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The Market strategy that made Wii a huge success

I said "Wii" not "Wii U" because this is about how Nintendo became on top. For a company to succeed, they need time and dedication to research the market. In any case, Nintendo targetted a big wide open audience that had little or no interest in gaming.

Hardcore gamers can say that Nintendo "Stop caring about us" but in reality, the hardcore gamer stopped caring about Nintendo a long time ago, which lead Nintendo to go in a different direction for its time.

Did the Wii sold because of Motion Controls, Wii Sports, or the library of games? This youtube video may help understand what Nintendo was doing before the Wii came to be.

I wanted to show this video because too many gamers make assumptions on how the Wii became a success by jumping to conclusions. Hopefully this video will help to understand the importance of Marketing to those gamers for these companies to sell console hardware.

Internet iz srs buzness

A Texas teenager who has been in jail since March faces an eight-year prison sentence because of a threatening joke he made while playing an online video game.

In February, Justin Carter was playing League of Legends an online, multiplayer fantasy game when another player wrote a comment calling him insane. Carters response, which he now deeply regrets, was intended as joke.

Read more:

Wow, I did not know that people can be that sensitive over the internet, especially playing a game. Yes, we suffered a lot, and school shootings happen all the time. Especially to those families that suffered in Sandy Hook.

Breaking down Aonuma's interview on Edge about Zelda

Here we go.

Thus Nintendos classic ARPG is considered holy by many, and you dont mess with sacred artefacts.

Note how Edge refers to Link to the Past as an ARPG or Action-Role-Playing-Game. This is exactly how Zelda was perceived and consumed in the past. When Zelda was introduced to the world with the Nintendo Funclub Newsletter, Nintendo defined Zelda as a combination of action from the arcades and role playing games from the PC as a type of best of both worlds, i.e. the Action RPG.

Im delighted Edge refers to Link to the Past as an ARPG. Nintendo completely denies this definition today and insists Zelda has always been about story and puzzles. Just playing the early Zelda games contradict this entirely as the gameplay is entirely and purely ARPG.

Zelda was also much more popular and extremely well respected when it was a ARPG instead of Aonumas Puzzle Story!

During Januarys Nintendo Direct, you said that you intend to rethink the conventions of Zelda, and then a few months later you announced the sequel to a game from 1991. Isnt that a contradiction?

[Laughs] Right. But although it looks like were repeating ourselves, the new game will play very differently to the original. I think the new additions will make players see the game in a different way. And, of course, well introduce even more unexpected elements in the Zelda game that were making for Wii U.

Why make a sequel if you are doing something different?

It is about re-defining Link to the Past because Link to the Past, being more modern than the NES Zeldas, has been constantly contradicting the Aonuma Version of Zelda.

In a 2D Zelda game, you can zip through the stage at a faster pace, which brings the action to the fore. I wanted players to revisit that style.

As readers know, I see the early Zelda games remaining popular and being the blockbusters they were because they were ARPGs. Nintendo, however, is being obstinate in refusing to consider this. Instead, it is accessibility.

We know Nintendo (at least Miyamoto) has been upset that 2d Mario keeps being seen as the definition of Mario instead of 3d Mario. Hes constantly been trying to make the 3d Mario games more accessible and none of it works. If accessibility is the only reason why 2d games were more popular, why is 3d Mario now using NSMBs graphical style?

It is because accessibility isnt the issue here. The issue is the gameplay skeleton itself. Zelda became another game once Aonuma got put in charge.

Nintendo doesnt see Aonuma Zeldas as failing. They just see that there is an accessibility problem because everything takes too long. Those 2d Zelda games did things very fast. We should do another one like that. This is what Aonuma is saying.

This is a big IN YOUR FACE move by Nintendo. It is to place the Aonuma Gameplay in more accessible 2d to prove that Aonuma Gameplay is not the problem. It is remarkable how massive these guys egos are.

The challenge is to pinpoint what it was about the original that people loved and to respect that, and so long as we do that I think we can make something those fans will like.

Aonuma doesnt respect anything classic Zelda fans like. What he is referring to is the Link to the Past story meaning the NPCs and shit like that. He is not talking about gameplay. This game will not be an ARPG. Therefore, it will not be a sequel to Link to the Past. It will be more of a spin-off.

Weve been thinking about how to make the new one in a way that will excite the fans without alienating people who havent played the original.

Unless the game is an ARPG, fans WILL be alienated. I guarantee.

If I really get it that wrong, then Ill consider myself talentless

Aonuma utters out a rare truth.

At this point, I would pay Aonuma to NOT MAKE Zelda games. The entire Zelda franchise needs a reboot and needs to return to an ARPG. People get excited about ARPG but not puzzle games with terrible stories.

