that shows that there has been a reduction in them since the PS2. Now, with the PS3, There have only been a handful of games that really stood out to me, Eternal Sonata and Valkeria Chronicles which is considered an Strategy. Nothing else has made an impact to me. I am not a fan of Fallout 3 because I find with the abundant of side-mission (which some people like), I find it diverts me from really being into the story... I don't find it really comes out well with the story.

So, which games have come out that really has an engaging storyline? When are there going to be more RPG's that really bring upon something that will leave me helpless to its seduction. Mass effect is pretty, but when dealing with dialogues, I find the character looks more like a robot than having any emotion behind it.

What do all of you's think? Am I the only one who thinks like this? Is the RPG Genre slowly going away?

Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrows after thought review.

About a week ago, I did a review for the DS game, "Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrows," which i still think was a pretty good game, but not as stellar as I thought. Don't get me wrong, if you are a CV junkie like myself, than it's worth the play through, but if you wanted an extreme experience like, Symphony of the Night, well, you will be disappointed.

First off: After going through the entire map, you don't get anything at all. Of course, you get the weapons that are harder to find, but you don't even need them. I beat the game with just the original short sword because I thought it was faster at attackings

Secondly: The boss battles were toooooo simple. The only boss I needed to use mind and health potions was against the real final boss called, "menace," that's it. Since they put a save right before the boss, it makes it useless to use potions in the battle if you don't need to.

Thirdly: The soul concept was awesome, and there are some different and interesting attacks you can do, but I used the basic of all basic throwing weapons in the game, the throwing axe, which did an enormous amounts of damage on all the bosses half way through the game, i am taking about 5 hits with over 200 damage.

Lastly: The endings in this game were quite bad... there are 3 different endings, 1 and 2 are the bad endings, and the 3rd is the good ending, and they last a total of a minute.

Overall, it was a good game, but I finished the game in a total of 5 hours, this is going through a span of like 3 weeks, so I wish they would make the game harder and longer!

I hate gaming consoles....!!!!!

Soooooooooooooo, earlier on today, My girlfriend and I were watching some Avatar on Blu-ray... right on, I know! but this was stopped in seconds because my playstation 3 just unexpectedly shut off on us.... My first reaction was, "meh, I'm sure I can just turn it off and on again". But I was wrong. As soon as I went to turn it on again, this is what happened:

Turned on Power, than started the machine, than the red light came on and started it, the left light went blue, than the right light went blinking red.... (Cursing) Damn Gamespot not allowing me to swear!

So, I immediately go online to see what's going on because I am a student in University with no basic Cable or dvd player in my apartment. So this is my only entertainment when I am not doing homework or outside doing whatever. We usually watch movies late a night, but it doesn't seem like that anymore.

So, I found out that it could be either over heating... which I doubt because we just started watching Avatar. So, I decide to try it and nothing. So, I found out that I may have to send it in because of malfunction of some **** Which pisses me off more than anything because my ps3 is the original release back like 3 to 4 years ago. It;s the 40gb fat model. So, I obviously don't have warranty anymore, which I did buy myself. So, I could pay the 150 to send it in.... WTF!!! Why should I pay for this incident when it's your **** system!!! I do take care of my machine because I would clean it out every week if not every second week. I made sure it was in a well circulated air place with no dust is compiled up to ruin things. So, I am pretty pissed, which I am sure many of you have been!

So, now comes to my other situation... I still have my original playstation 1 from 1996 or 95 when it first came out, and it still works. So why the hell are technologies breaking down so much compared to the past? Is it for more money? Man, I should have stuck with my Wii, because nintendo never breaks down like Xbox, which I already had and had the RROD 3x, and now my ps3! Man, I think i am going to become amish! technology is frustrating!

Wow it's been awhile since I blogged

So, not much new over here in Canada! just the same ole schooling with the lovely exams coming up.... blah! We did manage to get an insane amount of freezing rain and ice pellets for a couple of days!

As for games, I have picked up ff13 and I am currently on chapter 11! BooooYah! too bad the entire game wasn't like chapter 11. But I am currently taking a break from ff and I picked up The bigs 2, since baseball season just just started, I thought it was appropriate to pick it up and man is it addicting!

Movies: I just watched District 9 ... wow, it was a different movie, my girlfriend did not like it since she hates aliens! lol but it was surprisingly good! Also, I rented an old Jackie Chan flick ... if anyone is a fan, it's "Rumble in the Bronx".... JAAACCCKKKIIEEEEE!

Music: Lately we have been on a buying frenzy for cds, last week we picked up some Thrice, Barenaked ladies, Rise Against, and Jack Johnson, so far all the cd's are pretty awesome!

and I am thinking about becoming a vegetarian since my gf is a Vegan and being in school makes you poor, so instead of buying two meals everyday, I decided not to buy meat any more and it's been like this for about 2 months, man the vegan recipes are amazing!

That's about it! Ciao!

FF13 - after chapter 10

Well, I know there are a lot of people out there who love Final Fantasy 13 no matter what. I thought I was going to be one of them, but unfortunately I wasn't. It took my sometime just to make it through the first 10 chapters. I mean, the linear play through was driving me crazy!!! It was always I have mentioned this in the forums, and people of course got pissed off stating "isn't that what FF is?" In my opinion... no it isn't. I have been a long time fan of ff series, I have beaten all of them up until now, and I am having a hard time even coming close to wanting to finish this game. But thank god for chapter 11.

