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I'm sorry/ level 14/ Getting closer

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Sorry I wasn't here yesterday. You know parents. But when I get my own laptop next month, they can't kicked me off! :twisted:

I skipped over level 13 entirley (Whcih is good because I hate the emblem) and got up to level 14. This is the highest I have ever gotten on a account!

I am getting closer to being editor of the fairly odd parents. I currently have 186 points, but the editor has 354. I still to double what I have so far, bu how hard can that be?

I am going to slow down with my crazy tracking. I have 337 friends and that's enough for now!

List of people

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So, I'm going to list people I ride the bus with.

Kyle-My best friend on the bus. I sit with him usually. He doesn't get along with cody or brett.

Keith-Another good friend of mine. One of he popular kids at school

Darren- the most popular kid at school. I get along with him ok I guess.

Jake-Sorta my friend, but is really quiet

Junaid-Friend of mine, friends with keith

Morgan-Kyles step sister, very quiet, very anti-social

Cody- most annoying kid in the world. I hate him

Brett- Cody's best friend. Even more annoying.

On a role/ Lelvel 12

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SO yestaerday I submitted like like crazy to the fairly oddparents, and everything I submitted got taken! The mod was really nice, thats a first! :P This may sound crazy, but I'm going to try for editorship of the fairly oddparents. How hard can it be if everything I sumbmit gets taken?

SInce I did a ton of contributing yeaterday, I skipped over level 11 completly and got to level 12!

This is my first warning

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I'm home from school again. :(

Anyway, please do not invite me to join any unions. It never works for me, it always says"You're not invited into this union". So no more.

300/ very sick

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I'm really sick today. I'm home from school because of it! This sucks!

On the bright side, I made 10 new friends and passed into the 300s! Yes!

Youtube account

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Yes I just made one. Naturally, I'm called FightingWeasel. It'll be a good account, now I can post comments. I just made my 290th friend! And I got invited to an online wedding :?.

Our special today is Mr. Bill! :

Feeling better/ I'm so excited!

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Today I feel better. My throat is recovering and feeling better:D.

My barmitzvah is coming in less than 5 weeks. I'm so excited! I will be having a small party here the day before. I'll be practicing that day a lot too.

I also want to thank everyone who is being my friend here. And a special thanks to Tiina and George for coming here so much!

Sick again/ Getting closer

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So I'm sick again. I probably have either a cold or strep throat, which I would have gotten from my mother. Darn it! School was normal today

I am approaching 280 friends. I think i will have my goal of 300 by the start of march if things continue the way they are. That's it!

Weird cousins/brunch

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So today there was a brunch for my cousins Chad who had his barmitzvah last night. When I got there, my cousin Brett was trying to do a cartwheel contest against some very distant cousin named Erica. I haven't seen erica since she was like 6, and she's really changed. She was nice enough, I guess, despite calling me a girl!!!!!

Today I leave for home! Its a two hour drive, but that's really nothing.

Bar Mitzvah/Throw up

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I went to my cousins bar mitzvah. The party was fun, but I overate and felt sick by 9:00. SO I left the party room and talked with 3 kids I don't know. One was 12 but looked 5, one talked in metophors the whole freakin' time, and the other was some depressed sounding girl. :lol:

I can back to grammas house and threw up! Just great!