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GS Gifts Me A Level When I Complete GTA SA

I completed GTA San Andreas!! :D Finally! :P

I was trying to complete this game from around 1 year and now I have completed it! :P The first time I started playing it my computer got in a fix and then I had to format it. The second time I started it, my brother took the game away with him. So once again I had to give it up. I had kept the Saved game files safely but this time when I started it again, I had forgotten most of the names and stuff so I said I might as well start it from beginning and so I did! :P

Also, another thing that has taken place is that I've reached Level 25 Defias Brotherhood on GS! :D It's been a long journey to the Silver Level! :P

And now I've started playing Resident Evil 4! I am playing Colin McRae Rally side by side too, but the main game I am playing is RE 4 on my father's PC 'coz my Graphics Card is not able to support it. It's sure been a long time since I got it, 3 years ago, though I got it replaced a few months back, but the same model, FX 5200! :P

But I think now next time, I'll try to buy an Xbox 360 rather than upgrade as it is a cheaper alternative than upgrading every 6 months or so! :P But it is a distant dream currently! :P So maybe I'll get it after an year or so! :lol:

And in between I might get a decent GFX card, as nothing is fixed with me! :P

That's all for now, see you peeps in ur blogs! :)



The Movie Spree!

Hi All! :D

I've got one more nice opportunity to blog! :P Recently, I watched three movies in a time gap of 3 days!! And I must say all of them were really good!! :D

SO these are the movies I watched:

I loved Narnia the most! I think it was definitely better than the first one as I do remember understanding almost nothing and just watching the movie for time-pass's sake! :P But this time I really understood it and it was a lot interesting too! The effects added were amazingly solid and you'll remember them even after you leave the movie! :D

I watched Narnia and Bhootnath on Sunday at the theatre. Bhootnath is a movie mainly for kiddies but it's nice and tickles your funny bone at a number of times, although some songs shot in it were more like commercials for a kids' clothes company! :lol:

I just finished watching Speed Racer now, Tue noon, and thought I would post a blog about the movies. Speed Racer was nice too but I preferred Narnia over it as it was more of sets and half of the stuff went by so fast and in a flash that I could not actually see what happened! :P I rented it for my PC just this morning.

Other Stuff

I had left our town for a week or so to go to Bombay for the summer holidays. It was more of a rush-rush! :P And there I went to a place called Lamington Road where you get all the hottest techno stuff for dirt cheap rates!!! :D It's not piracy, but the thing is there are so many shops there that the competition is too tough for high prices! WEll, good for me! :P

I was thinking of getting a new Graphics Card but then I dumped the idea and instead got a brand new set of Creative SBS A300 Subwoofer speakers!!! :D This was the first time I myself chose something for my computer and bought it! It wasn't too costly, it was Rs 1200 or say around $28!

My brother also got me a 4 GB Transcend Pen Drive and I love it!!!! :D

Our camera has gone in repairs, or else, I was surely thinking of putting up the pics of new stuff! :D

The Gaming Front...

Yeaaaah!!! I am still playing GTA SA and am having lotsa fun!! WIth the new speakers I like to crash and boom and shoot stuff! :P

Also, I borrowed Colin McRae Rally 2005 from a friend, as one of my GS friends spoke very highly of it! I installed it and it works perfect! I still have just played once or twice but I enjoyed it! The challenge of driving is really good! :D

WEll, that's all for now...

See You Next Time! :D


While The Wold And You Play GTA IV...

... I play GTA San Andreas... :P

Yeah, I hadn't comleted a few last missions (I think) so I started it all over again 'coz I don't have any other to play and I can't let my vacation waste can I? :P

But I faced a problem. While I can install GTA SA on the both OSes on my PC (2000 & XP) I could start playing it only on 2000. Dunno why, but when I try to play it on XP it gives its normal error of unexpected behaviour thingy and the app had to close, also giving that Debug button. I tried again and again and even tried to run it with compatibility as 2000, but it didn't work. Do you guys know why it works on 2000 and not on XP?

I had recently transformed my XP to look like Vista (a complete transformation pack, changed everything, icons, themes, windows, sounds, stuff). B4 my GTA SA worked perfectly. Could the whole transformation be responsible for this thing?

If you have any ideas please comment them. Would highly appreciate ur help for playing on XP rather than restarting to 2000 whenver I want to play! :)



EDIT - My GTA SA works!! :D I had an idea! I went and downloaded a No DVD patch for the game and copied it into the directory of the game and it worked in a jiffy!!! :D I didn't think it might work! It's amazing that now I'll be able to retain the Vista look and play right on my XP!! :D What's more, I can now remove the DVD from the drive, and no need to have it everytime I play! :D Thanx! :D

The Assassin's Creed Theme!!

