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Halo Impressions

First off, yes, I know I am extremely late to the party. I just heard a lot a crappy opinions about the Halo games from people who enjoy the same types of gameplay asI do. Consequently, even though I had a rather extensive Xbox game collection (75 games at the time) none of the games had the word Halo in them.

It took until last week to get up the courage to say 'Screw it' and just try them for myself. I bought both Halo 1 and 2 on ebay.

Halo 2 came first. I didn;t want to play a whole heck of a lot of it, as I want ed to play the 1st game fairly fresh. I ended up playing about an hour or so of it (and another 45 minutes of multiplayer 'Slayer'). I wasn't terribly impressed. It wasn't 'bad' per se, it just didn't 'click' w/me forsome reason. My initial impressions leave me feeling like it is a bit overrated, but more time w/it will allow me to decide once and for all.

Well, Halo finally arrived in my mailbox a week later. Wow. That is all I can say. What a great game. The 1st Halo is definitely worth all of the praise that it gets. The combat is incredibly satisfying, and the weapons are fun to experiment with. All of the weapons are extremely well balanced to one another, and it is fun to experiment w/the various Covenant and human weaponry. I typically despise 'laser guns' and the like in games, but the various plasma guns in Halo grew on me. I quickly learned that they are almost twice as powerful vs. the Covenant as the standard issue weapons. Especially the shielded foes. I also thought the 2 types of grenades was cool as well. The frags and plasmas both have their uses, and I love the strategiacal options when choosing which one to use and when.

My only gripe, so far, is the repetetiveness ofsome of thelevels. Several times, I felt like I was going through the same room every 5 minutes.

Anyway, so far, so good. I am currently on Guilty Spark 343. I had a frustrating moment when approaching the control room, namely climbing the winding path up the tower (most notably the battle at the top before entering the door) but felt really good whe I found an effective strategy and made my way past it.

In summary, this is a really nice change of pace for me. It gives me a break from the WWII shooters, GTA's, FC:Instincts, and the various Tom Clancy games like the Xbox Ghost Recon, Splinter Cell, and Rainbow Six games. Highly recommended for anyone who:

A: has not tried it YET :)

B: is even mildy interested in shooting stuff

and finally

C: those who like an immersive game w/a compelling story to pull you along.