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So just got braces guys, i got them because i have Troll Jaw Disasese(underbite).

Anyway i have no clue how to eat with these, and I am forced to only eat mashed up foods and salads.

T_T I might not make it past a year.

The Avengers Review

I enjoyed the movie for several reasons. The plot was great, there weren?t any twists to it but that was fine, because the movie was pretty good without them. The characters seemed to develop a lot over the span of the 2 hour longish movie, and it really is great that they are able to do that all because of one factor. The characters although oddly enough seemed to mix well when needed to. Oh and Scarlet Johanseen was just amazing, she was beautiful and kicked some badie butt, and I totally liked her Black Widow. Hawkeye to me was really the only lackluster Hero here; he just really didn?t do much. He movie wasn?t all just plot and all seriousness, in fact the movie has some humor in it and it makes it seem much more believable. Loki being the God of mischief and what not is hilarious (and surprisingly a very good villain for this movie) he trolled the hell out of everyone, it?s fun just to see the way in how Captain America argues with Iron Man it?s just too good.


Story 10/10 I was a bit lost at the start of the movie. But that quickly fixed itself fast.

Characters 9/10 If It weren?t for Hawkeye being a nub -_-

Effects 10/10 Seemed really realistic, when Iron Man would get hit, you could hear the dings and different sounds different projectiles made upon hitting his armor. All the enemies seemed real, the fighting etc. etc.

Watchablitiy 10/10 Even if you don?t know squat about the Avengers or Superheros, one would still be able to appreciate the movie and get the humor that it has.(It?s hella witty)

3D 9/10 I watched it in 3D, and all the effects were pretty good and intense especially at the end of the movie. Don?t sit in the first few front rows like I did, its easy to get nauseated, and at times the screen was just too bright.

Overall 10/10 You have to see this movie, the directors pulled it of perfectly, and I greatly enjoyed it.
(I?m also excited for the upcoming Batman movie on June 20th and the Spiderman movie on July 3rd)
I highly recommend it go watch it!

1st Ever 2012 Mafia OT Game!

If you guys were not aware, Off Topic just had an expeirmental forum game. It was civs vs Mafia.

I'll give the link here.

[spoiler] http://www.gamespot.com/forums/topic/29132697/mafia-2012---mafia-wins-game---you-can-unstick-this-thread?page=0 [/spoiler]

It was pretty fun, but it wasn't going well the first few days for the civs. It was total chaos, we killed the cop, the viglante, and the doctor pretty soon. So we were pretty much screwed.

The mafia won on day 13 and i was the last hit.

Heres my little story.

Feryraiser was scouting down in the underground, he had just recived a tip and was ready to invistage potential mafia member. He was feeling pretty damn confident about himself after taking down Travo, but he knew he had to redeem himself as he accidentaly lynched the sweetest innocent girl in town Suzy. By the time he had arrived at the place he had been tipped off, he realized that it was a trap. He was surronded by the remaining mafia members, all dressed in black, yelling out the words "We got you know civ, will torture you slow and real good!" One of the mafia members proceded to grab a blunt object, and they hit Feryraiser in the stomache and he falls on his knees. Another one grabs a crowbar and smacks him on his back. A few other mafia member grab him down, and one of points a gun to his head. They ask him "Any last words?" He responds by spitting his blood into their face, and is shot in the head.

R.I.P. Feryraiser

TL;DR Feryraiser killed by mafia/civ

I was kind of productive, i managed to get Travo killed a mafia boss. But i did get Suzy killed, and it turned out she was innocent. Sorry Suzy i thought maybe you were bad cause you bandwaggoned QQ.

I had fun hopefully there is another one soon.

So Today I asked this girl out..

Decided that it would be a nice time to ask out this girl I had liked for a while. I was hella prepared and said this(Poem i had written).


