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Well, Well, Well,

What can really be said but that I'm glad that there has been a spark in my life again for my video games! :) I have alot of catching up to do but being married and having no money to do anything but sit at home and play on my lovly wii has gotten me back into the game world. I am trying to post more on here but it seems to me that there is not near as many ppl on it... weird... but o well. I hope to talk to you all soon.!

Its been awhile my friends!!11

Hey evereyone, its me firefly1jedi!!!! I havn't been on here in so long I feel kinda acward. I havn't had he nternet in a while and the first thing that I did was come here, I hope to make some new friends and hopefully find some of the old.

As far as my gaming goes I hav't been keeping p the best, I still have my wii and I just got punch out, great game, I sold my ds and am on the verge of selling my guitar. I am hoping to get back on track with it all. I hope you are al glad to see me!! :shock:

I beat costom robos for GC!!!

I had already beating it once before, but I got red of my cube and got a xbox, I know it's terrible, but when I got a wii i knew that I had to have this game!

Anyways, i started it about a week ago and didn't really get a chance to play it much and then last night I played the crap out of it and I beat it!! I personally love this game, the story line in it was great! It just makes u want to keep playing to see the end! I highly suggest getting it if ur more into the story of a game then the gameplay. Don't get me wronge the gameplay was pretty good, but after a while it got kinda repepative and one of the conversations last over 20 min.! it saves twice in the middle of it!

All in all this is a game that u might pick up if u just want one to play around with and try something new....

hope this helps...

I saved my $ for a month and this is what I went out and got!!

Now I know that this might sound a little... I don't know... show off like, but I just gotta tell ppl..

I got...

Warioware smoothmoves

CoD3 (for Wii)


Star wars: lethal alliance (DS)

Diddy Kong racing (DS)

Paper Mario (GC)

Costom Robos (GC) Which I must say is a must have!!

A bookcase to put this stuff in..

2 new star wars books... that's right I'm a star wars nerd..

Plus a discount card to Books-a-million to show everyone how much of a nerd I am

rechargeable batteries for my wii remotes... mostly cause I am also gonna get wii play that comes with one...

Getting some wii points: with those I have to get DKJ and whatever else I feel..

I got the new three days grace CD, it's ok...

the I got my little bro.s and sis some presents cause I'm nice like that...

and I know that i got more then that, but I can't think of it just sitting here...

Well, I hope whoever reads this likes it! U can ask me ? about the games or whatever....

I finally beat soul calibar 2!!!

After much time of playing it, I have finally beaten one of my new favorite games!! And I must say it was all worth it!!! That game has to be one of the top ones for the cube... it rocks!! Just thought that I would let everyone know... (now it's back to zelda: tp... amn I need to finish that!!!) 

I don't think taht I will ever get a PS3...

Not that I hate sony or anything, don't get me wrong. I think that they have come out with alot of good games and systems, the main reason why I think not is cause of there slowness right now and not just cause it is just releasing it is because of the release dates on most of the games that I want rn't out until the end of NEXT YEAR!! by then I will more then likely be to rapped up in the 360 and Wii to even think about getting another system. i think that will be enough to cover all the bases in the next gen. Plus if I really wanted a blue-ray i would just buy one like the DVD player one the xbox, I couldn't just have that as a DVD player I had to get an actual DVD player, it just felt to weird...

And one more thing that kinda turned me off... it was it's bigness, I saw one at wal-mart and it was freaking huge!!! and it was quite ugly, I wouldn't even know where to put it really, I don't know if it would fit on my entertainment center!! lol! Just kidding! I know it is gonna be a great system and more then likely be one of the top.... 3.....(cough 3rd cough) but for all u that can afford it and also to afford to look at it good for u!! I hope tha tu enjoy it... but for me I just can't stand it or even think about getting one.

Questions that I have that will never get answer'd

1. cats like fish right, so they make fish flavored cat food, well, cats like mice how come they never make mice flavored cat food?

2. why don't they make cat flavored dog food?

3. How come ginger smells good but gingervitas doesn't?

4. how many licks does it take to get to the center of a toosiepop?

5. If a mute man curses, does his mom wash his hands with soap?

6. If I were an assassin and I was gonna kill a mime would I use a silencer?

U can try to answer them if u want but it's just gonna lead to more questions...

I'm a nerd... so waht wanna fight about it!!

Yeah u heard me, I'm one of the few and the proud nerds!! I love star wars, my room is coverd in it, I love to play video games constantly, I could give a care about good fashion, I love just about any science fiction novel and I hang out here... how much more nerdier can u get!!! ROFL!!

Anyways I'm sure that most of u already know this and the ones that don't... well, now u do!

I really just thought that I would let ppl know...

Star wars FINATIC

I am a huge star wars fan and I love all of there games, well maybe not all of them, but I have at least played most of them!! I love it and I always shall!!!

I am also a borderline nintendo fanboy the only thing that keeps me from being a total fanboy is the fact that most of the good star wars games r on xbox!!! That is the only reason why I have one!!:oops:

Now I shall end this with faces, :twisted::D:roll::cry::P:evil: now I am done!!