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Welcome back!

Like my main man Mase said, welcome back!

The GameSpot Minecraft Server has entered what we're calling The Second Age thanks to a CraftBukkit update. Unfortunately this does mean that we're starting from scratch, but there are already plenty of builds underway. If you're feeling nostalgic, you can download the old world on this link.

As we're running on CraftBukkit you have the option of kickin' it old school as a survivalist, or you can take to the skies in creative mode. To prevent survivalists from getting an inferiority complex, we're building a mega-wall to split the two worlds. So, THE CHOICE IS YOURS!

The server address is the same as before, minecraft.gamespot.co.uk. If you're a new user who would like to get whitelisted please email minecraftusers[at]cbsinteractive[dot]com.

And because we worry about you when you're off questing, you can navigate your way around with Dynmap!

Nether Adventure Funtimes

Danny and Johnny took another perilous journey through the Nether, but seem to have mainly been sidetracked by everyone's favourite new sport, Ghastball! What's your volley high score?

Nether Dos and Nether Don'ts

Johnny and Danny took a stroll down Nether way to bring you some of their tops tips, including, but not limited to:

  1. Don't piss off the Pigmen.
  3. No, seriously, don't piss off the... oh no, look at what you've done! Run! RUN WHILE YOU STILL CAN!

Who let the dogs out?

Terrible Baha Men puns aside, Seb tamed perhaps the largest wolf-pack of all time the other day. Sadly this was in single player and we are yet to come across these majestic creatures in our own server. Much praise and/or jealousy shall be heaped upon the first one of you to gain a furry companion.

What's New in Minecraft 1.0?

Now that our server has joined the brave new world of Minecraft 1.0, we took a look at some of the new features you'll need to keep an eye out for. Seb and Danny decided to put these advancements into full effect by murdering pigs with pork and laying TNT traps for innocent NPCs.

Definitely of note in the 1.0 release is baby animals. If you don't go a bit gooey when you come across a piglet you may need to seek professional help.

minecraft piglet

Cameron Wants YOU!

Those of you who've been on our server, or taken a look at this lovely map, might have noticed the beginnings of Cameron's pyramid. He's on the lookout for some slaves helpers to increase its epicness. So, if you're a masochist really bored feeling up to the challenge, please follow these simple instructions!

Server updated to 1.0

CraftBukkit are working very hard to get their release of 1.0 ready but in the mean time we decided to just go with the Mojang release of the 1.0 server.

It's up and working now - if you get a 'Server responded with an invalid server key' response, a quick fix is to create a single player game, log in, then log out and come back and try the server again. For some reason this seems to fix things, though I couldn't tell you why.

This means that the map at http://minecraft.gamespot.co.uk/dynmap/index.html won't work for the time being, but as soon as the CraftBukkit guys have 1.0 ready, it'll be back online.

Happy crafting, 'Spotters!

When will we update the server to Minecraft 1.0?

Because our server is running on CraftBukkit, we're waiting for their team to update the CraftBukkit release to include the 1.0 server.

The CraftBukkit team are actually doing this from the Minecon show floor!

CraftBukkit team preparing their next release

You can check out their progress here:


Hopefully their release will be ready soon, in the mean time, patience, and maybe go check out some single player 1.0!

Desktop Decor

Thanks to the industrious endeavours of newcomers to the GameSpot Minecraft server our little world is starting to look pretty freakin' awesome. But how to experience these wonders outside of the server? Look no further than our wallpapers! We'll be updating with more soon, so check back when you feel like sprucing up your desktop.

These first seven are presented with the rather charming Jolicraft texture pack, which also gives Endermen stripy PJs. Awww.

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