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Level UP system

Let me start off by saying: FIRST BLOG EVER for realzees. So there I was, just minding my own business, when today of all days I reached ninety-nine percent on my level eight profile on Gamespot. Of course, like all good boys and girls I went to any forum or review I could find and frantically started posting comments like a mad man just to see myself make it into level nine glory. Low and behold, within five agonizing minutes, I saw myself take the plunge. I now stand at three percent and I feel quite proud of myself (well done ME!). I was even congratulated before I saw the benefits of levelling up on my Fuse Profile! A couple of buddies were there to pat me on the back and spur me on towards the next goal (like waiting at a finish line). These guys have tons of followers and their levels trump mine ten/twenty/thirty-fold but they were still humble enough to come down to my level and give me that ever-so-nice-feeling 'Comment of Accomplishment'. Anyway, after a few more back and forths between me and them. We came up with a question, that I'm sure a few people have thought up before (we can't be the only ones): "Shouldn't we get some sort of bonus for levelling up on Gamespot?" I mean, so far I haven't seen any new achievements on my profile since I've joined. My wall looks and feels kind of bare, unfortunately, and that's only partially my fault. So I thought, maybe every time we level up, Gamespot should send us a medal in the mail, or Kevin VanOrd can deliver to us in person, with a hand shake and camera crew at hand. And not just any medal, the most valuable medals in the known universe- The Chocolate Medal. You know, the kind you can open up and eat! I don't know about you, but I go by the old saying 'The way to a man's heart is through his stomach' and how about this one: 'Bribery is the best policy' (That's how it goes, right?). See now, doesn't that sound just delightful? Those of you who've gotten up to level thirty, forty, fifty, sixty or God forbid, level seventy can expect a treasure trove of chocolate medals! I can just the faces of all the wonderful kids, I mean, gamers who get a small treasure chest full of these little beauties in the mail. It's like Christmas, except it's Gamespot who's Santa Claus. Just imagine the endless fun you could have with them! I mean ENDLESS! It's simply astounding! You could play that age old song game of 'Take One Down, Pass It Around', you could stack them and play pogs (for those of you alive in the early/mid-ninties), you could hang them on your wall as trophies, Oh ya! You can even EAT THEM! Having some Gamespot Chocolate-Level-Up Medals would make me feel a bit richer than I feel today after levelling up. What do you think?