Hey, do you mind if I take a bit of your time today, because this might take a while? It's ok I'm only going to steal your time for a little while. I hope I don't come out to strong, and I hope it's okay, because I don't think I can come up with a better way to say. I'll keep this nice and sweet, and hope you'll view this like a treat. Now keep in mind these are words from somebody thinking of you. You see I'm extremely nervous and jittery around you, I can't seem to think straight. I want you to come near, can you hear? My heart is beating so strongly for you dear. You know I've been thinking about you a lot lately, if I had a star for each time I thought of you, I'd have a galaxy, and I wish I could give you the stars if I could give them to you, but there so many that the sky can't even contain them. I don't think I'm even making sense anymore I'm sick and you're my only cure. I know we might not know each other well, but I want to get to know more about you and spend time with you. So what I'm basically trying to say is girl, I think like you.


Yup all of that, she said it was cute but she said no. QQ

So i got rejected. Asks out girl, gets rejected, still feels like a baws.

f yeah

And now I'm listening to some Coheed and Cambria to feel better ;p


Today I was walking down the street. I did what i usally always do and that is to lay down on the floor and pretend that i was a harvesting potatoe. After a while and finnaly becoming a full bloom sunflower, i decide to modify myself with mechanic parts and became a huge giant mechanized robot, which then procceded to call his friends and declared national beach day. We painted our nails got wet and had a lot of fun, and procceded to head to my house for a gigantic bash slumber party. We had so much fun today that I can't even imagine what i was doing in the startoshpere at 2 A.M. riding a Rainbow Robot Unicorn except for the fact that i had a sack of butter and potatoes with me, which i used in order to make me some fajitas on the rocks. That was a mighty fine car.

Log Date, April 1st 2012


Awwwww yeah, finally hit that 17 mark. None of my friends remembered it was today -_-. Well I mean I guess I don't expect them to memorize the date, and I don't use any social networking site sooooooo. But I remember theirs ;/. My parents got me a lot of clothes, and they pre-ordered a spring time shirt, from my favorite band The Strokes, and I'm going to get that next month in April, and it would be a surprise because by the time I get it I would have probably forgotten about. I have a lot of homework today so I'm not gonna do anything so that's pretty lame. ;/ But since it's my friend's birthday next week on the 14th, and then my other friends is on the 18th, we decided that we would just do a mass birthday mash up and do something cool next week so I'ma looking forward to that. Anyway thanks ;p

Just finished 999

I just finished 9 hours, 9 persons 9 doors and i must say, it is my favorite DS game I have ever played.

It basically is an interactive novel and most of the time you are just reading text, but it doesnt matter because the text, the plot, and the way it is written is just so great. I really enjoed it, this has as many plot twists as the twists around a twizzler, i absolutley loved it.

There are 6 different endings, depending on the actions you take throughout the game. The game revolves around a mysterious Nonary Game, where they have 9 people stuck on a ship, and they have 9 hours to get out before the ship sinks. Not only this but each person has a braclet with the number 1-9 on them, and the braclets are actually detonators that can blow the person up if the rules of the game are not followed. Together several people have to go through numbered dooors, which are activated by passing the braclet over them, and only when the number of the people passing, is added together, then the total number added together can open the numbered door. (For example there will be a door with the number 4, and only people who add up to 4 can pass through. E.x. 5+6+2=13 1+3=4) There are multiple doors to take, and multiple things to say/do that leads to 6 unique endings, and the story always keeps your attention and you just can't put the game down.

It really made me sad when i finished the entire game, with all the endings unlocked, I really loved this game and I should review it properly in the future, but for now i need to cry for the fact that i finished a great game.


Single Awareness Day (And a Song)

So not many people celebrate this holiday, but I do. Actually you can't really celebrate this holiday, it's more like it is observed and that's it. The holiday occurs every year on February 14th. You guys are probably thinking "Wait hold on, isn't that Valentine's Day?" My answer is yes, indeed it is, but that is also Single Awareness Day. Basically 1 or a combination of these 5 things happens to single people on this day.

1(Nothing, the person is perfectly content with being single, even if the person wants/does not want a relationship.