Muahahahaa!!!!! :twisted: Finally!! Phew! :P

I was making these banners and blog images and stuff for so long, that now, I'm so releived that I've finally got all of them successfully on my profile! I was using that Mafia banner which I had made in Paint :P for so long now! And it looked old...

So I finally sat down to do some PhotoShopping and make something good. And what's more good than Assassin's Creed!! :D :D I still haven't played it, but as soon as I get a newer or upgrade my PC (not at all in the near future :() I'm going to play that game first! :D That guy Altair looks so cool! I think it's the second Prince Of Persia from Ubisoft's workhouse! :P

They both, Prince and Altair look really cool! :D

And also I completed Dreamfall! :D I loved the game sooo much!! The only thing was, I didn't really understand the ending! :P But I think what I did not understand was purposely left out to be explained by Funcom (the developer of this game) as a sequel is in the work which will cover many loose threads. Hope the sequel comes out fast and good! :D

And oh yeah, rate my artwork! That's inevitable! :P Open my profile homepage as I've also updated my blog pics! :)

Hope you peeps like it! :)



A Gift For All Of You For Helping Me Reach Level 24!

Although, I don't know if you guys would like the gift! :P

Yup, I reached level 24 and all the thanx to you guys! :D When, you folks write your cool blogs, I get a chance to post a 'cool' comment! :P But I do love reading your blogs 'coz they let me know something new or the other. :)

Well time for me to let you know something new! :twisted:

Microsoft is on a roll. Literally! I remember it had some plans for a Microsoft Surface gadget which was a mini board like thing with a Vista OS and it was touchscreen. I had watched it's few vids too and it looked cool! :D And, Microsoft also released Zune! That cool iPod like gadget.

Apparently, even after releasing Vista sometime back, Microsoft is still striving forward. Good for Microsoft fans like me! :P Microsoft is developing a new version of the Windows Operating System, which is currently named Windows 7! Microsoft is planning to release it after a little time gap, say in the beginning of 2011. Click on the link and check out the new Windows Os, though from the pics given there it looks a little similar to Windows Vista.

However, it remains to be seen if the public accepts this version of Windows. I sure hope Microsoft puts in a lot of effort in it which makes it compatible with stuff, good performance, and does not have any major issues. :)

BTW, I'm still with XP! :P My PC doesn't have enough RAM to support Vista, though I'd have loved to have and try out Vista! :P Even though people oppose it now, in the near future it'd be inevitable to use it. It always happens when something new comes out. People want it to be real good and to maintain it's standard like the predessor and don't look at the effort put in it's making.

Well, let's hope for the best! :)

And yes I did reach level 24 but I'm not really going to feel asleep as my exams just ended last week! :P

Have fun,

See Ya,


EDIT - Lol! :P It seems many of you know of Windows 7, and am sorry if I stole your opportunity to blog on it. I really didn't know that some of you knew about it and I did read about it outside GS. Sorry, if I stole your knowledge and chance.

Exam's Over! And Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X.

Hi All! :D

It's been a long time since I posted a blog here. All this time I was busy with my School, exams, and so on. But my exams ended yesterday and I have been on a Computer Spree since then! :D

Well yesterday I came home after giving my last exam, Economics, and sat down on the computer, installed Dreamfall, and starting my longest journey! :D All thanx to a new Graphics Card my tech guy gave to me! But it's still GeForce Fx 5200 128 MB. :| But No Problem as I can still play many cool games that I missed earlier! :D

I also completed Half Life 2 long time back b4 exams and since then, I couldn't play any other game as my GPU had only 64 MB. HL2 was awesome!! :D

Now for the main aim of this blog, to tell all of you about a new game from the great master Ubisoft:

Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X!

Excerpt from GS:

Developed by Ubisoft Bucharest (Blazing Angels), H.A.W.X. is set in a near future where private military companies (PMCs) have begun to supplant national armies as the world's top armed forces. Following a fictional treaty signed in Iceland in 2012, PMCs even begin to take over the duties of air forces around the globe. However, given said company's "lax" view of international law, the move leads to more conflict than ever before, leading the remaining nation-states to try to restore world order.

It reminded me of F16: Aggressor! Anyone played that one, long time back?? It was a great flight simulator game in which you had to carry out various missions and soo much! I always hoped that a new flight game should be released with cool graphics and well here it drops out of the sky!! :D I bet it'll need 3 GB minimum! :P

Also Assassin's Creed got released on 8th for the PC, but unfortunately I have only 512 MB! :P I'll play it sometime later! So tough to stay away from that game! It's very very cool. I'm thinking of joining Ubisoft when I grow up! :P

That's all for now! :D

See Ya,


Break From Half-Life 2!

