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All are original Xbox games:


Jade Empire:Limited Edition w/bonus disc

Oddworld:Stranger's Wrath

Destroy All Humans!

Tomb Raider:Legend

RLH (Run Like Hell)

Freedom Fighters

Dino Crisis 3

Shadow Ops:Red Mercury

Advent Rising

I have owned/played: Freedom Fighters (finished on Game Cube and PC), RLH (owned and played about 1/3 of the game on PS2), A demo of Shadow Ops:Red Mercury (Xbox), played ~ an hour of Advent Rising on PC, and finished Mercenaries on PS2.

So far, Jade Empire is consuming all of my free time. I haven't been this addicted to one single game since the last-gen version of Splinter Cell:Double Agent. I can't play anything else. I will fire up a different game, and quickly eject it and pop Jade Empire back in. Same w/Double Agent. This game just grabbed me. Perfect balance of RPG, adventure/explorer, action, and fighting. Oh, and the Dragonfly segments = vertical-scrolling shmup!