We started out with the new play mechanics, such as Link being able to become a painting and walk along the walls, and then figured out from there how to build a story around them. Rather than forcing elements of the original story into this one, weve instead focused on bringing back the characters, so you can see what happened to them after the events of the first game.

I told you so. When Aonuma was talking about not disappointing fans of the original, he is referring to story and to the NPCs.


Aonuma Zelda games keep failing not because it is in inaccessible 3d. Ocarina of Time was in 3d, and it performed very well (except for the dungeon designs that everyone complained about which were designed by Aonuma. Yikes at the Water Temple).

Part of what made A Link To The Past interesting was the way you could move between the Light World and the Dark World and solve puzzles

What puzzles!? Where the **** were these puzzles?

Does Aonuma not know the difference between maze gameplay and puzzle gameplay? Figuring out how to get from point A to point B is maze gameplay which was very popular in the 80s. The original Zelda was heavily based on mazes.

Aside from a few pieces of heart, there are no puzzles from going back and forth from the Light World to Dark World.

I have asked them for advice, but the problem is that they dont remember anything!

Then why dont you ask the original consumers for advice? I am right here.

Yet, Nintendo doesnt want our feedback because it contradicts their creative visions. Then their game is a market bust and hardware sales suffer. Then they do the same exact thing again. And again. And again.

In the Western World, someone with Aonumas track record would have been fired three times by now. Its like Nintendo is in a Bizarro Universe where Zelda is anything and can be anything BUT an ARPG. Dont you dare mention ARPG! And that original Legend of Zelda? It was really about puzzles. Really! And as for Zelda 2? Well, that game never existed. Nintendo would rather acknowledge the cd-i Zelda games before Zelda 2. The cd-i Zelda games are, hilariously, closer to Aonumas creative visions and gameplay style (seriously! they are).


What I'm feeling about the future of Zelda is that Aonuma is definitly ruining the franchise on trying to make it more accessible. Instead, the games are feeling less intriguing than before

Why is it immoral NOT to buy used games?

Here is another rich developer asking people poorer than him to not buy used games. I do not know if he has a lamborghini like Blezinski.

Above: Cliff Bleszinki buys a new Lamborghini. He currently spends his 30s (doesnt have to get a job) by telling poorer people that used games are evil because they do not give him more money.

What is this Epic guy (not Cliffy B) saying? He says:

Heres a pretty unavoidable truth for consumers: when someone buys a used game, that transaction does not support the artists, designers, programmers, musicians, or anyone who created that game. 100 per cent of the money paid for a used game goes to the people they just handed their money to.

By what intellectual argument can be made that artists, designers, programmers, musicians or anyone else who created the game has a claim on a second hand sale?

In other words, why does Gamestop have a moral right to used game sales?

First, the artists, designers, programmers, musicians, or anyone who created the game already got their money from the sale.

Second, Gamestop has a moral right to used game sale money because the money funds Gamestops brick and mortar store, the employees who interact with gamers, and allow a gaming hang out type of environment. Housing and dealing with used games costs money and time.

It is actually immoral for the game company to get money outside the first sale. The product of the used game is not the game but the business model that allows the used game to be housed in a brick and mortar store. Why shouldnt Gamestop get that money? Gamestop is doing a tremendous service to gamers by offering a way for people to return games they hate or to get credit for future purchases or to get games no longer offered by retail which may be older than a generation. Why SHOULDNT Gamestop be rewarded for that?

If Epic Games wants that money, then they need to allow gamers to sell the game back to the company. Perhaps Epic Games can build some brick and mortar stores and staff it with people who interact with gamers everyday. Since Epic Games probably views the concept of a brick and mortar store or interacting with gamers on a face to face level to be beneath them, then they shouldnt whine like babies when another company (Gamestop) offers this service to gamers.

When someone purchases a new game the funds are divided equitably between the studio that made the game, the publishers that created and marketed the product, the distributors who put it into your hands, the creator of the console gets a portion, and of course with the store for selling you the new game. The gamer just voted with their dollars to support what a group of people created.

This is incorrect. It only applies to a new disc based game. And even then, it applies only when it is sold in a brick and mortar store or by using a third party distributor. In the past, many game companies sold games direct. Why doesnt Epic Games do this? We could order on their website, and they could ship us the games.

Why shouldnt the distributor get some of the money? After all, brick and mortar stores are very expensive to maintain.

Used game purchasers need to be aware that theyre completely cutting out the developers who created that game, and consider if thats what they really intended.

Developers have no moral claim on the money off a used game sale. The developer is not responsible for the product of the used game. Gamestop is responsible for the creation of the used game (by creating a store environment where used games can be displayed, sold, and where consumers can sell games back to the store and get credit). Gamestop has the moral right to the used games money, never the developers.

