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New Job.

I am now the new Marketing Coordinator for Feel free to check it out. ;)


I'm usually a calm, collected person who tries not to get upset so much over materialistic possessions. But tell me people, what do you do when someone messes with your stuff? Better yet, what do you do if someone messes up your stuff? Well as to why I'm angry, lets just say someone lost my gaming headset for my 360. Now it wasn't an expensive, top of the line kind of mic but still, it was my mic. Anyways, after a long time of searching for my headset, I gave up. But just yesterday, I happen to find it and it's broken in two. The logical thing to do I suppose would be demand for a new one, but I don't have a clue if it was in that condition when it was first lost, or if it broke after. Of course it was in more than just working condition before said person lost it so idk. Don't want to lose my cool. I guess I'm at a cross road.:question:

Not really a blog

For those who have a Raptr account, if you would like to, feel free to add me as a friend on raptr:D My username is the same. Oh yeah, its also the same for Playfire but I never use it.