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Favourite game AT THE MINUTE?: Black
Favourite game EVER?:Thief Deadly Shadows
Favourite playable character?:Garrett from the Thief trilogy
Favourite non-playable character?: most any of the characters from Vice City.
Favourite level in a game?: (tie)Battery Park in Deus Exor Widow Moira's Mansion from Deadly Shadows
Favourite boss battle in a game?: Serious Sam 2's end boss

:Favourite soundtrack?: Deus Ex 1
Favourite ending to a game?: Soldier of Fortune II
Favourite intro cutscene?:Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance
Favouritefirst level?: Lord Bafford's Manor from Thief-The Dark Project
Favourite genre of game?: 1st person ANYTHING (whether it is shooter, adventure, action...whatever)
Favourite developer?: EA

Worst game AT THE MINUTE?: Syberia
Worst game EVER?:Bad Day LA
Worst playable character?:Raiden from MGS 2:Substance
Worst non-playable character?: that guy that follows you around in staring in the Old Camo in Gothic
Worst level in a game?:Liberty Island-Deus Ex
Worst boss battle in a game?: Final battle in BLACK
Worst soundtrack?:Half-Life 2's nonexistentmusic
Worst ending to a game?: Madden NFL :)
Worst intro cutscene?:Rogue Ops
Worst first level?:Halo
Worst genre of game?:RTS
Worst developer?:?

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All Xbox games.


Hitman:Blood Money

The Thing

Genma Onimusha

The Punisher

Forgotten Realms:Demon Stone.

Yeah I know it is 6 games. They we all purchased within 24 hours of one another.

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I thought San Fierro was more boring than Vegas/Desert.

Anyway, yeah. San Andreas is an absolute MASTERPIECE> It is HUGE and an unforgettable, one-of-kind experience. There is no other game like it, and it lasts 80-100 hours just playing it through once. Best last-gen game, IMHO. Though once you are spoiled by SA, it is hard to go back and play GTA III and GTA VC. So if you haven't played those yet, go ahead and play them 1st, so you can appreciate them untainted.

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It is the Xbox controller-S. By a mile. The Gamecube Wavebird is a close second.

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Also, BG&E for Xbox.

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Stubbs the Zombie, Hitman:Contracts, Blinx 1 or 2, King King (Peter Jackson's), Dead Man's Hand. All for Xbox (my only console at this time).

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I liked Arc the Lad;Twilight of the Spirits for PS2, and Star Ocean:Second Story for PS1 (Star Ocean 3 for PS2 was pretty cool, too).

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Conker, Perfect Dark, and Banjo 1 as an honorable mention.

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RLH, Run Like Hell for Xbox. Great Aliens inspired game.

Without Warning Xbox. Capcom developed FPS w/an inspiration from the show 24.

Shade:Wrath of Angels PC.

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Wow, good question. Some notable games that I spent ages (more than 100 hours) with:

Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town on GBA

GTA:San Andreas (I have it on PS2, Xbox, and PC!!!).

Oblivion and Morrowind

Animal Crossing on the 'cube

Deus Ex on PC