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Achievements. If you own an Xbox 360 you will know what these are. They are little icons that appear when you do a specific task within the game. These can be really addictive to get and I really enjoy getting them too. But some people will take them too far. These people in this class are morons. People who do this are completely forgetting why they are playing the game. The best example of game is Avatar the Last Airbender. You can get a 1000 gamerscore easily in this game and there is a reason for this. It's a CHILDRENS GAME. Of course they are going to be easy. They just want to feel that they can kick ass in a game. The only good reason why you would buy this game if you are a kid or you generally liked this game, but I doubt it.

If you are the few who did enjoy the game good for you. I just think that possibly the majority of the people just got it for achievements, not to have fun with the game. It is just a number that just adds up to a total. Now don't get me wrong I love achievements. Anyone of my friends can tell you that. I think they are really good because I think it motivates to play most of the game. Then you realise it was fun to do it. What I just do is just get the ones I want. I don't need them all.


I used to be in this particular group of people who wanted to experience almost everything. Get gold medals, find all the collectables and of course get every achievement. The reason why I was like this was that I played the first three Spyros to completion. It was absolutely fun to do this and playing this game to completion was the best way to play. Back then I thought this was the best way to play all of the games. Some games are just plain boring to complete. Prototype for example you have to collect 400 balls of light. This was just not fun at all. The reason why it worked in Spyro it was because the items were in more confined spaces and the places were a lot much more fun to explore.

When I got my Xbox 360 and knew about what achievements were like you can imagine what I was like. I just had the compulsion to get everyone of those damn things. Fable II, was incredibly fun to try to get them all. They were really, really addictive, but there was one event that showed me that getting all the achievements wasn't always a good thing. E3 09. It was one of the best gaming events I ever saw(although I haven't seen that many to begin with.). There was all this crazy stuff about Motion control for the Xbox, Twitter for Xbox, another new Halo game, PSP GO. A new Metal Gear coming to The Xbox 360 and PSP. As well as that the game line-up is incredible. Mass Effect 2, Halo 3 ODST, Forza 3, Metal Gear: Rising, Borderlands, Brutal Legend, Dragon Age: Origins, Assassins Creed 2, The legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks, Bayonetta and a whole lot more. I wanted to play each and everyone of them but I couldn't if I wanted to complete games. So I just decided just play the game to the end credits i.e. finishing a game, and do any side missions, achievements, etc, that I want. So I feel like I've beat the game and I can play a lot more games. People who do it can still do it because they want to its fine to do so because I know how great achievement it is to do everything within the game. To me I just want one game on the 360, that I get the full 1000 gamerscore (But something a bit more challenging than avatar).

Game Reviews

I know that one of my friends is going to have a big smirk on his face right now. One of the blogs said something that people aren't having much fun with game because they're trying to focusing on what they're going to write on their review. This can be true even for me. I might be trying to think to much want I want in a review to enjoy it. He went on about try to find all like the jagged textures and such. I will tell you in my reviews if I tell you the graphics are bad it is because it is noticeable, same if they're good. If they aren't that much big of deal I won't talk about it. There is a reason why I will keep writing reviews. It is because I enjoy writing them. I love it when a game is incredibly brilliant that I think of every brilliant about until the review is three pages long. I also like it when I write a review about a bad game and use my blind anger to break the keyboard writing it. I love to almost criticise everything which is why I was excited about when we set this group up. It was the only online space where I can write my thoughts about a game.

One debate that me and my friend have, well when I mean debate I mean almost like a strategy, on how we buy games. I prefer reading reviews and get an idea of what games are likely to be good. My friends way is like "follow my heart." which he just picks a game that has what he like in it. After a while I figure out both are correct. I usually go with reviews and the Fifa games get 9.0 almost all of the time. Do I want to play it? No because I detest football games with every fibre of my being same with most sport games. But the way that friend do it isn't wrong either. He has enjoyed almost every game he got. So he can't be wrong.

Achievements, reviews, completing games to the fullest. Whoever you play games make sure having fun. And remember If you don't read reviews make sure you read mine (because obviously they're the best.).

I'm finally on Gamespot.

I've always wanted to be a member of Gamespot I couldn't because I had to put a postcode on it . But now they don't so yay!!. I have loved this site I have always go on it to get the latest gaming news. Now that's enough of that. I'll now tell you what I have been playing. Most recently Mass Effect. Didn't get it at the start but a figured out the controls and It is really addictive. I just tried that Mission to get Wrex's Krogan Armour. The fight before it was so much fun. I like fighting in this game. Because when you're allies are down and you have little health Then you use the talent that brings them back and you use medi-gel. Your back in the game Immediatly It is so much fun. Hopefully I'll get it up in the User Reviews section. Which is one reason I am excited about this. I have got a couple reviews up in my Bebo group 100 rings I'll put them out on Gamespot.