Hi all! :D

So, I was playing HL2 and took a break from playing it a 5-4 days ago. I've reached till the part where we get inside that Dr. Breen's big big building, Nova Prospekt, I think it's called. But my break became too long I guess! :P In between I started and completed Spiderman 2! Lol, I finished it in 2 days! :P It was very very easy! I had liked the first Spiderman 'coz at that time, that game was good enough for me! :D

Also, recently we had Sports Day in school! I had taken part in the game decided for us 11th students! We had to get inside waist-length sacks and then hop backwards till the Finishing Line! Everyday, I used to do fine and just on the last day, the Sports Day, I fell at the finishing line! Nice ending for all my practice! :P However, it's fine 'coz I didn't break my record of never winning at Sports Day even once! :P :( I feel sad 'coz this was my last chance to win at Sport's Day in school (next yr in 12th there will be an Annual Day, not Sports) and I was really hoping to win, but still.... lol! :P

But I never do understand this funny business, 'coz during games like Basketball matches and Football matches I really play awesome, especially BB ( Ilove basketball :D), and then at Sports Day I fall flat on my face! :P

Okay, that's enough for now! I need to continue that awesome game Half Life 2! Also I updated my few pics to Assassin's Creed!!!!!!!! I love the cool look of the hero, Desmond Miles!! :D

See Ya,


Completed POP TTT!

HI all! :D

I completed Prince Of Persia The Two Thrones just yesterday night! A very good ending to the awesome POP series, I should say. :D This was the game I completed the fastest! I started this game on 11th or 12th and coompleted it on 18th! That's the fastest game for me till now! :D

What's more, this was also the first game in which I played on Hard level. I have never before played a game on Hard level, so I guess this is a good beginning. Now, aI will always play on Hard, coz its very challenging! ;) But, I do think this game was easier than Warrior Within's easy level! :P Dunno why, but I took more time to complete WW! WW was just awesome, as Ubisoft had introduced the superb Free Form Fighting System! But now, I have taken a break from my hard-core gaming! :P

However, not for too long! I am planning to take up the sequel to The Longest Journey soon, say today itself. That game series is great too! :)

See Ya,


EDIT: Too bad! :( I cannot play Dreamfall, my computer failed even the minimum requirements. Earlier I was able to play it as my computer had a GPU with 128 MB, but now as it's not functioning properly and only shows 64 RAM, I am not able to play it! :( Well, I just started HL2 again, from where I left that game! And that game's awesome! :)


Hi All! :D

Guess What? I read two AWESOME books! :D And that too during my Exams! :lol:

And the two books that I read are (in my reading order):

A Thousand Splendid Suns - Khaled Hosseini

The Kite Runner - Khaled Hosseini

Both the books were awesome! It's not 'just hype nos substance' believe me! Khaled Hosseini has a wonderful way of story telling and you don't wanna miss it! They're just great great books! Also a movie has released for the first book that is The Kite Runner! I read A Thousand Splendid Suns first, loved it, and thought that I have to read The Kite Runner! So I read them both and they were just cool!! :D

But the irony is that, my mom said, instead of reading study material, I was reading these books! :P But anyway, my exams have got over now so I will get back to my hard-core gaming! :P At the time I will continue playing The Longest Journey, and after I finish it I'll take up POP:TTT and that'll be loads of fun! :D

You too don't forget to have fun! :D



EDIT: I can't believe it! lol! :P Today my exams got over, I had to complete the remaining part of the game The Longest Journey, I sat at 1 in noon at this awesome game, and I completed it just now, 5:30! Wow! How did I complete a game so fast? Lol! :P Nice after-exam surprise! and The Longest Journey was an awesome game! The greatest game story I have ever witnessed! Full of suspense, humour and magic! :D AWESOME GAME! :D

About Time I Wrote A Blog!

Hi Everyone!

A Very Happy New Year To Everyone!!

It's really been a long time since I wrote a blog! I was just caught up with all the day to day stuff. You know, school, tuitions and other stuff. But I sometimes did pop in here when I was online!

And in this time I played many cool games too! For example, I started Splinter Cell:CT, The Longest Journey, and recently I got Prince Of Persia The Two Thrones!! I played it just a little 'coz I wanna start it after I complete The Longest Journey. I must say that TLJ is awesome!! Even though it's old, but still it's a joy to unravel such a cool and amazing story! And I will also play its sequel 'Dreamfall' after completing it! Not to mention, I also started and completed GTA:SA this year. It was an amazing joy-ride! :D

And now for the best games I played this year!

  • GTA: San Andreas
  • The Longest Journey
  • Splinter Cell: 2 & 3

Hope all of you will have a blast this year with more new amazing games! Happy New Year! :D