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Star Trek Online Cont.

I am really excited about January 12th. I have pre-ordered STO and have access to the open Beta starting on January 12. It seems like this will be a great game and I can't wait to start!

Ultimate Universe Mod

I have recently downloaded STL Ultimate Universe Mod version 1.5. I had some "Access Violation: Unhandled Exception" errors so I tried to uninstall Ultimate Universe, however when I tried to start the game an error came up saying a file was missing. Then I re-installed UU. This was a stroke of luck. I didn't bother to re install v 1.5. The game worked perfectly. I STRONGLY recomend NOT installing UU v 1.5. It completely destroys the game.

Star Trek Online

I really wonder when Star Trek Online will come out. It feels like there is never any news about it. True, I won't buy a subscription, but it would be nice to know that I could if I changed my mind.

Why I Don't Have Any Videos Posted

If you look at my videos page you'll see an auto-generated message about why I don't have any videos posted. I want to clarify something. You have to be Level 10 to post a video, and I'm only level 5.

Star Trek Legacy

I really feel that Gamespot was too harsh on Star Trek Legacy. The problems that they talked about were all very minor and were made to look like major issues. As for bugs, I haven't seen ANY in the game. I have to admit one thing though: They were right about some missions being pretty easy and some being unimaginably difficult.

If you have Star Trek Legacy I strongly recommend getting the Ultimate Universe mod. one of the features that avid games will be really excited about is the ability to save at any point during the campaign. This makes it really nice to just finish the really easy parts and be able to go back to that one hard spot with a fresh mind and attitude. Ultimate Universe also includes two new races: Dominion (Cardassian), and Vulcan. It also adds 10 to 15 new ships for the pre-existing races and updates the old ones. One confession though, the Vulcans only have two ships, but the developers somehow manages to squeeze three variations out of each of them. There is also the option to upgrade your ships with better weaponry and sheilds, a feature not seen in the original Legacy. I have nothing but praise for Ultimate Universe and hope that any Legacy owner will get it. If you don't already know (I'm sure some of you will have looked up Ultimate Universe by now) it is TOTALLY FREE! The installer will put the files in te right places for you so you don't have to worry about wrecking your Legacy game. By the way, the website will recomend that you have a fresh install of Legacy to download Ultimate Universe (I will refer to Ultimate Universe as UU from not on) If you have already started a campaign, don't listen to them (The worst thing that can happen is that you have to reinstall Legacy, following their recomendation after all).

If you own Star Trek Legacy, please get the Ultimate Universe mod.