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Getting ready for Christmas

I am very busy @ work over any holidays, I usually have to work on Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, etc... Oh well $18 @ double time makes it easier to deal with. Its usually only a 5 hour shift. So, we just finished up our Thanksgiving rush. We had 47 dogs and 7 cats boarding. Took hours to walk them (twice a day!), and on Saturday we stated the baths (5 night + boarders get a free bath/nail trim). 18 in one day!!! Whew!

So we get a bit of downtime until Christmas/New Years. It is a 2-week busy time, though, as opposed to a 4-5 day rush like most holidays. I will be working Chritmas morning (I go in @ 6:30 am for morning shifts), and New Years Day morning. Ugh. Hangover will suck. All those barking dogs w/a beer headache is ruff 8)... get it? Ruff?:roll:

Anyhoo...I am playing several XBox games (my now playing list here in my profile is always updated). This is my first time really giving Fable;The Lost Chapters a chance. I used to think it was just 'meh'. I am really enjoying it this time, however. Good stuff.I think part of my problem was that I played it on PC first. It had a lowish frame rate, and the controls were crappy. It truly is an Xbox game.

I am looking to get Hitman:Blood Money, a KotOR game, Black, FarCry Instincts, Area 51, Suffering, and/or a few others. I have played most of them, but still need copies for my colection. I finally got the complete Rainbow Six, Splinter Cell, Doom, and GTA/Warriors series that were released on XBOX.

I will check back in around the holidays. Until then, faithful readers, take care of yourselves. -Ben