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well, this die-hard PC gamer got an X-Box for Christmas. I must say, if I had to pick any console, that would be it, so it worked out well. I have Doom 3, FarCry:Instincts, Scrapland, Syberia, Shenmue II, Metal Gear Solid 2:Substance, and Rainbow Six 3. Somewhat ironically.....I bought Doom 3 for my PC. I have a 2500+, gig pc 2700, and a 9800 PRO. I wasn't thrilled w/the peformance and the whole affair was just frustrating. Only played a couple hours and retired it. Gave it to a friend. Got it on X-Box. Didn't have to fiddle w/settings constantly, and jeer at the framrate when it bogged. It played smooth as butter the entire time. The only noticeable consequence of the port was the lower res. textures. I am having a blast on a game that was never given a chance to porve itself to me. Also, I am a HUUUUGE FarCry fan. One of my favorite games of all-time. I must say, that the X-Box's FarCry:Instincts should have been named In-STINK-ts. Blech. The only thing that made it from the PC game? The graphics and the locale. Everything else has been stripped bare including the legendary AI, and the excellent, tight aiming/controls. Otherwise, I am happy as hell w/it. Gets me away from my PC for a while (it needs the rest). There are several adventure games on the XBox. I really enjoy playing adv. games on consoles. I actually was introduced to them by Broken Sword on PS1. I really like being able to kick back on the couch and leisurely find my through the game. Admittedly, I have most of the Xbox's adv. games already on PC, but there are a couple that I don't and others that I will grab if I find 'em cheap. 'til next time.

Hi all!!!

Well, we are coming up on a new generation of console gaming......only I couldn't care less. PC gamer here. So, as PC games get shoved to the side, and the XBox 360 gets all of the spotlight......what's a guy to do? Play games!!!!! Currently playing: Deus Ex: Invisible War (Just finished got all 4 endings, played from start to finish on all) ECHO:Secrets of the Lost Cave (just started....stuck in 2nd cave) Thief:Deadly Shadows: On my 3 rd playthrough. LOVE Thief games, and am always playing fan missions for the first 2 games. I am also playing these as I get time: Riddick on PC, The Movies, and Arx Fatalis. Looking forward to Gothic 3, Oblivion, and several adventure games.
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