Authors and musicians have been living with used products forever. Yet, it is only the game developers who are bitching like crazy. And it is the game developers who are FAR WEALTHIER than the poor musicians and poor authors.

Never is that more apparent than the argument: make better games and we wouldnt trade them in. Thats simply not true, and its actually shaping the games available to you in a very distinguishable way. Most games have an ending The Last of Us, for example, is a stunning game, but it has an ending, and millions of happy users will sell it back.

Then it has no replay value. Just because a game has an end often means people replay it over and over. A good example is Final Fantasy IV on the SNES. People dont sell that game. They just keep replaying it over and over again. The truth is that Last of Us is not that good of a game if people are selling it back to the store.

One possible way to discourage reselling is to not make the game experience entirely digital. In the past, cool maps, booklets, and other things were included with the games. No one wants to buy those things used. By removing the manual and all the other cool stuff, it has caused going digital to only increase incentive to buying used games. The more you guys digitize, the more incentive you give people to buy used.

Constantly, we see articles about wanting games with great characters and stories and interesting narratives, but in nearly any case that means a game that you experience once and complete.

Where are these articles? I have been doing this blog for over half a decade. I have yet to see them. From what I can tell, everyone HATES games with characters, stories, and narratives. We tell you guys to stop making them, to make games more like games and less like movies, yet you defy us. Therefore, we sell the games back to Gamestop in droves.

 I have sat in many meetings at several companies and witnessed first-hand the destructive power rentals and used games have on triple-A creative decisions.

This is a good thing. It is the market telling you that they dont like these triple-A creative decisions.

When a person goes into a store and carries a new game up to the counter and a salesperson intercepts to say thats $5 cheaper if you buy used, theyre interfering with the process.

Then dont sell games to that distributor. DERP!!!

If you honestly dont care if the developers are rewarded for their work, well, youre still not the bad guy here.

It is incorrect to say that developers are responsible for the creation of the used game product. I dont know why you guys are so **** stupid and cant understand that.

I would say though, you have no ground to stand on when interacting with those developers, complaining about something in their game, or lamenting that they offer DLC. Youre not really their customer and fan youre just a fan of the used game store.

Wrong. It is YOU who do not have the moral high ground. If you dont like Gamestop, stop dealing with them. Then people cant use their credit to buy new games. Problem solved.

The Xbone backlash shows just how totally out of touch you piece of shit people are with the common people. We dont own a Lamborghini. Most of us probably only own used cars and rent apartments or homes because we cant afford to buy new.

You guys are whining like politicians that you may no longer get to spend a quarter of a billion dollars on your project which is just a stupid video game. The depression era market has screwed most of us over. Many people have lost jobs, lost homes, lost everything due to the economy. You guys feel the economic affects trickling up so you bash used games. Used games arent the problem here. The problem is that you have to readjust to the depression era market like the rest of us non-owning lamborhini peasants.

Epic Games may no longer be able to afford to make AAA games, but at least theyll still be able to afford to make games. The Economic Angel of Death is making her rounds through the Game Industry, and Epic Games should consider themselves lucky they are wealthy enough not to get completely chopped down.

Instead, we get all this bitching. Gentlemen, welcome to the real world. No matter how bad you guys think you have it in the AAA of the Game Industry, your typical gamer has it a hundred times worse in this crap economy.


XBone goes 180

Microsoft has announced that they have changed Xbones policies. There is no 24 hour Internet check and the console uses disc based DRM instead of Internet DRM for games.

The hardcores are in collective orgasm and are now rushing to purchase preorders for the Xbox 180. Have you SEEN Titanfall? they squeal as they prepare themselves to get Xboned.

Above: Kyle Wagner is furious of Microsofts move and really wanted to be Xboned the hardcore way.

Kyle Wagner, from Gizmondo, is not happy with the castrated Xbone.

Above: There is the right way for Microsoft to do things, the wrong way for Microsoft to do things, and then there is the Michael Pachter solution where he tries to preserve the DRM model by making it subsidized and tries to convince the hardcore that they truly want DRM models subsidized.

Why would an analyst write a thread on a gaming message forum on how to save Microsoft? Pachter probably has Don Mattricks phone number on speed-dial.

Pachter thinks the solution to Microsofts problem is to subsidize the DRM model so it is perceived to be cheaper. Perhaps Pachter posted this to show that he is the smartest person in the room, but he comes off as the most clueless. With trying to make the DRM model work, Pachter proves he is no gamer.

Somewhere Above: Adam Bankhurst, with lovely ladies, is not interested in being Xboned.

From IGN, Bankhurst argues that with the Xbox 180 move, Microsoft is revealing they are just playing to the wind. What!? Really? Man, am I bummed. I thought Microsoft followed a philosophical company DNA!