2(The person is sad about being single, and mopes around for the rest of the day.

3(The person hooks up randomly, just for the sake of not being lonely on Valentine's Day.

4) The person treats it like every other day.

5) The person gets mad at all the couples he sees, and proceeds to dropkick every single one of them.
Anyway, I really think that Valentine's Day is very needless, and is only a holiday because it makes revenue. I really think that there shouldn't only be one day where people show that they care about their partner, I mean at least not that specific of a day, because if they really love each other you know, they themselves can do that.

So, for all you single people (like me QQ) what number do you do (from the options) on Single Awareness Day, I personally do option 1. Although a girlfriend would be nice, and sometimes I wish I could do option 5.

And for all those lucky (unlucky?) people who do have a partner, what are you guys doing for Valentine's Day?

Oh and I found this cool song by a new band I'm getting into, it's by We Are Scientists.,

I Don't Bite

Lil poem i wrote

Nothing major, just wrote it in my free time.

[spoiler] My Ode to Life

Life is my traveling companion,

Although she is not necessarily my friend.

Because at times she truly is my adversary.

For all those that say Life is a roller coaster ride,

I am afraid that I am going to have to wholeheartedly disagree.

You don't know my Life, I don't know yours.

The Life I have come to both love, yet be afraid of.

I think that Life resembles more that of a,

Crazy, bendy, twisty straw.

That being only because Life sucks you into it,

Whether you want to or not, since the day you were born to the day you die.

It can move fast, it can move slow.

It turns you upside down, to your side, up and down.

Going for spins many times around, it can be bumpy

It can be smooth and or lumpy.

Sometimes I'll get so sick of her, that

I have to sit down and stop, just so I can cry.

But she never gives anyone a rest, because Life always drags you around.

Despite your protests she never really listens.

Weird lass she is.

We all have a companion that lass being Life. She is there and she is restless.

I have seen her leave people before.

One moment Life is there, and then that person blinked and she's gone.

They can blink and blink, gasp and gasp, but once she's gone she is gone.

There is no way to bring Life back; I don't know where she might go to hide.

And I've seen them just stare blankly upwards, as looking up to see if she was there.

It must be shocking to realize that since you've been with her so long, the instant she leaves you,

You find yourself not being able to actually live without her.

I hope that when she chooses to leave me, I'll at least be able to say goodbye.

And maybe I will be able to look back and find out that my ride with her was not bad.

I'm not sure if Life is old or young, it seems to have always been there but,

It seems she grows with me.

It's weird how I think Life can treat people.

It is true that occasionally Life gets mad.

I don't know what makes her mad.

But when she is mad, she beats you down hard.

Sometimes almost to death.

I am not sure why she does this sometimes.

I know she doesn't hate me, but I don't get why she does it.

I like to look at her in the eye when this happens and figure out why.

But, she never answers because Life is silent.

You have to pick yourself up again when this happens.

Sometimes this hurts me so much and I really don't want to get up, I just want to lie there and rest.

She doesn't like this though, and she just won't leave you there.

Sometimes she is nice and comes back to me to pick me up and sets me right again.

It is like she is trying to teach me some obscure lesson; I might not get it right away,

But sometimes it sinks in.

To those that dislike Life, and hate her.

I understand, sometimes Life is unjust; sometimes it does turn her back on you.

I know that there are people without hope in the world, people without any light that can shine on them.

Can I really help you?

No I don't think I can, not now I have no power.

I would like to, but I would do more harm than good.

I don't think I even have truly any knowledge.

I don't think I even have a clear grasp of right and wrong,

Because who knows where that obscure lines really does lie.

I'm only 16.

I don't know your Life; neither do I want too, because I know Life is only intimate to its owner.

I hope it's nice to you and if it's not, she might have a reason why.

Whether you like it or not, Life is only here for a while.

Might as well make the most out of her company

So excuse me because Life is calling me.

And I'm going to let her lead the way for a while.


Thanks for reading, I'd love feedback if any.