Chapter 11 should be what the entire game should have been! It's amazing. The beauty in the wild, all the animals running around doing their own thing. I think if this chapter was like this throughout the game, that ff13 would have been one of the most amazing games out to date. I know I have been hitting on ff13 for the lack of everything, except the battle system, but now it feels like ff game when you reach that chapter 11. It just feels right, with all the exploring and the missions to do, it seems like it should have been like this since the start, and I know I sound like a broken record, but it's true, and I know a vast majority of people would agree with me on this one. I have heard that when you decide to get back to the storyline, that it goes back to the linear areas again.....Why! lol

Anywho, I just wanted to say that because I have been hating ff13 up until now... don't get me wrong, the graphics are amazing, but I am not a kid who get's off over the CG parts. Ciao!

Happy Gaming!

Heavy Rain... Contiued

I am currently about half way through this game, and so far this game is amazing! It's about time game developers tried something so different and risky, and boy did it pay off.

First off, I wanna say thank you for making this game an actual M rated game.. I don't mean like an FPS with blood and swearing. I am actually talking about the psychological thiller part to it, and I know Silent hill did some awesome stuff in their series, but not like this game. You actually feel for each of these characters, especial during some intense time where you are amazed you just did that. This game is twisted in so many ways, think Saw like, but I am thankful for it, it actually cries out M rated.

Secondly, The camera angles in this game are genius, I find they create such a huge impact on suspense that it's amazing. Who would have thought that just because the angle of the camera would do something like that... well it does in this game. Also changing the angles gives you a sense of your environment, and in this game, it is especially rewarding and useful for hunting down clues or whatever the scenario may be.

Thirdly, The charatcer depth in this game is perfect. Ethan Mars is a guy you will feel bad for because of everything that he goes through in this game. I wont give any hints or anything, but it's painful and twisted. The developers wanted you to feel for these characters as if you were them, and they do 100 percent. This game has so much emtional impact on you and the character. It's amazing because games don't usually do that to you.

Finally, I am a huge fan of Psychological thrillers. Having just seen Shutter Island, which I enjoyed reminds me of this game because you will always be guessing who it is, right now I have an idea who it is, but I wont mention anything. This is my first attempt to figure out who the Origami Killer is. Awsome story by the way! intense to the max!

The Problems:

There are only 1 or 2, first off, when you are loading a new area or saving, the sound tends to glitch out, and one time during an important scene which I did not like at all. Secondly, the controls are like the old RE series for walking, hard to get certain turns down when not facing the right way, they are tiny, so no worries!

WTF Game Spot

So, today I have received 4 terms of violations for the dumbest crap possible. Alright so I wil start with the first one:

1) I started a thread to get updates about this error the fat ps3's are getting. I was locked out and informed that I had violated one of the terms.... since when is asking a question a violation?

2) Someone informed me that they think that Sony will make us buy a new ps3 or the cost of shipping to get our ps3's fixed... I commented with a swear word sure.. violated. But I have written worst words on here than that and I still never received anything until today about it.

3) I commented on another forum regarding the same issue, and i wrote that, " I would be pissed if Sony made us pay for shipping" Not a swear word and DING another email stating a term of violation has been done....

4) Finally, the dumbest violation..... A guy said he was going to "polish/oil/clean his Katana" and someone commented that "are you sure it's a katana and not something else?" so I commented with an LOL.. that's it... DING 4th for the day.

I don't want to complain but are these violation just bull crap? Because I do think that they are. oh and here is the proof of my violations... lol

tem Type Date Action Taken Reason Reported Action Taken (item) Action Taken (user) Forum Msg
Sony PlayStation 3 03/01/2010
3:24pm Disruptive Posting Delete Msg Notify with Warning Forum Msg
Sony PlayStation 3 03/01/2010
1:26pm Censor Bypassing Delete Msg Notify with Warning Forum Msg
Sony PlayStation 3 03/01/2010
12:55pm Moderator Discretion — censor bypass / t... Delete Msg Notify with Point Loss Forum Msg
Sony PlayStation 3 03/01/2010
11:17am Other — Sticky available Close Topic Notify with Warning

8001050F Error

Well, I don't know if all of you's have heard about this 8001050F Error, well I have recenlty just gotten it right now. I was on my way to play Heavy Rain... but it popped up. Supposedly it deals with something about the trophy connections not working properly and it will quit on you...(son of a **** I was dying to get into it) Also, There have been rumours going down that it may be an online virus, hacking of sony's PSN, and others. just check out this site:

Also, this is supposedly dealing with the older 40Gb ps3...Correction, Other models are being affected as well. which sadly is the one I have. That is all I know, but as for Sony. I traded in my 360 because it was a pain in my ass... but now this, I hope they have something going on for this.

What do you guys think this is?

How many of you have received this error?

Heavy Rain..... Wow!

This is going to be small because I just started playing it this morning. I have only made it to the part after the mall and Wow. I can already tell this game will be an emtional roller-coaster ride. My girlfriend (who hates games) was impressed about how tense this game is already.... also I have to mention the camera angles in this game are amazing. It's trurly a master piece already for me... and I will definitely be writing a longer impression on this game.

There is nothing more peaceful than snowboarding!

It is currently 12:50 where i am, and I am looking at the review for Aliens Vs Prediator, which by the way I am greatly disappointed with the score given by gamespot since the demo I played didn't have to many of the problems as the reviewer stated. But ah well, not much I can do about that. How did everyone else think about the review?

Anywho, I am here to talk about the peacefulness I feel when I snowboard. I just wanted to know if anyone else has the same feeling about it as me. I just find it so peaceful when I put on my bindings, slap in my earphones, which is usually Less than Jake playing, usually the song, "my bestfriends are metal heads" good song by the way if you are into Sk8 music. Once I am set, down I go. While I am carving my way through bunny trails, hitting jumps and rails, the most peaceful out of them all would be riding fresh powder. The way the board glides over the snow like butter, the way you cut through the snow when you carve. It's just the most relaxing feeling in this world! Just check out this video with Terje Hakinnen's run on the mountain from the video "First Descent"

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