Microsoft made a U turn after Windows 8 bombed, so the Xbox 180 move is not unsurprising.

Bankhurst is correct that the Xbox 180 move shows that Microsofts arguments of how better the Xbone experience was just vaporous hogwash. The anger he feels comes from peoples hatred of cowardice. Instead of taking a stand for something, Microsoft becomes worse than what they were. With the Xbox 180, they are saying they have principles of nothing and that the console is a product of nothing more than polling algorithms. It is an empty box.

Nintendo, DOOMED since 1990

If you have 5 minutes to spare, then please watch this old video I found from my master (Sean Malstrom).

Tibidts from watching the video:

  • Nintendo's prediction of doom since 1990 because of Sega's Genesis was release early before the SNES came
  • Games were priced $50-70 dollars due to cartridges
  • Nintendo targeted the original Gameboy to adults (That strategy sounds familiar)
  • They called the NES, just Nintendo
  • releasing a new console is always a risk of each generations.
  • Gaming has always been marketed towards males from the age 18 and up
  • Gaming wasn't design only for males, but also a broad demographic (Just like the Wii!)

It's been a very long time

I have not posted a blog here for a very longtime. But since the 8th gen has started (Wii U launched first), I'll be putting on a new blog soon. I don't have time to write, but I will this weekend so stay tune.

Branching out

Well, this will be my last blog entry here in GS. But I'm still be in the forums. If you want to keep track of me, then please visit my new blog location at

Hopefully I'll get many followers :)

Nintendo of America... How I hate you!!! (TL:DR)

What ever happen to the good old days? Around the Gamecube era, to fill the void of the lackluster library through the years, yes you gave me all the top-notch titles from Metroid Prime to Resident Evil 4. You took a risk releasing Custom Robo for the first time and you released Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance here as well.

Fast forward to the Wii at e3 2006, you showed us Disaster: Day of Crisis. Despite bad reviews of the game, you had everyone here in North America (US, Canada, and Mexico) excited for the game. If you weren't going to release it here, then why showcase it for the upcoming Wii lineup? At least our European bretheren gets to play it.... (I'm so jealous).

The next game you didn't bring us already adapted Wii Owners is Fatal Frame IV. The game shook the hardcore Fatal Frame fans and expected the fourth installment to be on the PS3 and 360. But the game ended up being a Wii exclusive! Also it distrupted those so called "elites" that Nintendo is publishing the game! After the release in Japan, there were some complications with the gameplay that Nintendo wanted to fix for an Oversea release. Then the story change into Tecmo and Nintendo fighting on who will reap the profits? Silly you, I moved on.

One game that I was happy that came to the states is the remake of Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon. Despite its bad design and poor story, it at least introduced Marth in a proper way other than being an unknown character from an unknown franchise only in Japan from Smash Bros. However, the sequel of Shadow Dragon came out last summer in Japan. The sequel is much improved with a better story and the gameplay mechanics were refined, I think Marth had another shot of glory with its sequel. But no, I believe no one even know that Shadow Dragon 2 (Secrest of the Crest) exists!

Now in the present, I hate you now! I know everyone in NoA is excited about the Wii U and so is a lot of skeptics and Nintendo fans out there. This years e3 didn't wow me, but question me where the Wii is going before the Wii U is launched. I was expecting Xenoblade, Last Story, and Pandora's Tower to fill the void. Instead you believe what we want. I understand that there needs to be more titles for my parents, sister, and my grandparents, but they would like it if I play the Wii as well if I decide to play by myself. What are you thinking of not releasing any of the three games I'm mentioning? You want the Wii U to go hardcore, but you don't want hardcore games on the Wii? That doesn't make sense to me. I can still play these games on my Wii U due to backwards capabilities. You are starting to lose a customer here, because next gen, I may just go PC all the way.


If you want to help get the three titles Xenoblade, Last Story, and Pandora's Tower, then follow this linkand write to Reggie Fils-Aime. Follow the instructions that apply and get your voice head.

My quest for power is long done! I've assembled it! Bow before me!

I finally completed my long journey! Here's what I acquired -HAF 932 black steel case -ASRock Motherboard 890 GX Xfast -Phenom II x 4 Black Edition -EVGA gtx 560 ti -A-Data Gaming series 6 BG ram -D-Link Wireless PCI-e network card N -Hyper 212 Cooler Master heatsink and fan (for the cpu) -1TB hard drive -Corsair 750 watts power supply -Windows 7 Home Premium OEM 64-bits I already purchase some games on steam -The Witcher: Enhanced Edition -Fallout: New Vegas -Audio Surf And some free software -Alien Swarm -League of Legends My Steam name is lonewolf2009 (I may change it)